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  1. 34 First console around 5-ish (1985) - Atari 2600 Second console around 6 or 7 (1987... we always got our consoles late when i was younger) - NES Graduated to the SNES... skipped the N64 (Frankly there wasn't anything that i liked on it other than Zelda)... moved to Sony in 1997 with the PS1... skipped the Dreamcast got a GameCube, PS2... the Graduated to the Wii (but it wasn't much of an upgrade)... Graduated to the PS3 (2008) and then on to the PS4 (day one)... i most recently got a Wii-U because of the announcement of a new Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles but i have barely turned it on. I have played Xboxs but i have never liked them enough to buy one... sticking with the Japanese consoles has been awesome... probably because my favorite genre is JRPG, lol. but as you can see, i have been a gamer for 30 years... A true O.G. in case anyone cares.
  2. Didn't they start production on this when the PS1 was new? Joking aside... i think that they got to a point where they realized that people really wanted to see this game completed... What doesn't make since is that when they announced this, it got very good feedback but then they shelved it... maybe because it was being developed for the PS3 and they wanted to make it for the PS4 instead? Still doesn't seem like it should have taken so long... the world better be virtually limitless and open, lol but then again, SquareEnix did that with FFvs13 and then just turned it into FF15 years later... the problem is they loved Lightning so much that they wanted to continue the story and so FF15 fell to the way side. anyway... i digress... even though people are disappointed, we should still support the game if it truly is something that we would enjoy regardless of how long it took to make... thats just my opinion
  3. Freedom from White People who aren't me... LOL!!!
  4. I threw my name in the hat even though im not EU... wouldn't hurt to try
  5. I forgot all about this game! So excited that i saw the trophy card image...
  6. What you think you look like when wearing a cape.... What you actually look like in a cape....
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    2. Piggie_Pie


      They did make a Final Fantasy 12 spin off called Revenant Wings for the Nintendo DS that serves as a continued story... it was fun but NOTHING near as fun as FF12 on the PS2

    3. DarkStar83x


      Doubt it will, but no harm in trying.

    4. DarkStar83x


      Doubt it will, but no harm in trying.

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    2. Piggie_Pie


      agreed ^

      and while they're at it... FF12

    3. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Man I've wanting DQ8 on the store for the longest doods. Piggie Pie it is like we are the same wavelength right now, love FF 12. They said if FFX HD sold well they would make FF XII HD. Haven't heard anything about it since I saw that though.

    4. Piggie_Pie


      I remember hearing the same thing... I have been waiting! FF12 was one of the funnest Final Fantasy games that i have played and i still have the strategy guide for it, lol

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  7. Im 34 years old... my dreams have been shattered!!! EDIT: Screw this... im starting O.T.H.
  8. I messed around with Eternal Sonata recently before Tales of Xillia 2 came out But on my 3DS im playing Bravely Default and Tales of the Abyss
  9. Skids turned me into a spectator... from a distance...
  10. I read a few articles that suggest this is just a stab at Sony. I don't really know how this is a "stab" at Sony... Microsoft is #1 in the "pay for exclusivity" division so they shouldn't be butt hurt by anyone reading their playbook. Because of the Sony deal with Bungie, Microsoft isn't allowed to have advertisements about Destiny so they made a fake perfume. sounds like an advertisement to me
  11. Persona 5 + Disgaea 5 + Ys = All on PS4!!! Greatness awaits!!!

    1. WidthOfACircle


      No doubt! Really glad I went with a PS4 for RPGs.

  12. I run mostly but use free weights, jump rope, and heavy back work as well... I also do the tried and true: push ups and sit ups... but lately the most i have done is running... just ran a 5k yesterday and a couple months back did the Warrior Dash... not much training goes into a 3.2 mile run but it keeps me in shape... I tone and stay fit more that try to bulk up but i am a fan of the bench as well. Lets be honest here... you came out of the gate saying that his weight lifting isn't impressive... all he was saying is that FOR HIS SIZE, his bench is good... if anyone needs to leave their ego at the door it would be you my friend. to tear someone down is an attempt to build yourself up... if you don't know... that is an ego problem.
  13. smart phone games looks like a couple more Tales games are coming
  14. yes... next question
  15. anyone else having issues summoning or being summoned on Dark Souls 2? ever since the hack i have had issues with it :(

  16. Thanks for the video! This is the only Tales game this gen to have an actual strategy guide... http://www.amazon.com/Tales-Xillia-Prima-Official-Guide/dp/0804163448/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408552105&sr=8-1&keywords=tales+of+xillia+2+guide I got my game yesterday but im not going to start it until the guide gets shipped to my house... but you can see that they actually take trophies into consideration. Might be something to consider if you are looking to platinum this game.
  17. PSN cards, Amazon Gift cards, and socks... Nothing too fancy because usually if i want something i will just buy it... Santa takes too long! I usually ask for GameStop gift cards but im fed up with them now... I gave them 3 strikes and they used them up in a matter of two months... but i digress...
  18. Diablo 3 and Tales of Xillia 2 today!!! its like Christmas!!!