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  1. holy shit
  2. Difficulty - 0 This is base game/tutorial. Nothing here is hard, and whatever you do find difficult you can just skip it. The trophy just needs the championships beaten, and you dont have to 3/6/9 star everything to get access, so you can skip around a lot of stuff to unlock them. Difficulty - 8 This was the first DLC I started, and man was THAT a mistake. The very first event is a very fast, unwieldy car, on a wet course with a fast ghost AND you need a good drift score. I tried the other events and they weren't any better, this honestly made me drop the whole game and rethink why I even got the DLC in the first place if it was going to be this hard. BUT, after reading this thread and a similar one, I went to Elements, beat that came back here and cleared it though it was still pretty difficult. Difficulty - 10 Oh man where do we begin. THIS is where I learned to play the game. Rain and snow everywhere, AI that have perfect vision whiles yours is obscured and of course...venom hot lap 2. This took me upwards of 2 hours to beat, not understanding anything about the game, how did I even get to this point. Dont cut the corner too tight because youll get penalized, but do it just enough because the AI doesn't cut it at all, learn every line around every corner, learn that drifting and powersliding are VERY different things, learn that letting go of R2 is what you will be doing for 90% of the game. Letting go of R2 and then tapping it keeps some of your speed, helps stop spin outs and actually straightens your car(or makes the spin worse if you really messed up). So you gotta get every corner perfect, tapping the hell out of that R2, blazing forward, powersliding everywhere. Man oh man what a way to learn the game...did I learn anything? All I remember is tears and snot coming out of my nose Difficulty - 9 Very competitive AI. Atomic Theory was a huge curveball with a strange vehicle that controls like no other. I actually had to cheese that event with a crash in the very beginning because it was faster than slowing down and then barely inching out the AI. Then theres French Connection, where its a 1v1 but the opponent has a MUCH better car than you. This will put your cornering abilities to the test as there is NO other way of catching up. Once you get near him you HAVE to ram him and just stay ahead. This will teach you about defending your position and how to exploit and bully the AI. Difficulty - 10 Probably has the most amount of events where you'll be retrying them over and over again because of either multiple objectives tied to 1 star, long endurance races or tight time trials. Speaking of that...probably the 2nd hardest or possibly the other most hardest time trial is here: One Man One Engine. Take Hot venom lap 2 and stretch it out as much as you can, and triple the speed you'll be going. You notice by now all the hard events are in the freaking rain? Yea, shit sucks. This along with venom hot lap 2 are the 100% blockers, this will perfect your cornering, powersliding, r2 tapping, tear drying skills. There's tips to venom hot lap, there's no tips here, slide into corners and just hold down R2 and hope you did it better than the ghost. Braking is your enemy here, brake at the wrong place or wrong time and you will spin out, or hit a sign and screw up the clean sector requirement. Yea btw you need to drive 100% clean for 2/3rds of the track. Good luck. The championship here is hard too, where you need a CLEAN lap thats pretty strict as well, with AI that LOVE bumping into you. Difficulty - 8.5 This DLC is deceptively difficult. Mini Adventure and Clio Cup has you driving chunky vehicles really fast and with tight time restrictions. AND the AI is as competitive as Torque, defending is very important here. Stablemates probably has the most brutal AI I've faced yet, you're only up against 3 AI but the top one you have to beat might as well be driving a space ship with how quickly it can recover, rubberband and overtake you. I had to exploit a crash at the beginning of the race, the long stretch is actually so fast the AI can't stop in time 100% of the time and it'll lead to them crashing. I had to get that jerk Alfie Sanders out of the race and blocking him out is your only strategy. BTW just about every other event here is LONG, like 4+ laps or very long endurance races. I had to take multiple breaks playing this DLC because of how exhausting it was to do 3-4 laps and not have a star or get messed up at the last second. From Marussia with love is something like Back to Black from AMG or One Man One Engine where your cornering and when to speed out of corners and slide turns is VERY key. Luckily there is plenty of room for mistakes as you can see from my video of that event. Mazzanti TT - Omg what an AWFUL car. Tire screech, thats all it wants to do. Difficulty - 8.5 Short Circuit. Ex rated. Ex Static. Enjoy piloting some strange space go kart that turns into a bumper car the second you touch any sort of barrier or car. Shifting Agera - Is it raining? No? Must be natural oil coming from the ground to spin your car out, also don't go too fast and you'll fly off a hill into a mountain. The trophy event is really hard because youre for once given a slow car but you have MPH goals to meet and the AI will block you at every chance they get. The time trials here can be summed up as Goal: 1:20.000 Your Time: 1:19.998. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE but just about everything here is frustrating. Difficulty - 5 Started this after Velocity just to get Takahagi Hillbillies done, a 15 minute endurance race with 7 laps but 5 face offs needed. They threw 3 drift challenges at me, my worst skill and the car barely managed. Anglophile is pretty tough, nothing too bad though. Difficulty - 7 Dusk til Dawn alone puts this at a solid 7. 13 straight laps of struggling, and its a short track so theres no taking breaks here. I had to do it multiple times because of the 5 dozen face offs it wants you to do and then be in top 3 against cars that are BETTER than yours and AI that have perfect lines. Other than this event, the rest aren't too bad other then some stubborn AI in the races. The time trials I got on the 1st try and even did a few more laps just beating my score, rare moment of me actually having fun doing this DLC. If you're not sick of nightime rain tracks, you will be. Difficulty - 8 Peak Performance is a 12 lap endurance race where you will get no higher than 2nd or 3rd place, 1st place is always 5 seconds ahead of you and one wrong move will throw you to 9th place with NO way back. One of the top hardest endurance races in the DLC. Both Buggy events are huge pains in the ass, it's literally motorstorm where if you hit the slightest curb or go over a curve your car will just start doing whatever it wants. Time trials aren't too bad, their all Point A to Point B so its more endurance testing. Difficulty - 5 P1 Hot Lap will take a few tries but the tried and true: Nitro out of corners or when slow and flap down when going straight will put you over the AI. The Trophy's 2nd race average speed face off will take a few attempts too as you have to bump around everywhere to keep your speed up using the AI cars. Difficulty - 5.5 The buggy time trial is annoying but not anywhere near as bad as the other 2 buggy events in Evolution. The trophy/championship events have some decent AI but nothing too bad. Difficulty - 4.5 X-Bow sucks Difficulty - 4 Nothing noteworthy Difficulty - 5 Aggro AI and a very annoying drift event Difficulty - 4.5 Aggro AI, nothing else noteworthy. Difficulty - 4 Nothing noteworthy, some lap times in the races/endurance races are surprisingly high considering the rest of the DLC is a snoozefest. I beat some of the time trials my first try by like 2-3 seconds each. Difficulty - 3.5 The hardest events are the drift ones, only cause I still suck at them. Difficulty - 3 Nothing noteworthy, super cars should be VERY easy for you at this point. I was on autopilot for some of the courses, especially since compared to Lambo Icons they give you more controllable Lambos here. Difficulty - 3 Loch and Load might take you off guard because I dont recall the game ever actually making you race on this track non reversed. Difficulty - 4.5 Oddly difficult AI. Annoying to deal with on the rainy tracks. Difficulty - 3.5 Sorta annoying to do the multiple Stars in 1 go so some repeated races may be needed. The AI is VERY rubberbandy for some reason. Difficulty - 1 Try not to fall asleep
  3. losing the driving lines the online provided does make the game a tinge harder though. The driving lines the game would randomly give during venom hot lap helped a lot. This French Connection race in Torque is no joke, barely beat it. Youtube videos say its as hard as the elements DLC so hopefully after this DLC it's all easy street...hopefully. Yeesh neither is this Atomic Theory race. This go kart with a rocket loves spinning out when you even go near the R2 button. Luckily you can crash into the first corner at 160 mph and gain a huge lead over the ghost that way. Torque is done. The AI here were super competitive, the championship races I could barely stay ahead in 1st if at all, would settle for 2nd place and squeak out a 1st place in the next race. I'm getting real sick of rain... Rage edit: 2:31.782...2:31.398... for One Man One Engine...I just dont understand the last part of the track, its like the rain gets replaced with oil and I just lose all control of my car and the other car activates its nitro and blows by in the world is it not spinning out??? Hour later edit: One Man. One Engine. DONE. Def the 2nd hardest event I've done so far, hot venom lap took like 2 hours and this took an hour, prolly cause hot venom lap forced me to git gud. 2:30.413, doesnt sound like much but that guy was RIGHT behind me
  4. I struggled with Elements, but I feel like it prepared me for Finish Line as that was the first one I started. I truly didn't think I'd beat any of them after starting finish line, my thoughts were "holy shit no one actually played these DLC's except the car nerds" as I was NOT prepared for how hard this was gonna be. I was thinking I might as well go play GT Sport if I'm gonna struggle and rage over a racing game. I beat Elements last night, venom hot lap 2 I got super lucky that I finally got the car to not break down and barely scrounged a win. But it did take like 2 hours... I went to finish line afterwards and did most of it but it's still a pretty big challenge. Right now this Clocking Off ghost is driving me nuts, the car goes airborne on every slight bridge and it spins me out, I watch videos the people going faster than me aren't spinning out!! Ugh. Idk How I completed the one event where it was literally 0 visibility and it was a 10 person race in a championship I think, venom hot lap 2 wasnt bad in terms of visibility as I had the ghost lighting my way basically. If I get this finish line done, Im moving onto the other hard ones so I can snooze through the rest of the DLC's. Though tbh nothing is sticking, I'm just kinda tailgating the ghost and then seeing certain parts that he slows down at and I instead speed up and scrounge a win, I don't actually know what I'm doing lol. So far I highly prefer the non super/hyper car events as I can actually hold down the gas and turn or drift without the car doing donuts. I still highly prefer this over something like Need for speed unleashed 2, that game was literally unplayable with how hard it was and its brutal perfect AI. I'd do anything to delete that one trophy I have from it <:( My dumbass has OCD and I spent money on these DLC's so I have to finish them to avoid clawing my skin off. I'm considering opening a fruitless gaming session where I can shareplay a event or two. 10 minutes later edit: Beat the Clocking Out event on finish line. The theory that Complaining on the internet boosts power level continues to be proven true. Onto Torque!
  5. Time trial -> India -> Tamil Nadu 2 -> Pick any super/hyper car -> rubber band down R2 button and let er rip I really don't feel like playing the game for the next few days despite the servers getting closed, so I did some research and tried this method out. I was at 357 miles before I went to bed, I started this at about 1 am and let it run for about 11 hours. This is the result. Your car WILL NOT get stuck, if you start going backwards, start doing donuts, the game will always reset you. I personally used the Mclaren 570S, no real reason I chose it at random. Obviously make sure you're in a club first before you do this, if the trophy has glitched on you and you haven't gotten it at the 1k miles you can do this with a different club to guarantee it. Starting Miles: 357.0 Ending Miles: 1230.4 Club Points: 510,000 Accolades Points: 3,845,049
  6. I tried a DLC pack and you have to be a god at drifting and in rainy condition, I can't even begin to know how to beat some of these dlc packs. Doesnt help theres not many youtube videos as a lot of them are super old or just "watch this great lap I got!!"
  7. You mean you guys aren't buying this so you can have more All Might icons in your trophy cabinet? Yea I wasn't gonna do that...hehe...yeah...
  8. I feel like theres more to the game then just busting briks...just my intuition though...
  9. Hot Take: Either Privatize the dispute forum so that its only viewable to people who have been flagged and mods, OR prevent posting by other members entirely but have it be public. Here's like 95% of all dispute threads turn out. xx420sniperSCoPexx has posted: Call of Duty Blops "hey mang i didn't do anything wtf???" Poster 1: "Flag reason?" Poster 2: "off with his head!" Poster 3: *posts meme* Poster's 4-9: *Incredibly detailed explanations of how OP's flag can be legitimate through intense googling, research, videos and guides being present as evidence.* Mod: Lifted --------------------------------------- ALTERNATE ENDING Poster 4: "This list is CFW/Hacked" *posts screenshot* OP: "datss not me, me brthers dogs gurlfriend dun it." Mod: "Lol, the flag stays, you're off the leaderboards." The other 5% the OP actually lists the reason and gives a defense and sticks around past his opening post. I don't understand why I see so many users jump to a random persons defense putting in a ton of legwork when they are not the ones on trial. I'm ok with them helping an OP if he's actually trying, but the amount of threads where the OP starts the thread and never posts again while the community has their BEST internet researchers on the case for OP's innocence is too damn high. I think every thread should stay locked to the OP and Mods at first(but viewable by everyone), and then if the Mod thinks the community can help resolve the case then they can open the thread to the public. Also +1 to either put the whitelist in already or can it. Have flags auto removed or not applicable to X list of games. Or just do it manually and trash whatever report is from the list of games. Its usually the same few games always popping up, sports games call of duty grand theft auto. Or delete the thread and if you get hacked then well, that's life. The whole deleting your trophies thing to get rid of the hacked accounts is such an unknown workaround that no one knows about that it cant be used as a real solution so either acquit them or throw away the damn key already.
  10. so if I make a hunter and titan on PC, I can log into them on my ps4 without waiting 90 days? I plan on doing everything possible with warlock and leaving the titan and hunter subclass trophies for last
  11. So right now I have a character on ps4, the steam release is soon, I just move my character to the PC version and 'platinum' it there. THEN, after 90 days apparently, I can move my character back to the ps4 version, and all the trophies will pop?
  12. Gonna dust off my old guides from the early 2000s on playing Triple Triad. Should be fun!
  13. Been a week, dont think they care enough to defend themselves, no video or screenshots anywhere as they promised.
  14. TA has been around for longer, and has had the funding and support from many different places since it's inception. TA was around during the Xbox's heyday where getting achievements was actually cool, they have a team running that place. Also, there's a playstation version of the site, called Truetrophies...yet not a single person has mentioned it in this thread at all. So if all these dire omissions are so necessary to the health of this site, why is TT smaller and relatively unknown? Numbers are important to you, yet TA and TT go off of 'Tracked' gamers which I assume is only people that are registered there, meaning the site doesn't show or count peoples profiles who are not signed up. This means their numbers are 100% worthless, Super Stardust HD is over 250k owners here, on TT it's 12k...for the very first game with trophies you'd think that'd be higher, but their not scraping public data. Either their manually checking the API on the backend and then feeding it through their pipeline to have it display on their site, they dont know or see or reveal whos actually playing these games unless you're registered. It's the opposite here where Sony throws a game onto the server, Sly grabs it automatically and displays it and anyone who has their ID on this site is linked to it, how do you think this effects your trophy percentages and statistics? The workflow between TA and PSNP couldn't be any more different, but you're still directing your disappointment toward a single, tangible person rather than a team of codemonkeys. No, what I'm saying, facetiously, to an extent is this:
  15. A lot of you guys are super entitled, seriously. Calling Sly's 'behavior' disrespectful? Unprofessional? Where the hell do you think we are some big fortune 500 company?? This is a trophy tracking website, the best one at that. Everything I'm reading here says this ENTIRE website is a 1 man show. Why are there no real competitors? Does anyone here, actually ever sit down and compare the services offered by Microsoft and Sony? Sony's is...kinda really poor in comparison to xbox. You get multi region'd lists with no evidence of where they came from, you get games where NO SERVER even has the trophies for them despite you actually playing them(as recent as borderlands 1 GOTY for ps4), you have 0 policing on custom firmware and trophy hacking, etc. This is your source, this is the tree where you get your apples from. Try running a site that pulls data from the No. 1 video game console market leader, alone, getting it to work every day without exploding, with a inherently poor source. Now imagine you're sitting there working on the site not exploding because Sony is doing a deep network change(name change) and some dude with Naruto in his name is messaging you asking why he's in trouble over his cawadooty troopies...yea I'd ignore the motherfucker too. What of it? I got bigger fish to fry, thats why I have mods and shit running the site while I'm plugging any holes to keep the ship afloat. Oh Noez the big bad CEO of PSNP ignored my private message, this place sucks! Get a grip... If some random game has stats that are 5% off and thats enough for you to make a thread saying the site is falling apart at the seams, is on life support, I would love to see what golden idol of a website you are comparing PSNP to. The stuff being asked here is soooo unbelievably menial. Yea the 'series' box should be clickable with every game listed there, yea we should be able to not see gaming sessions for stuff we have 100%'d, yea profiles not getting updated kinda hurts the stats of some trophies. Have you thought about all the shit that DOES work and that you DO have? Now compare it to our competitor...or our xbox live counterpart...oh wait THERE ARE NONE. Either volunteer and actually show up for work, or shut up and throw your suggestion into the suggestion box and keep this place warm for another year and keep moving along.