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  1. It did unlock for me eventually, but not after purchasing 10 upgrades. I was on my "Evil Nightmare" run and purchased an upgrade at some point and then it popped. So it seems it might count across playthroughs. ceno
  2. Just finished the game on hard. Got 10 upgrades (had 9, got the 10th after the update) and also didn't get the trophy. Seems to be glitched still. Game is fun so I don't mind another playthrough (will have to do so anyway for the plat). ceno
  3. Yesterday's patch fixed the Galileo trophy. If you already have 50+ secrets found, you might have to find an additional one to trigger the trophy. ceno
  4. Here's another one: Given the nature of the game, all videos are pretty much the same though The game's relatively easy with some tricky parts towards the end. Nothing too demanding. The GameBoy visuals are kinda cute. ceno
  5. Nice! That's good news. I also noticed that the trophy for not getting a hero killed apparently also counts heroes not in your party. I did my run for the "Members only" trophy today and finished the game successfully with only the two heroes I started with. On the way I came across other heroes but didn't recruit them. One of them died and I did not get the trophy for not getting a hero killed in the end, so I guess you have to keep those alive as well, which could make it a bit more tricky than I thought. ceno
  6. Oh, then maybe THAT's what I was experiencing! It didn't cross my mind earlier but now that you mentioned it, I also found different heroes along the way and some of them unlocked certain "secrets" when they were talking to each other in the elevator. I don't remember which ones exactly but it could very well be that it was those two (or maybe another combination which causes a similar bug). I also just did as you said and started a new run with these two and can confirm — all progress is erased once those two talked to each other in the elevator! ceno
  7. Not crashing but there's a very nasty bug erasing all your progress once you close the game. Only time my progress (unlocked heroes, unlocked journal entries, unlocked ships, etc) was actually saved was after a winning run. I finished the game and when I was back in the main menu I closed the game and next time I booted it up again my progress was still there. But otherwise, whenever I unlocked a hero or saved and turned off the game, everything was gone when I started the game the next time, even the unlocks that where there after my winning run (which did save initially) Devs of the port also postponed the release of the PS4 version to next week (I got an early review key), hopefully fixing this major issue. ceno
  8. The grind is unreal. For one of the trophies, you need to clear 10.000 (ten thousand) dungeons. For another one you need to get 1.000.000 (one million) gold. Now, if you happen to have a controller with auto-fire functionality, it's just a matter of letting the game run over night for 2 or 3 nights for both of those. But if you don't have such a controller, you're looking and several hundreds hours of grind. So be warned. Don't go into this unprepared On the flipside, the game's pretty nice. But most of the user generated levels are japanese as the game hasn't been released in the west (unlike the Nintendo Switch version). ceno
  9. Yeah, Bethesda already removed Doom Classic Complete and Doom 3: BFG Edition from european stores. US will surely follow soon. Which is super annoying as the BFG Edition included The Ultimate Doom, Doom II (incl. No Rest for The Living which is missing from the new release), Doom 3 (incl. Resurrection of Evil + The Lost Mission) as well as online multiplayer for all three games. For something like $14,99. So the new ones offer less content, less features and cost more. Oh, and you have to be always online to even play them. Way to go, Bethesda. ceno
  10. That's a separate game called "Final Doom". It has those two episodes (The Plutonia Experiment + TNT: Evilution). Doom II is still missing the "No Rest for the Living" episode, though. All in all, PS3's "Doom Classic Complete" is the better purchase if you're interested more in the games than trophies. ceno
  11. I just finished the game and of course got hit by the Glitch-Hammer as well. I initially only got two trophies in total, the very first one for getting the broom and one for defeating the "Grotto Rogue" boss along the way. Nothing more. After finishing the game and being back at the main menu, I selected "CONTINUE", beat the final boss again but still nothing. I then closed the game, started it up again, selected "CONTINUE", beat the final boss again and then I got the trophy for 100% finishing the game. So my assumption is the Glithyness is somehow triggered by the PS4's rest mode / game suspending feature. I played the whole thing in one go, just putting the PS4 in and out of rest mode in between sessions. I only completely started it afresh three times: The very first time, once along the way and as I just described after finishing the game. And all three times I did get the next possible trophy. Anyway, I also reached out to the developer via Twitter and the good news is, they are aware of the issue and apparently the people responsible for the port are planning a patch to resolve the issue: https://twitter.com/anodynegame/status/1083061349595402241 The bad news is that there's no word of when that patch will be out or if it'll ever get out of the "planning" stage at all. Here's hoping for the best! ceno
  12. i used some of your carmageddon videos in a trophy guide and gave you credit, hope you dont mind. cheers!

  13. Hi everyone! I recently started to make some Trophy Guide videos for this game and thought I'd share them here. So far I made two three four, but there are more coming up soon: Second Best Killer - Explanation / What to look out for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO9kFNgny68 Legendary Key Master - Explanation / What to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CneOoqwTS3g Reliable Helper - Easy Boosting Method to get 10 Kill Assists per Game for Two Players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBvfoLw5Q_w Lucky Guy - Explanation and Boosting Tip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4cn4kbQaZM Here's a link to the playlist where I'll put the videos once they're ready: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO-iLnSMaf50FPtEErzN0U-_PdfSF6WXE Word of warning, though: English isn't my mother's tongue, so please excuse my accent ^^ I usually add proper subtitles as well to make up for it. Enjoy! ceno
  14. MultiSlay Champ and MP MegaPeep Mangler are the two online trophies. Unfortunately, though from the beginning on Multiplayer was pretty much dead :/ ceno
  15. Here's a video for the 13 *new* bushes that were not in Reincarnation: • #43 - #52 can be found on the "Weird West" map with the big UFO in the middle • #53 - #54 can be found on the "Arena: Hell Hall" map with the swinging pendulums • #55 can be found on the "Arena: Satan's Tower" map edit: And here videos for the remaining 42 Bushes: • Smelly Bushes #01 - #09 • Smelly Bushes #10 - #19 • Smelly Bushes #20 - #33 • Smelly Bushes #34 - #42 Enjoy! ceno