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  1. No they didn't, it's always been $35 for the bundle or $15 for each game separately. They've been consistently on sale nearly ever other sale for years. You had 5+ years to get these games, which were poor ports anyway.
  2. Great reference
  3. Is it possible to import the save BACKWARDS from PS5 -> PS4? I got DS at launch but never played more than a few hours, I would love to just autopop the PS4 list when I plat the PS5 version. It sounds like there's now a Import save option so maybe it can be done?
  4. I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move Reach Level 99 with a Hardcore Character For those that don't know, level 98 to 99 alone is like 4000-4500 Baal runs (certain boss) at the highest difficulty(Hell) and in a full party. And since this is hardcore, you most likely will get numb and complacent and probably die due to being distracted, and then your character is deleted. This trophy will take you months outside some sort of exploit. The Diablo 3 equivalent would be to grind your paragon level to 9999. With NO HACKS, on Hardcore. good luck
  5. most people that have the game can be up to a month before they release. Its reviewers, arabians and developers. Does anyone know if you can port your save backwards PS5->PS4? I doubt it cause of the new content but it'd be nice to reverse autopop the ps4 version I never finished.
  6. If the final boss isn't a giant salt shaker I'm asking for a refund
  7. wut
  8. going through it now, if you bump the difficulty down to story and go through the vaults first it should take around 30 hours. Thats with combat not being the absolute fucking chore it is even on Normal and you get punished hard for not getting the collectibles to get stronger. Like you do baby damage and bigger enemies take 5 minutes of nonstop wailing to kill when they can kill you in 2 hits, just on normal. Luckily there's some 'exploits' like just going straight to the big Lyres and playing the songs from a guide and getting tons of resources that way early on like Charon Coins and getting strong that way but your actual damage numbers always remain low because red crystals are very rare. Getting tired out after sprinting 5 feet also forces you straight to those vaults. Occasionally getting on top of high points and literally scanning the horizon waiting for the reticle to flicker so you can map the collectibles otherwise you'll miss them. The puzzles themselves aren't bad, it just takes actual time to get them done because you're always using stamina to pick up and throw shit around, or the platforming is just slow with wind gusts everywhere and you have to float from point A to point B. Again, forcing you into the vaults for the Zeus lightning. Cutscenes are long and awkwardly acted with very stilted character movement so you can just skip all those. As usual with any Ubisoft open world game ever made(The crew, far cry, AC, etc...) about 1/3 of the time you spend actually playing is fun. Someday they will cut these games down 1/3, or even 1/2.
  9. Looks pretty standard for a Musou, either just play the game a lot or grind one trophy for 50+ hours. Maybe they'll add dlc and it'll have that evil trophy there. I never played any of the typical musou's especially since sengoku basara never got a western release, grinding rng coins in Pirate Warriors 1 and leveling up random crewmates in Pirate Warriors 3 is the only grind I can stand.
  10. Theres an option somewhere to check right? I have too many games to sit here and count manually
  11. The plat right now is VERY doable once you have the knowledge needed. I never played the game before this patch so I can't speak to prior experiences but I think right now is the best time to get into and plat the game. If an idiot like me can get away doing some of these builds then so can the average trophy hunter.
  12. I loved it up until either Episode 2 or 3 where the whole story completely falls apart and they ruin the characters. I would also have preferred it to be point and click because this on PS3 was awful to play, so many bugs and glitches and felt like the whole game was gonna crash at any given moment with how unstable it was. I think the way you worded your post was a tad antagonistic but I do agree, playing it was dreadful.
  13. I just 100%'d the game, every single trophy including DLC with zero crashes, on PS5. Do not take this topic as fact, everyones experience is different.
  14. Another easy dlc trophy is up. Kali Ma Complete Abaddon Asylum on any difficulty.
  15. Batman Arkham Knight 100% done finally, took like 3 weeks of playing time consuming, not even that difficult. Don't say you aren't getting your moneys worth!