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  1. Continuing with my plan to buy up Vita titles, I got these: I already owned them on Vita digitally, but it was just too good of a deal to pass up, and the memory saved makes it a lot easier to put more games on my Vita.
  2. Just the Trails of Cold Steel III Thors Academy Edition for me. I'm still waiting for the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore and Persona 5 Royal special editions to go up for preorder.
  3. Dunno if this would still be helpful, but you could give Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth a try. They're the second (and third) in a trilogy (the first part, Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen, is due on PS4 next year) and are quite long. They're visual novel / strategy RPG hybrids, but it's pretty easy to get most of the trophies and the story is quite good, too. It's advisable to watch the anime first (which covers the events of the first game) but not entirely necessary. Sticking with the visual novel theme you could also give Steins;Gate a try. Be sure you read Steins;Gate 0 afterwards as that's a sequel. The trophies for both are pretty easy (you can follow a guide to make it easier) and the stories are quite fun to read too.
  4. What version is that? Guessing an EU version but is it a limited edition or? The cover art looks much nicer than the standard Lightning-on-white cover...
  5. I'm continuing with my aim of re-buying physical copies of titles I want physically instead of just digitally. I've already played and beaten Max Payne 3 but I want the trophies for it. I also already own Tales of Xillia 1 and 2 digitally, and figured now's the time to get them.
  6. Bought a couple of titles to add to the collection. I already had Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative digitally, but regretted not getting them physically and wanted to do so before they became expensive and/or hard to find. Ys VIII was one that I'd had my eye on but found it for a really good price and decided to jump.
  7. PS4: Dragon Quest 11. I started it a while ago and didn't finish, so I wanted to get it out of the way. I'm enjoying it, though, and it's fun and relaxing to play through. I should be done with it pretty quickly. PS3: Nothing at the moment. I'd like to get back to playing on the PS3 and there are several games I'd like to play, but I haven't really been able to settle on one and find myself being drawn to playing on other systems instead. . PS Vita: Cosmic Star Heroine. Like with Dragon Quest 11, I haven't been playing this consistently, but I am enjoying what I've played of it. I also think I'm nearly halfway through it, so it shouldn't be too long before I'm done with it.
  8. The default theme, but in cyan. I really like both the color and the default theme, so haven't felt the need to change it from that.
  9. I tend to follow these rules as well. Not as strictly as I should, of course, but IMO they make up a good set of rules to try and follow and help me keep on top of my spending so it's not excessive. The biggest exception to the above list would be #4 - I do prefer physical media, but my platform of choice for a game really depends on the game, and if a digital copy is cheaper and/or more convenient I'd go with that (for example I want to play Stardew Valley on Vita for the portability, which means getting it digitally, rather than opting for the physical edition with its goodies). Other than that I tend to agree with the OP and try to stick to older games (ie, stuff that's been out for a year or more). IMO you get a better experience that way - more DLC (especially with a GoTY edition), QoL patches (which are becoming more common), potentially a lower price, and also walkthroughs etc might have already been made.
  10. Picked it up during one of the recent PSN sales. Haven't played a lot of it as of yet but I did enjoy what I've played.
  11. I still prefer the PS3 to the PS4 tbh, and IMO it's no question. For all its power compared to the PS3, the PS4 still lacks quite a few basic features (like automatically playing an inserted disc) that should be basic, and takes steps backwards when it should be taking steps forward (the DS4's battery life for example). Worse still, a lot of the games that would've been exclusive on PS3 have moved to PC (Ni No Kuni 2 being one such example) or alternatively, are originally on PS3 (Uncharted 1-3). That's not even getting into the amount of remasters and remakes that have been done, either. I buy consoles for the exclusives, so it's meant fewer games that I'm buying for PS4. I feel really conflicted as I really want to love the PS4 (and it's originally the system that made me jump into console gaming) as much as I love the PS3 and Vita, but I can't help but feel like both of those systems are able to bring something worthwhile to the table while the PS4 is.more for the occasional exclusive and/or stuff I'd prefer to play on the couch instead of on the desk. If you don't / can't play on PC then I could see it being a really great system, but I'm comfortable playing on PC. The PS3 has its drawbacks (the store being really bad on it, it's generally slow, and it can't multitask very well), but the games are super cheap (as are the systems), it's a much better media player (assuming it has an app that you want), and you don't need as much hard drive space on it as you would on a PS4. Online (for the games that are still up) is free, it plays CDs (and can rip them too), and there are a lot of really good games available for it. Oh, and it's compatible (in some way, be it acting as installer / hub, or having BC from the store or physical) with every other PS system (PS4 aside), unlike the PS4 which can only connect to Vita.
  12. Agreed. Agreed, agreed, agreed. It's annoying. And there also seems to be an attitude of looking down on others for not liking the series while piling all sorts of hyperbolic praise on the series. It's annoying. Personally speaking, spending 20/30 minutes on a boss only to die and lose all progress isn't my idea of fun. I don't mind others liking the games, but the attitude of some of the fans is offputting, to put it mildly.
  13. PS4: The Order: 1886 PS3: Tears to Tiara II: Heirs of the Overlord PS Vita: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2DS: Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation PC: Clannad Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow? :P. How is this? I'm a tad tempted to buy it since it's on sale, but haven't really come across many comments on it.
  14. Having loved Persona 5, I really wanted to play Persona 4, but didn't want to have to be tied to using save points. When I realized that I could play Golden instead (with trophies), plus Persona 3 Portable, as well as Final Fantasy IX (want to play but don't like save points) and Valkyria Chronicles 2 (not available on any other platform), it made me finally decide to jump in. Having trophies on the go really sealed the deal. I am so glad I did though - it's such a comfortable system and really easy to use. Having Sleep mode makes it really easy to play RPGs bit by bit, too.
  15. Like many others, this was a big reason for me to get the Vita. Really enjoying it thus far. Hoping to snag a couple of other games over the Christmas sales whenever they wind up happening.