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  1. That's exactly what I was pointing at. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Does anyone know if "not quitting" in the Fluid Intelligence trophy mean that you have to go in one continuous run? From front to back? That's crazy!
  3. Hey guys! How did the problem resolve? I mean, I have still 5 hidden trophies from that day but haven't earned any since. Did your trophies automagically appear again?
  4. I fear there won't be a soundtrack available for purchase. See this tweet by @AmplitudeGame:
  5. The general goal of the game is to get as many points as possible. How do you achieve these points is easy: you hit the notes. Notes are laid out in sequences. The more sequences you complete in succession, the higher your multiplier gets (right side, called streak) to earn even more points per note (up to 8 when you use a certain power-up). For every note you miss once per sequence, you lose energy (left side). The higher the difficulty, the more notes appear in sequences. When you complete a sequence you can see it vanish and with it the whole track (Vocals, Drums, etc.) until it reappears after a certain time. When you miss a note the track stays and you can try it one more time. Hope this makes the game easier to understand. It's pretty simple gameplay. But the addiction factor is very high.
  6. That is insane! I am top 3% on Perfect Brain now and overall but it doesn't mean a thing to the game, haha! That's going to be some frustrating game sessions but my body is ready! No, you get these gold bars by earning enough points on a track. This is what the game is about: EDIT: So I just did another run on Expert of Perfect Brain and at 1846 I finally got the gold bars. Would be cool if we had a list with these thresholds for every song.
  7. Hey guys! How do you get three gold bars? Do you have to play on a specific difficulty or do you have to do something special? I can't figure it out. That's bad news. Why would a game like Amplitude have online trophies when the multiplayer is locally and in your case the trophy is singleplayer? Bad news indeed... I love the game but that is weird.