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  1. Just go raise block and armor against giants. Super easy. I mean you don't really need a video, but here's one anyway. Just prestige them or what ever it is called over and over till you get it.
  2. A-Train FF Tactics
  3. What a joke, how much could it really cost to have small server access for a small player pool. This was a good game and now it will be useless spaced consumed on your HDD.
  4. Gen 2, ships both times. First I had no leads shooting, second it was way too many ships for me to take on.
  5. I believe the no map and such is to feel like older games. You have to listen to what people say and remember names of villages and such, it should make the game more immersive. FF7 doesn't have a world map, although just as this game you could argue the world map is when you are travelling around from place to place, you just cant see it all in one screen.
  6. Apparently no one has this game (sad because I really enjoyed it) and many have not finished as I am somehow 9th to plat. If anyone wants some tips or tricks I imagine I could help on a per level or general basis. I beat all levels with no re-enforcement's and all secondaries (no double playing any levels), hardest level is by far #12 and surely is harder without double play through (only level I contemplated this), the rest were not too troublesome (#13 was actually very easy). Although #12 wasn't nearly as hard once I figured a few things out.
  7. I would be looking for the NG+ and NG++ rings if anyone has time to provide me with them. Message me on PSN or here please and thanks.
  8. This worked great, but I assume you would need to go and do this with some of the other plague types to get their specific genes that only they have (the very bottom gene selection set)?
  9. Potentially possible to remove patches, complete drifts and re-patch? I am already done mine, but hopefully someone can try and confirm/deny if this will work for those having troubles.
  10. Yea, this plus the drifting in circles haha. I mean I am 5/5 on multilayer atm just joining games and beating noobs, but I am going to try doing this tonight, I imagine it will confuse them haha.
  11. This is funny, logic would dictate that it works on all races and events (potentially even multilayer) as you pass into lap 2 and then I assume get spawned back before the line still on lap 2 and pass the line again putting you into lap 3. Edit, this would also work on hot laps, do a normal lap reset up and get a lap that was a couple seconds (time it takes to reset and cross again). Hopefully someone can confirm if it works on all, else I will when I get home.
  12. As extra help for anyone having trouble with some of the other drifts that don't have such a big area to complete a circle in: Use the Breaking Bad camper (I had mine fully upgraded, but slower is probably still better). This vehicle made much sharper turning and I was able to do full circles on the Yo Sushi map in the last of the pro regular events which was the tightest spots I had to do this in (Most of the drifts I just did legit). If there is actual interest I can upload a video of it, but same thing as others, just different vehicle.
  13. I did not have 100%, but I did have the story completed. I do believe that you don't need it completed and it acts like most skyrim type DLC, new blip on map appears and story starts when you go there. However, losing all the upgrades to your gear may make things more challenging.
  14. I have literally had zero performance issues with this game regardless of patch. Only problems was slow times to find friends when summoning, but this was very early and servers were probably a tad taxed. Buy this amazing game.
  15. Oh my, this is good news. I have done this stupid update leaderboard thing 50 times probably and NOTHING. I had to have done 25+ events and maybe some new ones will help finally trigger it. Been needing just this trophy for coming on a year FFS.