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  1. I know it's short notice but I have a game session open for boosting a single trophy on Borderlands 3 (good against remotes)... anyone interested?

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Just post in the Sessions.

      Also can google a BL3 discord and ask there.

  2. #89 Demon's Souls Remake The first time I played Demon's Souls on the PS3 I refused to play it alone. It was dark... It was scary... and I died a lot! Luckily my friend Skidmarkgn was there to save the day. He got me through it and even dropped some of the items that helped me get the platinum. Fast forward to today... I have 4 or 5 Souls/Borne games under my belt and I truly enjoy them now. Demon's Souls Remake is truly an amazing game. the load times alone were insane! I remember waiting minutes for load times on the PS3... PS5 however would load something within 3 seconds! The first time I experienced this my jaw dropped. Visually, it's the best of the Souls/Borne games. The only gripe I could muster up on this Remake is if you played the original on the PS3 there's not anything new to discover . It would be nice if they added some new content in a DLC of some kind but really, that's not a gripe at all... just me wishing there was more to play, lol.
  3. #88 Astro's Playroom This was a pretty fun game that allows you to get familiar with the new PS5 controller. it's extremely easy so i give it a... Difficulty rating: 2/10 There are quite a few throwbacks to every PlayStation generation and sparked SO much nostalgia so I give it a... Fun Factor: 9/10 For the most part I played all the way through without playing much else between a couple days so the... Platinum Time: 21 hours 18 minutes (actual time between trophy 1 and Platinum)
  4. #87 Fallout Shelter 7/10 Can't say too much about this game. It's more of a busy when your bored type of game. It can sometimes be addicting but easily put down to play something more in depth. All-in-all, it's pretty easy, just time consuming.
  5. This is actually my favorite GameCube game. So much so that I purchased another copy a couple years ago because I really wanted to play it again... that was right before they announced the remake, lol. At least now I will be able to play it on the PS4. I might even get another copy for my Switch. My personal opinion... this game is a hidden gem
  6. #86 No Man's Sky Difficulty - 4/10 Fun Factor - 8/10 I heard a lot of negatives about this game early on so I avoided it. But after hearing that they did quite a bit of updates I decided I wanted to check it out... Then it went on sale and I grabbed it. I gotta say that No Man's Sky is quite fun. There's plenty to do and discover. I will continue playing this just to see how far I can develop my ship, base, and overall galactic influence... Then I will rule the galaxy!!! Oh, sorry... I didn't mean to type that out loud.
  7. #85 Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin better late than never I guess... I just got the Dark Souls Remaster platinum and I was still in a Souls mood so i figured why not keep the ball rolling... Ok, so I started this game way back when it came out but like normal I got distracted with other games. I did the same thing with the PS3 version. I beat them both but didn't have it in me to actually get the platinum. Well, thanks to my good old pal Skidmarkgn, we were able to blaze through this game pretty quickly! It was nice to be able to play through with someone. Other than poor hit box issues with some enemies we had a pretty good time! All-in-all I'd give this an 8/10
  8. #84 Dark Souls: Remastered This is my first Dark Souls platinum so I'm pretty proud of it. I got the Demon's Souls platinum on the PS3 and the Bloodborne platinum a couple years ago. I finally completed it with the help of my friend Andremal who started at the same time and finished a few days before me. I've mostly been afraid to play games like this because they prove to be pretty difficult... but for some reason i felt up to the challenge. I may even finish the 2nd and 3rd game! The gameplay is not bad for a game that was created for the PS3 but I will say that it did feel "old" (that coming from a 40 year old who started on an Atari). Otherwise I give it a 9/10
  9. #83 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD I have been chasing this platinum on and off since 2015. I have recently been interested in going back and finishing games that I have started long ago but never finished... this was one of them. Although I got distracted with so many games, this game is actually pretty good for a PSP port. Honestly I liked that it had grit... The opening scene shows a bloody troop dying in the street next to his chocobo. I thought this was a bold move since most Final Fantasy games don't show much in the way of gore. Don't get me wrong, it definitely lived up to the JRPG genre and stayed true to the Final Fantasy way... It just had a different feel. All-in-all, i would give this game a 7/10 simply because it was older and some of the mechanics didn't translate well to the PS4 in terms of character movement (my opinion). If I was rating this game for the PSP back in the day I would probably give it something close to a 10.
  10. Overcooked 2 Master Chef - #82 My Score: 8/10 This game should be a premarital prerequisite. When my wife and I first started playing this game we were almost yelling at each other. Once we realized that we weren't being productive we started to communicate and work really well together. This game has a funny way of making you hate it but it's just addictive enough to keep playing. My wife and I just started working on the DLC which is MUCH harder than the base game.
  11. It is my understanding, from what I read, the Arland series was one of the most loved before the "dusk" and "mysterious" series so they decided to bring it back by popular demand. I personally happen to love Rorona, Totori, and Meruru games more than the later. I tried out the Dusk series but it just didn't have the same charm. the Mysterious series had some promise but I never finished them. I plan to get Lulua just to complete my Arland series but I'm not sure I will get the newest of the series unless they are closer to the Arland recipe. Trophy of Zeus #81 Not sure what possessed me to go for the Vita version of God of War but I started it years ago and was board and decided to just finish it. After playing two or three times I have no desire to play it ever again. The last level of the challenge of the gods was ridiculously hard on the Vita... I don't remember having that much trouble on the PS3, lol. Who knows... I may fire up God of War 2 just to get the double platinum like I did here... So many great games to play... So little time...
  12. #80 Dragon Quest Builders 2 7.5/10 I think I would have given it a much higher score if there wasn't so much boring storytelling. Some of the text you can't skip but it lingers on the screen for what seems like an eternity after you've been able to read it 3 or 4 times over. Other than that there were a couple times where it forces you to play through things where you aren't able to be creative at all or takes away your ability to do certain things or fight in general. Other that the things listed above, I loved the game enough to get the platinum... I am not much of a trophy hunter now days but this game was fun and creative and more often than not you get a lot of freedom. Post game is where you really get to do whatever you want.
  13. #79 Moss 10/10 - yep... Ten out of ten... this game is short but charming and worth every minute of game play. It's labeled as "Book 1" and I can only hope that Book 2 comes out soon so that I can play more of this delightful game. I highly recommend this game to anyone with a VR headset.
  14. Beat Saber Platinum Get all Trophies What an extremely fun and addicting game! I never thought I would actually get this platinum trophy... I started off on normal mode and worked my way to hard mode and after a year started playing on expert mode... then before I knew it I had trophies for getting perfect combos! I would love to see them come out with more and more music packs This is the video of me playing the song that got me the platinum...
  15. It's been so long since I got a platinum that I forgot to post this, lol... #75 - Dragon Quest XI 125 hours Difficulty - 5/10 Enjoyment - 11/10, lol #76 - Knack 2 40-50 hours-ish Difficulty - 3/10 Enjoyment - 7/10