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  1. 1 : They probably use the extra effort and energy in something more valuable, like saving lifes per example. 2: To confirm that we would need a survey from a valuable source I guess. From what i saw only in this thread, nearly the half says its not cheating, other half as cheap. But only 1 or 2 people as cheating. And if you take a look in the achievers, a lot of people are doing this. When i say a lot, i really mean a lot. Which is kinda confusing for me when you say most, I would rather change it to few or some. 3 : From what i see, if you use the cross-save, some people will call you cheap. If you don't and do it a second time, an other group of people will say you are a no-life since you are wasting your time for peanut trophies. Whatever you do, you will be always in the wrong for some people. To answer the OP, this isn't cheating. You bought the game, you did the work once, you did all the requirements, it's legit, approved by developpers, it isn't a hack and it isn't a glitch. It was meant to be, and on purpose. Use the extra time in something else. But especially do it for yourself. Anyway at the end of the day, nobody really cares about the trophy list except you.
  2. Might depend on the patch you are playing. But to make sure I always kept a guy alive to kill me, or jump into a void
  3. If you played multiplayer there is the same trick for ammos. You can have a new full clip by changing the type of your weapon. Per exemple, lets say you have 3 bullets left on your AK-47. Instead of picking ammos on the ground and just get 1-2 bullets like you said, take an other weapon, per exemple a SAS. Then go back to the AK-47 ammos that were on the ground and you should get a full clip mostly. Then take your AK47 back where you changed it previously for the SAS in the example. If you had 3 bullets when you changed, you’ll get +3. If you had 57 left, you’ll get +57
  4. and chapter 11 🤪
  5. Thank you so much my friend. You are the mvp. After long hours of trying everything, I finally found this topic. For someone like me who hates 2steps and find that useless, apparently will have to get used to it.
  6. I don’t know if you are aware that this isn’t your first account, but having somebody else reminding you is kinda.. funny? Also I’m not sure if not having a life for 2 weeks is really something to be .. proud of? I understand your obsession, you want to speedrun a game. Fine. But people here plays a game, how can I say that.. oh yea, to enjoys it? Playing during the evenings with friends, after a long day at work. What if he’s a surgeon man? What if he’s saving life? Telling people they couldn’t complete a game as fast as you because they prefer to prioritize their career and social life is kinda .. well I’m sure you know how to describe that. It’s not the first time you look down on people like this, and hope for the community this is the last. Dont mind him. Completing a game on your own pace and just enjoying it is nothing to be ashamed of. Thanks for sharing.
  7. the deluxe edition has a bigger deal imo, and is on every 3 monthes
  8. fyi the cap is 4 teeth for the relic part. Even if you play with 8 relics, you'll get 4 teeth max.
  9. The host location is the reason you can get the trophy or not. You dont have to win 5 matches, but just play one in the region that can makes the trophy pops. In my case, i joined Ryan's session and after the first match, everybody got the trophy, even if they lost.
  10. FYI, I completed the game on crushing AND speedrun (my time was 3 hours 11 minutes). Doing brutal in few hours is totally possible.
  11. It still works my friend. Made it last June I think. The worst part is the 16 zombies in the electric traps. The skull game itself isn’t hard. Of course it take some tries to get used to, but with good communication and no rushing (like if you see the back color disappears, plz don’t shoot lol). Actually I found the skull game really addictive, only the skull steps I didn’t like much.
  12. still doable. I would say 4/10 if you are new. If you are experienced then 2/10.
  13. First you need to be prepared. That means : You have to make your meals in advance. You can't waste time cooking during your speedrun, so you have to make sure you have enough food to eat during your short breaks. And eat well, because your energy comes from what you eat. So avoid junk if you want to perform ; Cut your sleep hours by half. To be prepare, make sur you slept at least 8h the previous days to prevent mental breakdown that could happen during or after the speedrun; Make sure to tell your friends, family and bf/gf that you aren't available. If they ask why, try to avoid the question. If you really want to make sure you do a pb, you can also play the game on a other account before. For most speedrunners, it's isn't their first time. So yea, with good prep it's always possible.
  14. Hi my friend, If you went in the first page, i explained it all . Deranking from 30 to 20 allows you to save 8 hours To summarize my experience, with normal boosting you'll reach level 18. From 18 to 20 requires about 8 hours of boosting, because of the 1,500 xp cap (to confirm with others).
  15. Exactly. Or if you use my method, you reach level 30 your first day, derank to 20. The next time you'll launch the game you'll be back to square one if i remember (the level you were before performing the glitch). Then with the boost session you'll reach the level 10 easily. PS : nice to see you man, you are everywhere Hi mate, i saw your private message. Gonna follow what the others said and add one more thing. I understand your struggle. What i did i used a second account to try it out first. When you understand the mechanic, dropping from level 20 will seem less scary. But doing so, you'll have to expect that getting from level 10 to 20 requires more time than deranking from 30 to 20. How much ? That sadly i can't remember since it has been over a decade ahah! Best of luck, and have a great boosting session. Hope you'll enjoy. The story is also amazing! EDIT : i took a look into my trophies. I got level 30 on April 3rd. After when i was back to level 1, i reached level 10 on April 10th with the boosting. I reached level 20th only on May 13th. What I can't remember is if i reached level 20 with normal boosting, or had to do the glitch a 2nd time to reach 30 again and derank to 20. If normal boosting allows you to reach level 20 easily, than i would say deranking to level 1 and doing the glitch isn't a bad idea. Maybe other people could confirm that. 2nd EDIT : just took a look in the first page of the forum, i wrote normal boosting allows to reach the 18th level when you are done. So getting to level 20 requires around 8 more hours of boosting. If someone can confirm it would be great.