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  1. Redneck AC... Just add ice
  2. Very charming RPG
  3. Child of Light - 100%

    1. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      how long does it take? I've downloaded the demo buy havent played it yet.

    2. Piggie_Pie


      its about a 15 hour game... plus or minus depending on how much exploring and side missions you want to do... I explored every area that i could and got the collectables without a walkthrough... but skipped a few side quests... I could have drug it out another few hours probably.

    3. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      a dollar an hour. I can live with that.

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  4. Yeah, but its not often that i get to use that clip so i figured it was a great time, lol Im actually rather surprised too... I wouldn't be a great person to ask because I have been a PS Loyalist since 1995... But the PlayStation seems like it has a lot of support and a promising line up... as far as hardware, i think they both are on par... I don't play FPS games so Titanfall would not be a deal breaker for me... Plus EA has been quoted saying that the gap between third party studio exclusives is closing fast... so it all comes down to first party exclusivity... My vote based on the first post is to stick with PlayStation. If you like Xbox exclusives you should think about owning both... but thats a big bill to front!
  5. xbox owner comes to a PLAYSTATION site to ask if he should trade in his xbox for a PlayStation... I can't compare the two but there is nothing on the Xbox that i would actually buy so for me, the PlayStation is the best choice... I saw a kid a couple weeks ago trade in his XboxOne for a PS4... I didn't really think that something like that would happen this early in the life cycle...
  6. Yeah, i knew who he was... just stating that i don't really care, lol... when i buy games, i don't really care about the name attached to them
  7. I played the demo a little bit... wasn't my cup-o-tea... Phil who?
  8. I heard about this site when ps3trophies.com kept blowing up and i had to make a new profile for the 3rd time (I'm sure it runs fine now but I like the layout of this site).
  9. Can't wait!!! I have been hoping for a Vita Tales game! plus two more are coming for the PS3... I said screw it and imported Tales of Vesperia a couple months back but i haven't gotten to it yet
  10. This is a 2D side scroller running on the Rayman engine mixed with an RPG action-turn-based battle system. On another note... my local GameStop told me this was a download only so i just did the day one digital version and already paid for it... That box set looks very nice though!
  11. Revolver Ocelot
  12. hedgehog envy...
  13. Platinum #60 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4)
  14. can anyone give me their opinion on Destiny of Spirits for the Vita? (GOOD, BAD, or UGLY)

    1. CasaDeBen


      So far id say annoying. But i havent gotten much into it

    2. amebapiko


      I had this downloaded since asian release, i dont think im going to play :(

    3. DarkPirate2007


      Looks a bit boring to me, even though it's an rpg game.

  15. Did i say "stab me in the back"? what i meant to say is "Stab me in the FRONT" LOL... yeah he was a double crosser from the start and expected people to be ok with it...
  16. Yeah seriously... i will be waiting for him to stab me in the back the whole game, LOL!
  17. Look a little closer... all of the characters are there in the background Jude is on the left... Milla is on the right with all the hair... Rowen, Leia, Alvin, and Muzet are up there too It will kinda be like Tales of Symphonia 2 where all the characters are in it but the story is about two other characters that take place in the same world
  18. going to pick up infamous at midnight...

    1. DarkStar83x
    2. TehCro


      I want to, but I have to run a bunch of errands in the morning anyway. Might as well wait until then and just get a good night of sleep.

    3. Piggie_Pie


      didn't really work out... got too tired to play and then i didn't get to play in the morning because i slept in from being up too late, lol

  19. I clicked on the link and read the article but missed an important tid-bit... the fact that it was for 3DS, lol... I quickly edited my post as to try to side step making an ass of myself... Im a huge advocate for Sony getting the rights back for the DQ franchise because i feel like Nintendo is killing it (starting with DQ Swords for Wii)... the PS1 and PS2 DQ games were my favorite (DQ8 being on the top of my list other than the first two originals from NES). but regardless... i like seeing fans of the series because I too am a fan... I just won't be buying a Nintendo system anytime soon... well maybe a handheld down the road...
  20. its good to hear that they are localizing a great franchise.
  21. Thanks Sly! its so... wonderful...