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  1. I'd have to say yes, with my rarest being 'There Is Nothing More To Teach...' the surgeon simulator plat. Never again....... never again
  2. - Parasite Eve 1+2 - FF13 trilogy - Soul reaver trilogy
  3. Looks a whole lot easier than P5, no trophies for the true ending but I'm willing to bet there's a palace or 2 in the true ending route for the 'clear all palaces' trophy.
  4. DOOM Eternal collectors (I want that helmet) Persona 5 collectors (Again I like plastic tat) FF7 Remake Resident Evil 3
  5. 'Sam - ta claus' is coming to town. (I know it's a terrible pun)
  6. If it happens to be in the BT area near the 'Ruined Shelter' or whatever it's labelled as up north you can sometimes find an item or 2 in the private locker of the terminal in that shelter that count for the orders.
  7. Final Fantasy X HD, anything to avoid that sphere grid grind.
  8. List looks decent enough, lack of difficulty trophies is gonna bring the difficulty waaaaaay down. On as side note is it just me or are half the trophy pics an EXACT copy of some of the ones from cyber pilot?
  9. Can confirm that stats seemingly carry over to previous saves as I reloaded one from the beginning of the game to grind out the zip line kills and all the goon kills from the grinding I had under my belt still carried over.
  10. Hey, if you're still trying for these the best way I found was to find a nice stretch of road, rack up a couple of kills then turn round and head back the way you came, should respawn the majority of pedestrians. For the boat one it's similar but hop from per to pier when you're going for respawns. Hope this helps 😄
  11. Persona 5 atm, just finished first play through, gonna try to blitz NG+ for the last few stragglers.
  12. Just made a start on the Baccano light novels, absolutely loved the anime so I thought I'd give the originals a go.
  13. Yup, not sure if i'm proud of that fact though...
  14. MGS! Instant 10/10
  15. Nada, not the original. Parasite Eve II?