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  1. Your AZA is banned be KOS i said so!
  2. i personally wouldn't mind seeing a score system... so like on a scale of 1 to 10 each person who has played a certain game can score it based on how much the game was enjoyed... it would be a PSNProfiles.com user score obviously... so when opening a forum for a game it could show the user rating at the top of the page for that games forum and/or trophy list... That was one thing that i liked about PS3T.org
  3. I think this is a great idea... In fact i suggested something like this on another site but it didn't go over well... Thinking outside the box is a good thing... this site is great and i hope it takes off!
  4. my newest platinum is from WKC1 (platinum #25) im too lazy to find a picture.... just imagine a beautiful crown
  5. Love it so far... im only about 2 hours into it because i was waiting for it to be patched so im still kinda new... This is a great survival horror RPG that reminds me a lot like a Zombie version of a Fallout/Borderlands mix with the loot hunting and the weapon mods and the questing system... its just great fun and i could see myself putting in the time to platinum this game...
  6. I got this game the same week that it came out and haven't touched it because i was waiting for the patch that would fix the saving issue... i tried the game last night after it patched and i LOVE it... thanks for the post dood!
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing a "Smart Phone" or "Android" section added to the Other Platforms section... Not everyone is an i-zombie, lol... I play games on my phone and wouldn't mind discussing them... im okay either way... just wanted to make the suggestion
  8. Im all about the Japanese RPGs but i have love for all RPGs... Only picking one is tough but i think its safe to say that my favorite is the White Knight Chronicles saga... if i could pick a 2nd it would be Sacred 2 if i could pick a 3rd it would be Fallout 3 but i can't so i won't mention those...
  9. trying to figure this place out :(