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  1. Been a week, dont think they care enough to defend themselves, no video or screenshots anywhere as they promised.
  2. TA has been around for longer, and has had the funding and support from many different places since it's inception. TA was around during the Xbox's heyday where getting achievements was actually cool, they have a team running that place. Also, there's a playstation version of the site, called Truetrophies...yet not a single person has mentioned it in this thread at all. So if all these dire omissions are so necessary to the health of this site, why is TT smaller and relatively unknown? Numbers are important to you, yet TA and TT go off of 'Tracked' gamers which I assume is only people that are registered there, meaning the site doesn't show or count peoples profiles who are not signed up. This means their numbers are 100% worthless, Super Stardust HD is over 250k owners here, on TT it's 12k...for the very first game with trophies you'd think that'd be higher, but their not scraping public data. Either their manually checking the API on the backend and then feeding it through their pipeline to have it display on their site, they dont know or see or reveal whos actually playing these games unless you're registered. It's the opposite here where Sony throws a game onto the server, Sly grabs it automatically and displays it and anyone who has their ID on this site is linked to it, how do you think this effects your trophy percentages and statistics? The workflow between TA and PSNP couldn't be any more different, but you're still directing your disappointment toward a single, tangible person rather than a team of codemonkeys. No, what I'm saying, facetiously, to an extent is this:
  3. A lot of you guys are super entitled, seriously. Calling Sly's 'behavior' disrespectful? Unprofessional? Where the hell do you think we are some big fortune 500 company?? This is a trophy tracking website, the best one at that. Everything I'm reading here says this ENTIRE website is a 1 man show. Why are there no real competitors? Does anyone here, actually ever sit down and compare the services offered by Microsoft and Sony? Sony's is...kinda really poor in comparison to xbox. You get multi region'd lists with no evidence of where they came from, you get games where NO SERVER even has the trophies for them despite you actually playing them(as recent as borderlands 1 GOTY for ps4), you have 0 policing on custom firmware and trophy hacking, etc. This is your source, this is the tree where you get your apples from. Try running a site that pulls data from the No. 1 video game console market leader, alone, getting it to work every day without exploding, with a inherently poor source. Now imagine you're sitting there working on the site not exploding because Sony is doing a deep network change(name change) and some dude with Naruto in his name is messaging you asking why he's in trouble over his cawadooty troopies...yea I'd ignore the motherfucker too. What of it? I got bigger fish to fry, thats why I have mods and shit running the site while I'm plugging any holes to keep the ship afloat. Oh Noez the big bad CEO of PSNP ignored my private message, this place sucks! Get a grip... If some random game has stats that are 5% off and thats enough for you to make a thread saying the site is falling apart at the seams, is on life support, I would love to see what golden idol of a website you are comparing PSNP to. The stuff being asked here is soooo unbelievably menial. Yea the 'series' box should be clickable with every game listed there, yea we should be able to not see gaming sessions for stuff we have 100%'d, yea profiles not getting updated kinda hurts the stats of some trophies. Have you thought about all the shit that DOES work and that you DO have? Now compare it to our competitor...or our xbox live counterpart...oh wait THERE ARE NONE. Either volunteer and actually show up for work, or shut up and throw your suggestion into the suggestion box and keep this place warm for another year and keep moving along.
  4. Godlike platinum trophy name, I almost wanna get this game and just have that Plat in my cabinet!!!
  5. You're not allowed to have the American flag on your profile unless you have this platinum.
  6. It is a downloaded save, the times match up exactly with the time trial save thats out there on the various websites.
  7. Crash Team Racing Platted! Those time trials were exhausting

  8. EXACTLY Ahhh refreshing. Keep hating ✌ Coco or Dingodile. Right now the stats don't really make any sense because for example if you pick a balanced character(crash) you'll see he's slower than Coco despite having a higher speed stat. Coco(acceleration class) is your true catch all racer, you can use her for everything and do pretty well. I used her for Adventure Mode hard because the only course with tight turns is Cortex Castle and Oxide Station. For time trials it was 90% Coco and 10% Dingodile. I picked Dingo because he's a little slimmer than Tiny so you can still see in front of yourself if you're using the close camera option like I was. The Speed class(Tiny, Dingodile, N.tropy and others) can turn on a DIME when you hop. Use these guys if turning is what you're struggling with, their turning and drifting is a little 'sloppier' though. I would leave Adventure Hard mode for last. Everyone seems to have the same complaint about the AI yet they don't mention the time trials assumingly because they rage quit. The time trials for whatever reason are harder than they were in the original CTR, Oxide's been practicing and shaved off a few seconds on all his times. Because of this, I would do Time Trials first because they will make you into a lean mean racing machine. One big caveat is that all the Nitro Kart tracks are required for the trials. The Nitro tracks are very different from Team Racing, they are much wider, longer and have way more Blue Turbo pads. Oxide has near perfect times for some of these tracks. Once you're done with the trials you will leave the AI in your dust. Oxide might still be a problem but so long as you get in front of any boss, you will win unless you crash a lot. I did all the trials and had adventure mode done right after easily. If there's a specific track you struggle with let me know.
  9. Any Questions? I'm here to help. 4.5/10 difficulty. If this was the original CTR it'd be a 3.
  10. You're on Crash Cove? Pick dingodile or tiny, they are faster since you don't need to turn as often. When you hit the boost pad, make sure you KEEP the big orange flames coming out of your engine the entire time. You do this by power sliding and than boosting when the red meter is almost totally full. The more you boost, the longer you will the big orange flames. If you ever lose the orange flames, just restart because you won't catch up at that point. A lot of people are complaining about the shortcuts in this game, a lot of them are broken, you can just skip the 1st level, the sewer level and the snow levels. Wait until they get patched and just do the rest. Most are pretty easy with N. Tropys times, he doesnt take the easy shortcuts most of the time.
  11. It's going to come down to a lot of things. I don't know how the game feels, if they messed with the game like how Insanity trilogy got messed with then yea I'll be struggling with it like everyone else. But I played crash games and CTR to death when I was little, if Insane trilogy didn't get it's physics and hitboxes reworked I could platinum that series with 1 hand. I still have the hot air balloon track almost memorized in my head along with the 2(?) temple tracks from how much I played it. I never did speedruns, nor know anything about the dozen or so different boosting types/methods/tricks, I don't know how much of any of that is required to beat Oxides time. Watching @MMDE videos linked earlier, if that's all you need to do to get a good time then I should be fine. The other video with the penguin(wasn't in the USA version) and they are changing racers stats so everyone's in a 'class' now, it can just be a factor that the game got harder and easier at the same time. CTR isn't a new game, Oxide isn't some mysterious alien where it'll taken the human race decades of research on how to beat his time trials. Speedrunners that demo'd the game said it's pretty close to the original, and their looking for a ton of minutiae that none of us would notice. That means...just watch a youtube video of the ps1 game lol. Unless I'm taken way off guard I don't believe *I* will have a hard time beating the time trials. It's just a go kart game starring an orange marsupial ya'll need to chill out lol.
  12. sure send me your early copy
  13. Absolutely piss easy trophy list, kinda disappointed to be honest, was hoping for 'beat lap time of x:xx:xx' or something. BUT, they have my most hated trophy: Photo FinishWin a race with less than 0.3 seconds between you and the second place. Ugh I HATE these kinds, I end up doing it with 2 controllers and still have issues.
  14. got the plat btw. best times to get the thing you need is your first few tries on a new fresh day. You wont get it sitting there for hours trying, you gotta give it a few shots then rest and try again the next day. I literally woke up one day and first tried every song I couldnt beat all in a row within 30 minutes.
  15. Guess all the other collections are gonna be just as bad with the trophy lists. Beat Castlevania I! Beat Castlevania III! Beat Super Castlevania IV! ... I hope the emulation is good and not phoned in like Capcom did with their megaman X legacy collection. Someday the input lag will get my dreams maybe >:(