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  1. Does anyone know if todays the last day or will i have a chance to redeem tomorrow? I orderd the game days ago and looks like it may get delivered tomorrow 😭 anyone know ?
  2. Tdm is active, other game modes are dead so may need to boost certain challenges that require defusing bombs and that dort of stuff
  3. Does this method work to this date or do you need to play without the latest update ?
  4. Hey guys , so I was just looking arround on you tube and have found this glitch for black ops 3 that still works. But its for the ps4 version. Now if this works for the ps3 it could be super useful. This is not my video and dont take credit but if 2 people could see if this works could save people a lot of time.
  5. I prefer the vita game play to the consoles but the mp is dead compared to the consoles. This means if you want to get diamond cup you must be number 1 (sometimes 2) but your going against people who play everyday. It is possible but a lot of hard work and effort must be put in to master all mechanics. But thecmost practicle way of getting a diamond cup is for there to be a murphy glitch which happens once in a blue moon ( this is where everyone is capped at a certain distance as it forces your death at that distance) overall if you need that 100% dont start unless a Murphy glitch happens. If you want to play because you like the game i would recommend. Must add getting gold cups is hard enough so getting 2000 points in mp is a drag too.
  6. Did you do fly the coop just you and your mate ? Or did you get help ?
  7. CEX in the UK seem to have this game only for £18 yes this is a safe reliable place to buy don't know whether they ship
  8. Is that 100 hours total play time or it takes about 4 days ? Also is this icluding boosting with a partner or just focused on one ?
  9. Are the server lobbys active or must you boost it all ?
  10. So are all mp trophies doable now ?
  11. So I done a live chat with ea about this and they said they can see the servers are down but there passing the information to the development team. That's all they could do.
  12. The past few days I haven't been able to get into game. I'm only 35 wins away 😭 anyone else having issues .
  13. @Chettlar, sorry to hear you missed out but I put this post up as soon as I realised and that was prety early. Yeh for the future if it happens again. Reach the requirement then quite the game and just come back after its reset. Best of luck for the future 👍
  14. There an easy Murphy glitch at 196m. Congrats on the people that get the trophy 😁 enjoy.
  15. Just want to throw in I got this trophy when there was a Murphy glitch but @AdruA_ gave me some lovely tips to speed up my times and little tricks. He did post youtube vids which where extremely helpful. Just want to say thank again. I'm struggling getting to rank 11 😂 I only bother getting silver really now as I cant be bothered but the player count is so low now. I'm at 900+ mp points .... almost half way there 🙄