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  1. I can confirm the method doesn't work. The game just doesn't allow it. On races with herpin bend, it is just impossible : you don't have space. Anyway, after you get used to drifting and change your drifting settings/parameters, it becomes really easy. Of course there are some challenges, but after 15-20 tries you get around
  2. I see the 911 coming often, but what about the McLaren? Is it worth the $1'500,000 ? Or the 911, even if it cost a lot less, is still better than the Mclaren?
  3. i find it fun as well. Its nice to make some races after work, just before eating dinner. If i want a good story, there are movies for that, so why bother? It's a free game anyway.
  4. find yourself a boosting group, it’s really useful. The goal of this multiplayer is to camp, hide, and kill only when you are sure. It will take forever to do 2 journeys. When I found a group, I really enjoyed boosting; was smooth and relaxing. I even stayed longer to help them. At the end I did nearly 4 journeys. But it was worth it
  5. Here is my list, easy to hard -Tortured Path (it's 3 small maps, so the games last 15 to 18 min max each) -The darkest shore (some find it really hard, but once you learn the tricks like i did, it's really easy. I think it's my favorite map) -Frozen dawn (3rd place because of puzzle and stuff, make it long and kind of boring) -Shadow throne (I do put shadow throne last place because i didn't try the glitch. We didn't know there was one, so we did legit)
  6. Yes it does work, both physical and digital. You just have to stay at the oldest patch and it's good. This was never considerated as a "only disc" glitch. It's in trophy guide.
  7. I agree to disagree. The real truth is, busy people does exist. It's easy to say "you had plenty of time", but if you spend your time only on gaming, I agree with you. Otherwise, having a life means also spending a lot of time in, well, real life. So checking a Twit for closing severs or whatever may be the last of the priorities for many people.
  8. Well yes this is strange. But to be honest, if i have to choose between (1) loosing one or two full days for that and risking it doesnt work, or (2) just running my ps4 while i'm at work or sleeping ; i would still choose the 2nd option 😅.
  9. It was also said further that it was patched
  10. It’s the rarest because most people play multiplayer and if they started zombies, play the prologue only once to access to the last Reich. I reached wave 20th like 10 times to farm xp, level up fast and get consumables. And this is my first zombie experience.
  11. They patched it so it’s not possible anymore
  12. WW2 isn’t boostable for the multiplayer part sadly. Only zombies Ghost was easy. WW2 is an other level
  13. Its a 2,78% ultra rare rare platinum, it is worth it 😛 don’t give up this game is really better than the cod ww2 they give us, with all the toxic players you meet online 😢
  14. for the stair glitch, working only for the host, i read somewhere that the non-hosts must die after you killed the warlord and buy anything at the arsenal. It should work afterwards. I did not try it, so i can't confirm. But it's something to try