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  1. Has anyone found a good fix? trying to do sharing is caring and my game freezes. I have disconnected, made a new Ubisoft account, reconnected. Still freezes.
  2. Anyone know how you can boost ultimate team? I done UFC 2 and it required like 4 dummy accounts each. Is it the same for this game (won't get paired up again until after 3 other matches?). Update: you can't play the same player back to back.
  3. Selling my copy on eBay at the moment:
  4. I understand that that lbp project lighthouse is now open source but still requires hen or cfw. The main issue with this I assume is that there is no way to tell whether someone just auto pops trophies or gets them via playing the game (I could be wrong about that). But if I was to say live stream and have video footage of collecting every mp trophy by doing the right requirements would that still be a ban from the leaderboards? I know people must hate talking about this but intrigued if there could ever be a solution.
  5. daym, better jump on this. Thanks.
  6. Can anyone help, I have Charles running and I have input my local IP on my ps4 prxy and put the right port number but when i test connection it fails. anyone know what i may be doing wrong ? Edit: My fire wall was blocking my Charles proxy connection to ps4
  7. Does anyone know if I have to wait for the forsaken nightfall rotation or is there a way arround ? People are getting the trophy currently but the rotation isn't on.
  8. I was gonna say you misunderstood me but I loaded up today and it wouldn't load. I got on yesterday so may be a server issue some days works other days it don't.
  9. I just went online and I could go into the tier 1 menu, didn't load a run up but its not the original issue
  10. As the title says. The game can be brutal and I've seen websites say solo or with one extra, just want some input from people that are doing it or have done so already. Thanks in advance.
  11. Congrats everyone. We can now get the plat 😁
  12. We must keep getting support on this case even though EA have replied. If anyone is new please do chime in on the forum. We might just have a chance.
  13. Typical EA well atleast they have done that. Means someone has seen it
  14. I called them up, they said they will only deal with it if enough people complain and put in reports and also posting on their forums may help. Heres a link to my forum post, more people we get the better
  15. Yep ive had luck with ubisoft fixing AC brotherhood but i actually called them up. Whats the point of having support that just neglect you helping them. Atleast close the servers im saving them money 🤣🤣