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  1. They used probably a save file from an other person, which I think is not legit. Edit : good news, they were removed from the speedrun leadboard. There was an other who did it in 58 min. The interval of doing 1, 50 and 100 mission was under 1 sec. It is just impossible...
  2. My strategy was kind of similar as yours. I started with a save of 136k population, delated the harbor and universities I already have, chose the school boost policy and waited I had 25k eligible for university just to make sure. For the residentiel question, i am not sure if there is a correlation. I had 30% adults and 35% seniors and I reached 18k students, so I guess if you dezone your office zones, a senior well-educated can still go to university? Oh well
  3. There are patches that ND put to make boss fights impossible if you don’t purchase items indeed, I agree. But if you play 10 minutes each 3 days to get 1500 relics, you get everything after 2 months max. All challenges are easily doable on Train wreck. 10 mins include lunching the game and exit. We are talking about completionist anyway, not speedrun. About bosses fights, there are glitch that can be easily done (stair glitch, but the most easiest : the breack neck glitch). There are also a vast community that helps people for the 3 stars. I actually helped more than 10 people, my way to say thanks to that community. And maps without boss fight, I have done 1 min under the time limit for 3 stars. Actually, the 3 stars on hard and normal is harder because the time limit is less than crushing. So only stage 4, 8 and 10 might pose a problem and need to perform the glitch. Also, if you only play Train Wreck on hard on solo, you can be level 50 in 3-4h (getting 60’000 xp each 5 min) so this is not long at all. Level up to level 80 in uncharted 2, that was a grind man. Here in UC4 it’s a joke
  4. And a great trophie hunter seek sometimes the rarest trophies. You can’t call yourself a trophy hunter if it’s only to get 100% easy trophy and 0% rare.. But most of all you need to enjoy the game. If you play only for the trophies, yea I agree it can be tough and painful. But if you like the gameplay and the franchise, it gives you an other chance to to experience for a last time the online of uncharted serie. because soon or later, UC4 multiplayer will cease to exist and will be a vague memory like UC2 and UC3 🥺😔
  5. This franchise is telling one of the best stories so far and I want them to continue to create stuff like this. I will gladly encourage them.
  6. When you have 17 sheeps of the same specie, it takes about 60h (considering you don’t do clean up)
  7. Same buddy. I feel like a piece of my saoul is missing and I can’t get it back 😔
  8. Well I guess the ranking of difficulty may vary for everyone. Mine is based on the risk of failing the mission/adventure and the possibility to get to a checkpoint alone if your teammates are all dead. For others it’s probably based from the experience of their first run in a map, or the trophy difficulty.
  9. Yes you are right! I noticed when I used the phone to do on normal and easy.
  10. I’m not trolling (can’t see why you had this illsion). You can see in my stats that I got the 100% in UC4 in only a week. I had a lot of experience in both multiplayer, and in my opinion UC2 was harder (even if it’s easy in fact). I will let you know why : in UC4, you can stand at a spot and just shoot. You have booster and mystical weapons. You can buy ammos anytime you want. Furthermore, if hunters grab you, you can get away by yourself!! in UC2? You had nothing. You had to take your time. If your teammates were down and you were at the other side of the map, it was practically over.
  11. Actuallly survival and coop adventure in UC2 multiplayer was really harder than UC4, in my opinion. But after some times and with good teammates, it was doable and really fun. I think the trophies in UC4 bare rare because people are afraid, or don’t want to work hard enough. Look I work 12h a day in 4 days, found friends and we beat the 30 stars. It’s pretty easy in fact. Just have to work your ass off
  12. Boosting uncharted multiplayer is the worst idea I never heard. You have to take your time and play for fun. Find friends and stick together. When you find a very good player, add him and let him show you how to play. Play some team death match, plunder, coop adventure and you’ll see you will enjoy a lot this game. That’s a beauty of multiplayer.
  13. It happened to me too on the ps3 version. I also had to restart all over again
  14. I hightly recommand you create 2 new games (one for each type of block) and keep working on gold prizes in that game for HARD difficulty. The reason is by creating a new game, you can save files between stages. If you get a silver prize even if you thought it was perfect, you can just reload your save and restart the stage. If you play via the cellphone at the bar, you must complete all stages for the night in one shot : per exemple, if you make one little mistake on the 3rd stage of the night, you must restart from the beginning, so stage one. That can be really annoying. Anyway, by create 2 new games, you can reach 2 or more ending depending of your karma, so it’s a win-win
  15. The DLC are free. Actually, when you connect in the MP for the first time, the game ask you to download the DLC. If not, you can’t play online