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  1. you can do one at the time, like in black flag
  2. with boosting
  3. oh and furthermore.. playing online give you the oportunity to keep your level, legacy, teeth and upgrades if you decide to also plat the game on ps4.. you'll have to restart to 0 if you play on offline.. and if your data get corrupted, it doesn't help either. Online is safer
  4. i think the templars were using Shay.. Achille even didn't know about the real problem here. Playing AC3 and Rogue, it confirm that Haytam is selfish: only show himself at the end of the battle, and ask the others to do a big ask for him
  5. easy? yes. But a lot of time consumming. It reminds me of a little bit of the hunt of Far cry 2. Taking the damn ship.. i hate that ship. I hate black flag and rogue just because of that ship. Those two games aren't for me. Annoying. Easy? Yes. But prepare yourself for the hunt.
  6. you can quit, affirmative
  7. near impossible? I wouldn't say that, I did it with only my roomate, on splitscreen, it was easy and we never die. About the 4 players, there are still a lot playing Extinction, and i completed near 30 games with 4 players, its a piece of cake. The only thing that can bother you is experienced players leaving the lobby because some wants to play with players who has at least the 5th leacy. Indeed, they want to complete all the challenges to get more teeth (it helps to buy ameliorations) and some players dont bother the challenges, so they leaves.
  8. hmmm.. i dont see anything in my post talking about second class and stuff reserved for experencied players, but in the opposite: tips available for beginners, that experienced players already know. I have difficulty to understand your point of view, because afterall, a tread in a forum is habitually to share, not only with the host but with the community. I still think what the others said was pertinent. the mic is not really necessary. I have a mic but i pratically never use it. Sure it helps, but the chat is an excellent alternative way that i use more often. But it's preferable to play with people you know, or think you'll be in good terms if you want to get serious.
  9. i hope your not talking about me because i did suspect he hadn't double class And yes the self revive does exist, for a long time i think... (well, i started to play solo 2 weeks ago, so i dont really know when it started ). Instead of choosing custom game, and starting the game without to invite anybody, just choose the option "solo". If it suggest you "One player recommended" than you are really on solo and the self revive will be there. The logo of the self revive, if you haven't checked yet, appears just at the left side of the life bar. Once you arrive at the next village, the self revive quantity increase of 1.
  10. i would suggest to upgrate the sentry gun first to level 3, so when the 2nd challenge starts (75%accuracy), the turret get a lot more efficient.
  11. sorry for the looong respond haha. Yes my friend, boosting after you past the 1500 xp is a waste of time. What i did is boosting 'till i reached the 1500 cap, and then capture the tree territories to end the game faster. Four minutes for the match instead of 20 min.
  12. False. In solo you have the self revive. Furthermore, you get one more after you reach the next level, meaning you have three self revives when you get to the final area. For the tips, maybe im too late, but being an expert now on solo (i completed it like 20 times by now on solo with all platinum escapes), here's some: Use automatic turrets; it is very useful when the time comes to challenges with accuracy. Furthermore, the aliens will attack, most of the time, the turret first instead of you or the drill. Activate the trap, especially in the second area. Place the turret near the traps can help too, by decreasing the chance of being destroyed by aliens. Instinct bestial or armor? Armor definetly. If somehow your life gets too low, drop an armor and it'll give the time to your life to increase. Because you have armor as booster, i suggested you take, as your class, the weapon specialist. Indeed, having "fast reloading" and "50% more damage" for your bullets is really geat, and the best for me. Also, if you buy with your theeth the kickback related for the weapon specialist, you get like insctinct bestial for a short period of time The hardest part, or the only hard part, is the last nest. Put your double turrets in the water and stay always near the trap activation, to reset it of course. That way, you wont have to run 100 meters to re-activate it, and meanwhile, loosing a turret because of an alien, and going back in the water to put an other turret, etc. Its too crazy when you are alone. Just stay near the trap activation and focus on killing the scorpions first. And drop shield wneh you see your life is at middle For the escape, nothing to hard. Just run as far as you can go, then stop and kill what the helicopter didn't kill yet. Drop turrets in your way is a good idea too if you have enough money.
  13. seem here, Catherine was so great that i made the platinum all over again in the other version
  14. or also hammer. You take the 8 bullets from the last part in the church. If you have a friend great with snipers, it's even more perfect. Me too i helped a lot, but not as many as you I helped only my friends for it, my duty as a friend. It happens to help some random, but i dunno, it's not like helping a friend.. :/ if you want to be it easier, use the 8 bullets of hammer that you can take in the church, the previous part. Once that wave get out, use Army of 3; it would take 1 bullet to kill if you are the leader, 2 bullets if you are not.
  15. well, i did overseer like 20 times and the three of us hadn't a mic. And the first i did it, my 2 mates back then and I had Team Medic as kickbacks (the dlc and the new legacies just came out, so we were like lvl 30). A chat room is enough. You just have to decide with your mates who goes where (which spots to take). Once it's decided, you are good to go. The only worst that can happen is you think the rpgs are all dead and there is one that came out from nowhere