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  1. You can try this strategy use the upside down mask and double jump/ bounce off tnt and you can avoid wall running on the trucks. N* Verted mode is better for this level for the N Sanely Perfect Relic
  2. Slow progress continues on my most recent attempt I've managed to make it to about a third way through Chapter 6. Died due to running out of ammo and trying to roll / shootdodge to getting some more ammo off the bodies. Been feeling a bit depressed like giving up on this game but it does seem with lots of attempts I get further than ever before sometimes so I must be making some progress and getting closer. I tend to struggle with permadeath modes I usually rely on checkpoints far too much in many games so definitely a big challenge for me. Played on and off all day a lot of poor attempts dying mostly on Chapter 2 and 3. Something often goes wrong on the helicopter / sniping section such as shooting Fabiana or running out of billet time and panicking letting her get shot. Had a few annoying crashes today also one where the kill camera showed my latest kill and Max did some dialog and the timer paused but wouldn't start up again I could pause the game and go into menus but nope wouldn't come back. More stupidly I've actually brushed the touch sensitive power button by mistake and reset my console...
  3. Been reading the post your NYMH failurea thread and I have had far too many attempts to list. I am making very slow progress at getting better. I must admit Chapter 14 on New York Minute I was playing that level every day for a week or 2 before I was finally able to finish it. Most of my attempts I've not got past Chapter 3 yet and often fail on Chapter 3. I've managed to get through to Chapter 4 Part 2 once and that was my furthest attempt l died at Max's apartment. Second closest I've got was Chapter 4 Part 1 (alleyway with all the vehicles). I'm pretty frustrated that I make such slow progress compared to most people my skills aren't that great not sure if it's my age (38) or with me being autistic I just need more practice than most players. Possibly I play too many attempts a day. For example today was around 5.30pm till 11pm on and off stopped go cook tea, eat tea, wash up, feed the dogs and play with the dogs and take them on their toilet breaks, and cup of tea / toilet breaks so paused the game quite a lot and also know which cut scenes are long so I can have breaks while they are on.
  4. This is why I boosted only the online trophies that were going to need boosting partners or groups to ensure I got them out the way easily most of the DLC ones. I enjoyed playing the game from level 1 to 50 in multiplayer I mean abiut half the time it was against people who were either cheating or a lot better than me so it was pretty competitive and tedious. There were some good moments and replaying memories of when this game first came out and I had it on Xbox 360 in there and played every day and playing the new DLC as it launched.
  5. Not too difficult for the most part with unlimited ammo this one. I wanted to complain / warn about the ridiculous giant infected frogs that can kill you very easily in 1 hit it seems even Billy with full health gets licked by the frog and eaten alive. You can't wiggle the stick / press the X button I think just either kill these right away or just run straight past. I got really close to getting this trophy and the That's Officer Chambers To You trophy and this stupid frog got me. I've seen YouTubers get killed by these and luck dumbfounded also...
  6. I ended up getting 3 hours 27 minutes when I need under 3 hours and under 5 hours for the 2 Resident Evil speedrun trophies. I made 20 saves can go back as far as save 13 as I kept some old ones. Hoping if I rush from that point and don't save any more and get lucky without getting too much ammo or saves or stop offs I can get it without a new playthrough. Save 13 is before the elevator part with Barry the part where you pass Lisa Trevor and get the broken flamethrower etc with Jill.
  7. Does anyone know about the Mad Max scavenging locations glitch and can help me understand if mine has glitched or not please? Statistics say 50 locations completed. Current challenge says 14/191 locations completed. Challenge for 5, 13, 18 locations show as completed. The glitch is some people tend to get stuck on 190/191 locations.
  8. Do you think they are likely to add more DLC trophies with the new expansion out in September. I'm currently working on the Forsaken trophies.
  9. I've noticed some bugs in the reach wave 25 and reach wave 30 DLC trophies. I think the main thing I've found is if you join in a game in progress it won't pop the trophy. I also think you need to be still alive at the end of round 24 and when 25 starts it should work. Not sure if there's anything else to it or just this. Also I think the rescue 4 survivors in one game you probably need to start at the beginning of a game also. Anyone found anything additional to this?
  10. Trip skip has caused no problems for me or my team on CMM4 and CMM2.
  11. I had a similar problem in Uncharted Drakes Fortune remaster. The game crashed and I reloaded it back up after getting a close application error code. Unfortunately I realized 30 minutes or so later hang on I'm not Donut Drake. I did manage to get lucky with the speed run my time was 2 hours 41 minutes and the trophy was to do it in 2 hours 30.
  12. I think your teammate could do the close application trick right at the end of the mission for you. If you get to the end of a heist or setup mission you can do this close application and the progress won't go up only for 1 person.
  13. Yes I think for example a 2 person run needs the same 2 players for preps however deaths are allowed on prep missions and I think you can do preps in any order for example prep 1 setup 1 prep 2 setup 2 or prep 1, 2 3.
  14. If I have killed, skinned and studied an animal but not studied it in the tracker so it is not at 100% does this matter or not? Do I need to track them also? I'm onto Chapter 4 currently and these are the animals I have left I got a lot of them while working towards other goals and doing the satchel upgrades and camp upgrades for Pearson. 1 (1:04) Nine-Banded Armadillo 2 (1:45) Little Brown Bat *Kill* 3 (2:43) Grizzly Bear *Study* 4 (3:05) North American Beaver *Track 5 (6:30) Hereford Bull 6 (8:15) Dominique Rooster 7 (8:47) Java Rooster 8 (9:22) Leghorn Rooster 9 (10:28) California Condor 10 (13:16) Red Swamp Crayfish 11 (13:35) Whooping Crane 12 (14:03) Sandhill Crane 13 (16:47) Siberian Husky 14 (17:53) Rufus - Available Post-Game 15 (19:20) Bald Eagle 16 (20:32) Little Egret 17 (20:55) Snowy Egret *Kill* *Skin* 18 (21:20) Rocky Mountain Bull Elk *Track* 19 (24:04) Banded Gila Monster 20 (27:31) Desert Iguana 21 (28:03) Green Iguana *Track* 22 (28:57) Collared Peccary 23 (29:29) Common Loon *Kill* *Skin* 24 (30:23) Yellow-billed Loon 25 (30:47) Western Bull Moose *Track* 26 (31:27) Western Moose 27 (32:52) Hooded Oriole *Kill* *Collect* 28 (33:13) Californian Horned Owl 29 (34:11) Great Horned Owl 30 (34:54) Devon Ox 31 (35:13) Panther *Track* *Study* 32 (35:49) Florida Panther 33 (36:17) Carolina Parakeet 34 (36:43) American White Pelican *Pluck* 35 (38:01) Chinese ring-necked Pheasant *Skin* 36 (39:04) Old Spot Pig 37 (39:22) Band-tailed Pigeon 38 (39:48) Rock Pigeon 39 (41:49) Sonoran Pronghorn Buck 40 (42:18) Sonoran Pronghorn Doe 41 (42:47) Baja California Pronghorn Buck 42 (43:09) Baja California Pronghorn Doe 43 (44:04) Sierra Nevada Bighorn Ram *Track* 44 (45:11) Desert Bighorn Ram 45 (45:37) Desert Bighorn Sheep 46 (46:05) Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram *Kill* *Skin* 47 (46:35) Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep *Kill* *Skin* 48 (47:50) Black Rat *Track* 49 (48:59) American Robin 50 (52:13) Black-tailed Rattlesnake 51 (53:37) Southern Copperhead Snake *Track* 52 (54:04) Midland Water Snake *Skin* 53 (54:33) Cottonmouth Snake *Track* 54 (54:56) Northern Water Snake *Skin* 55 (56:05) Eurasian Tree Sparrow *Kill* *Collect* 56 (58:38) Sonoran Desert Toad 57 (59:26) Rio Grande Wild Turkey 58 (1:00:21) Eastern Turkey Vulture 59 (1:01:37) Timber Wolf *Track* 60 (1:02:00) Red-bellied Woodpecker *Kill* *Collect* Are many of these going to appear later in the game I have heard about the Chapter 5 island and also would you recommend progressing story further in order to get most of these?
  15. Can anyone please confirm if you can use stamina and dead eye core items on a gold medal where the objective is not to use health items? I've heard and seen it's ok to use Dead Eye core items however it's the stamina part I'm not sure on as many tonics and cigar / tobacco restore stamina as well as dead eye.