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  1. Wow this guy got the FFXV in 2 days? Thats not suspicious at all! http://psnprofiles.com/tsubasa830

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    2. Piggie_Pie


      Interesting... I must like to sip on it like a fine wine instead of guzzle it. And I must be getting old... My body and mind can't stay up for 43 hours to play video games anymore. 10 hours to play through the story? Is that speed run or enjoying dialogue?

    3. LouTheDroog


      PS4 only games trophies cannot be hacked meight. Only reason PS4 fastest achiever times look suspicious is because some people go through many hoops to get on those boards. (profile deleters)

    4. Piggie_Pie


      Has 100% completion rate too... that guy is dedicated.

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