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  1. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
  2. anyone else play Terraria on Vita? Im addicted...

  3. Completely bored of videogames right now… only thing I have been enjoying is Destiny of Spirits

    1. MrManBuz


      Take a break and go watch some anime or work out or something. :)

  4. sounds like im locking you in a cage till i find a cure
  5. Thats jacked up... you wouldn't even put up a fight? Fine... im not sharing any Zombrex with you
  6. I got so excited when i saw this http://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2765-Sacred-3 But then i remembered that they ruined it by not leaving it an open world :(

    1. Sir_Bee


      There is much more wrong with the game then just the hallway maps. As you said, everything was dumbed down for it. It made me very sad :(

    2. Piggie_Pie


      Trust me... im very disappointed

      They could have just copied and pasted Sacred 2 and remastered it and made it less buggy and i would have paid full price for it... they really messed it up... im sure it looks great though... I will probably never buy it... sad day

    3. Piggie_Pie
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  7. I have a couple Rares that i want to trade... Im not even sure how its done, lol... I have them up for trade but they must not be anything that anyone wants.
  8. The Wally world order! I bet that every Walmart, Costco and super market would be little fortresses that groups would hunker down in... most Walmarts have guns and ammo, food, clothing, and hell even an electronics department in case you get bored out of you mind and want to play some video games!
  9. Well a zombie apocalypse wouldn't happen over night... it would take time for the infected to spread... If i saw the writing on the wall, i would start stalking up on some canned goods, water, gas/propane, and ammo... raid a medical clinic for some supplies... add extra security measures to my house... barricades and boobie traps... maybe mount a machine gun on one of my cars stock up on bottle caps because apparently in a post apocalyptic world they are a great form of currency. sell the neighbor kids to the slavers find a chemist to formulate some Zombrex call up my buddy Skidmark because he has a lot more experience with survival horror games
  10. Yay! I have wanted Dragon's Crown for Vita! Pretty good line up!
  11. I was really looking forward to Sacred 3 until i found out that they did away with the open world... GAME OVER! But as a huge Tales fan, im really excited to get Tales of Xillia 2
  12. For my Pokemon cards of course
  13. Here is a link to the trophy tips guide: http://psnprofiles.c...2--Fallen-Angel Tips and Tricks: 1. Play through to have FUN... I always suggest playing through a game normally with no regard to trophies so that you can just enjoy the game for what it is... In doing this you will pick up a lot of trophies anyway and as this game needs multiple playthroughs you will have plenty of opportunities to do clean-up work. 2. Don't die... If at all possible, try not to die... Not only is there a trophy for beating the game without dying but your survival bonus is directly linked to the rarity of drops... the higher the survival bonus, the better the drops, and you want some good drops for the Fashion Victim trophy... The key to not dying is to have a good character build and a good character build is the key to success in Sacred 2... 3. Switch Difficulties... I always suggest that people start of on Bronze difficulty and then switch to Silver for a while to gain the XP... once you have leveled up a bit switch back to continue your adventure in Bronze... rinse and repeat... this way you will stay ahead of the difficulty as you move farther into the game... I found this to be the best practice because every new region has stronger enemies and the stronger you are the less chance you have to die, am i wrong? Road Map: Playthrough #1. Start a character... any character... doesn't matter if it is Light or Dark... Play through the game just for the fun of it and complete as many missions as you can while exploring... in this playthrough (Bronze difficulty) you should look for all of the Temples and Towns for the Polytheist and the City Guide trophies(See maps below)... In this playthrough you will be able to get most of the trophies... Respected being your first followed by Beam me up!... while you are learning the ins and outs of the game and exploring everything you can do you will likely venture out to do some co-op where you can score trophies such as Hawker, Hospitable, and Group Hug... Otherwise this playthrough will get you Walker, Wanderer, Traveling Person, Adventurer, Globetrotter, Discoverer, and Expedition Master... You will also get the corresponding trophy for beating the game with a Light or Dark character. Playthrough #2 and #3. This should be done with the same character that you started with but it should be use to clean up some trophies that you may have missed such as Bookworm, Scrooge, Millionaire, Tomb Raider, Butcher, Slaughterer, and Dreadnought... also a perfect time to get the Survivalist trophy and hopefully the Fashion Victim trophy. Playthrough #4 & Clean-Up. Create a new character... this time pick the opposite deity as your previous playthrough in order to get the corresponding trophy for beating the game with a Light or Dark character... This is also a good time to create any other character type that you have not created yet and grind them all to level 15 for their corresponding trophy. Maps: Temples in Ancaria for the "Polytheist" trophy... Towns in Ancaria for the "City Guide" trophy... Map of "something wonderful" for the "Ascaron Fan" trophy... ***Thanks for reading this guide... if it helped you please give me +Rep... if you think there should be anything added or removed please send me an email so that we can build the best guide possible... THANK YOU!!!***
  14. I think someone is using my same avatar...

    1. d3m0nd00d


      I thought you had two accounts

    2. Piggie_Pie


      no revenge... I like knowing there are other Prinny fans out there :)

    3. Fierce_DeityX1


      Thats good news :)

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  15. This is for the PLUS version of this game that just came out (June 24th 2014) in NA... I noticed that there is a trophy loading issue for this game... the trophies only load on my Vita and not the overall PSN list. 1. Why isn't there a trophy list for this game? Trophies only show up on the Vita trophy list and they don't sync to the overall trophy list... as well as this site not having them. 2. Has anyone else purchased the PLUS version of this game and playing it? I can't be the only one...
  16. This could be some really great news! I just recently got a Wii-U and a 3DS mainly because Nintendo's E3 stream gave me hope for the Wii-U future as well as the fact that the 3DS gets flooded with JRPGs (my favorite genre)... I think they already announced the N64 VC was coming didn't they? I know that things take a while to do and they probably just focused on getting the low hanging fruit first... at least thats my hope! Honestly the N64 was not my favorite Nintendo console... so far my favorite (other than the SNES) was the GameCube but im not holding my breath on that one...
  17. Oddworld: New n Tasty pre-ordered!

  18. Me and the family at the beach...
  19. Dang this just makes me so sad for that poor baby who was just an innocent child trying to communicate that she needed something... Thats what babies do...
  20. Bravely Default on 3DS... Very awesome JRPG from the makers of Final Fantasy... can't put it down!
  21. reasons like this make me love being a Sony and Nintendo fan... MS has been the root of a lot of stupid video game politics that in the end just piss off gamers... i don't understand why people support them!
  22. The trophies and games auto-populate so the issue of them not showing up on this site likely has to do with the fact that they don't sync correctly Yeah, i noticed it day one as well but figured it would have been fixed or something... At least see the trophies on a trophy site by now... Oh well... trophies have lost their luster anyway, lol... Thanks for the replies!