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  1. Atelier Rorona Plus Trophies still not showing up...

  2. One game I would love to see a remake of is the first Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles... The problem is that i always like games that aren't very popular... Even if they put it on the Virtual Console i would buy it in a heartbeat.
  3. My love for the platinum has diminished...

    1. Rowdi


      Noooo. It is a sad sad day. :(

    2. --Deleted--


      Do what makes you happy bro.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AkgJZGspCM
  5. PS4 - Final Fantasy 14 Vita - Atelier Meruru plus Wii-U - New Super Mario Bros U Mostly playing FF14 as my console of choice is the PS4...
  6. Oh... and i got this for Father's Day...
  7. Im still a Sony PlayStation fan through and through but the Nintendo E3 stream made me want to like Nintendo again... Hopefully im not let down... also got...
  8. Online and Single player In single player, up to 2 of your friends can join you (party of 3). Multiplayer has a team base capture.
  10. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD heading to PS4

    1. Piggie_Pie


      I couldn't agree more... its hard to compete with the 3DS... I want more JRPGs for the Vita! Luckily we are getting a Tales game

      on the same note, you can always use the remote play...

    2. Omar


      Yeah, I hadn't thought about remote play lol I can't wait for Hearts R ^^

    3. MidnightRadiance


      @Beyond: The game is fun though its an RPG that plays similar to Crisis Core without the roulette and more open space for free roam.

      On topic this isn't all that surprising but im a bit disappointed its not coming for vita

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  11. for the first time in a long time Nintendo is actually speaking my language... Xenoblade, open world Zelda, Star Fox, and Fantasy Light

    1. Piggie_Pie


      I saw a used copy of Xenoblade at GameStop the other day... im sure its gone now though

    2. Aexuz


      The only problem is you can't play wii games with the gamepad so you will need to buy an extra wii motion or classic controller.

    3. Piggie_Pie


      Good to know... thanks for the info!

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  12. Open world Zelda and Star Fox... I just may have enough ammo to actually get a Wii-U. a little suspicious about the LBP looking "Yarn Yoshi"
  13. has E3 started or what?

    1. damon8r351
    2. Piggie_Pie


      man the E3 app on the PS4 kinda sucked, lol... i had to stream from my laptop instead

  14. Sony's E3 Conference 2014 broadcast http://www.twitch.tv/piggie_pie

  15. I couldn't agree more... with everything that you said here... not to change the subject but you should check out a Tales game if you haven't already. Tales of Xillia would probably be the best one of the PS3 generation... followed by Tales of Graces f.
  16. oh wow! If you pledge $65 you get your name in the credits! sweet!
  17. I think i will keep my eye on this... Once it gets closer to the PS4 goal, i will throw some money on it... I love my JRPGs and would love to see some on the PS4... Looks a lot like a Tales style game.
  18. I have no use for one... I don't play FPS games much and the only exclusive they have that is worth a shiny nickle is Titanfall... And i read that EA may still bring an "Ultimate Edition" of Titanfall to the PS4 anyway. The raw power (even though MS seems to think it doesn't matter) is better on the PS4. AND, I love Japanese RPGs... not a lot of them end up on the Xbox so... No doubt this price drop will be good for sales... but im sure early adopters will be pissed... The better Xbone does, the more likely PlayStation will work to compete and change to respond... its good for the consumer either way! Next prediction is that next they will either change their parity clause for releases or change the architecture to one up the power of the xbone... They want market share... they are in it to win and even if they have to backtrack on everything that they stood for at E3-2013.
  19. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-05-12-diablo-3-ultimate-evil-edition-dated-confirmed-for-old-and-new-consoles EDIT: I figured i would help the people out who don't want to click on the link... Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition for PS3, PS4, 360, and Xbone are confirmed for August 19th.
  20. Its funny because i was trying to hold off as long as i could for the PS4 version but some folks at GameStop said that it could be next year instead of this year... last week I ended up buying the PS3 version, lol... Oh well, I will still get this on day one to play it on the more superior of the home consoles (PS4). Ha, thanks bro... I actually was just thinking about this thread and came back to add some description because of the exact same thing.
  21. I couldn't agree more! I LOVE hack-n-slash loot grinders on hand-helds...
  22. Thomas Was Alone - 100%

    1. Venocide
    2. Sir_Bee


      Nice, I enjoyed the commentary of that game. Got a little bored with the puzzles by the end, but overall I enjoyed it :)

    3. broy300


      One of the hidden gems. I loved the commentary. Good job Bacon_Cake!

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