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  1. It's going to come down to a lot of things. I don't know how the game feels, if they messed with the game like how Insanity trilogy got messed with then yea I'll be struggling with it like everyone else. But I played crash games and CTR to death when I was little, if Insane trilogy didn't get it's physics and hitboxes reworked I could platinum that series with 1 hand. I still have the hot air balloon track almost memorized in my head along with the 2(?) temple tracks from how much I played it. I never did speedruns, nor know anything about the dozen or so different boosting types/methods/tricks, I don't know how much of any of that is required to beat Oxides time. Watching @MMDE videos linked earlier, if that's all you need to do to get a good time then I should be fine. The other video with the penguin(wasn't in the USA version) and they are changing racers stats so everyone's in a 'class' now, it can just be a factor that the game got harder and easier at the same time. CTR isn't a new game, Oxide isn't some mysterious alien where it'll taken the human race decades of research on how to beat his time trials. Speedrunners that demo'd the game said it's pretty close to the original, and their looking for a ton of minutiae that none of us would notice. That means...just watch a youtube video of the ps1 game lol. Unless I'm taken way off guard I don't believe *I* will have a hard time beating the time trials. It's just a go kart game starring an orange marsupial ya'll need to chill out lol.
  2. sure send me your early copy
  3. Absolutely piss easy trophy list, kinda disappointed to be honest, was hoping for 'beat lap time of x:xx:xx' or something. BUT, they have my most hated trophy: Photo FinishWin a race with less than 0.3 seconds between you and the second place. Ugh I HATE these kinds, I end up doing it with 2 controllers and still have issues.
  4. got the plat btw. best times to get the thing you need is your first few tries on a new fresh day. You wont get it sitting there for hours trying, you gotta give it a few shots then rest and try again the next day. I literally woke up one day and first tried every song I couldnt beat all in a row within 30 minutes.
  5. Guess all the other collections are gonna be just as bad with the trophy lists. Beat Castlevania I! Beat Castlevania III! Beat Super Castlevania IV! ... I hope the emulation is good and not phoned in like Capcom did with their megaman X legacy collection. Someday the input lag will get my dreams maybe >:(
  6. Suffering from success


  7. Amplitude. I like rhythm games, but this has NO practice mode and NO no-fail mode. There's no way for me to get better at certain parts of certain songs other than restarting a million times until I eventually get it. Its the songs that have the ABCBABCBABCBABC type of notes, my brain just cant wrap around how to do those. I tried the mental thing of seperating it into A -BC - A - BC -A - BC but it just doesnt work. I tried the bootleg way of having no fail mode on with multiplayer, but the camera is way zoomed out and not representative of actual gameplay. Ive been trying on and off now for months, its just like 3 songs I cant even BEAT consistently...
  8. Even if he did it legit, aren't there hacked dungeons you can go into that modders made that will 100% give you certain blood gems and weapons? He could've done that as well.
  9. The same bullshit dark zone trophies...FUCK. God DZ is the worst possible thing in a looter shooter, yea just walk in and do 1 dmg and take 1 million because everyone around is some min/max nerd that has 1000 hours sunk into the game with a full exotic gear set with perfect perks that compliment each other. Same reason I haven't 100%'d the DLC yet in DV1...UGH.
  10. Adventure capitlist, clicker heroes, fallout shelter, I think theres a few more.
  11. Are you even allowed to use the name like this?
  12. Is there an option to reduce the effects because they completely cluttered the screen going off the trailer I watched and I cant see the playing area.
  13. funny enough the xbox version got extra achievements
  14. Nah the max payne 3 trophies are much harder, since you have to hope the game doesn't randomly freeze,crash,not load etc. way way more than W2. I've seen tons of speedruns end because of those issues.
  15. ask for your friends account to download the pass from him, unless he got the game used.