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  1. Anyone else have this issue ,was looking to start up but dont want to risk if this is a thing that could happen.
  2. Do you have to do it in one session like not disconnecting from the servers or turning your ps3 off ?
  3. But you've 100% the game
  4. I think this trophy took 4hrs on it's own for me to do. Its RNG mixed with skill and timing witch makes it such a horrible trophy. If you keep playing you'll get it. Best of luck.
  5. Yes iv killed them in the same world..... I 100% have killed all bosses. Iv got the accolade in game for killing all bosses , but no trophy.
  6. Yup all the same charecter even same world , iv done the bosses multiple times. Just to no luck.
  7. Just had the same problem i think. All of a sudden it says my games are hidden yet non are on my consoles.
  8. Theres a lot , eater of worlds , eye of cuthulu , brain of cuthulu, queen bee , golem , plantera , wall of flesh , king slime , skelatron, 3 mech bosses, duke fishy, the cultists , moon lord.
  9. Iv killed all bosses 3+ times , uninstalled the game and started new charecters and worlds and still no trophy , anyone got any ideas or can help ? Im on ps4. Thanks. Solved : had to reinstall the game and restart all data , then solo all bosses. Didnt need moon lord or duke fishy.
  10. Iv found all the charecters that was crap spawn rates now , apart from war machine ๐Ÿ˜‘ they managed to fix all but that one i guess.
  11. So i tweeted activision the other day and i got a response saying that they are aware and are trying to fix atm. Oddly they think i care that there very busy too..... how about dont break your games.๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. There was a patch that made that glitch super hard. Some people have taken hours to get it to work , tbh its not worth it anymore.
  13. So iv tryed about 70 times to get the last 0.01m and just cant seem to get it is it luck ? Does anyone know?
  14. Is it a certain princess you need to get that 0.01m