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  1. This is a troll thread right? "Look at this perfect nice looking graph!" *expects us to ignore the 900 tabs with search titles such as, How to get PS5, Free Trophies, Anime, etc.*
  2. How? I thought Sony removed the ability to access that even for developers.
  3. Time to pay up completionists!!
  4. Every other game had at least one single trophy that wasn't fall asleep easy. Hard mode/challenge mode in Crack in Time, Deadlocked had easy skillpoints but still 165 of them, I recall grinding for money in R&C1. None of them have below a 20% Plat Rarity(different systems/regions nonwithstanding) though outside All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault as those were online based. Spider-Man, their other game, has the highest plat achievement of any big Sony game I think, least it was at release. Insomniacs trophy lists have always been very easily achievable.
  5. All the R&C games are super easy.
  6. Unless it has a dev menu/private option like Conan, this is gonna be a long grind.
  7. It'll take a new player months to do them, I got to 99.50% or something like, had a friend do the last c.viper, ken and el fuerte challenges for me. Idk how I even did c.viper in vanilla sf4. Thing is, games like KOF and others with trials are much harder than SF. KoF is minute long combos full of 1 frame links and walking inbetween hits for a frame or two and tons of cancelling. Any anime game with trials is just a nightmare
  8. EA will not dedicate resources to reviving the multiplayer outside a $40 DLC pack.
  9. Neat, 60fps now please??
  10. what news?
  11. The DLC for this game is super overpriced, I liked the game itself enough just fine but all these stupid skins and cosmetic junk is just lame. If they ever did an all in one DLC pack, I will gladly pay $15 as I can get $15 of fun out of all the new horde maps. Hopefully they don't fix the thing where you just beat the last checkpoint of each mission with enemys set to 1 player to get credit.
  12. There is no physical version of DMC4 on PS4 outside of Japan/Hong Kong.
  13. This looks like one of those shovelware fake games that gets put up. These are real trophy images? And that's the real title of the game when you look at it in your list? Ultimate Custom Night? I know nothing about FNAF, I don't see anything here that looks even remotely real...
  14. It is still possible. Since you're coming back, it's best to create a ship(trophy) and then just play through the game on different difficulties and fulfilling different conditions to get yourself accustomed again to the game. That's the entirety of the Construction Kit DLC, the first DLC pack. The 2nd is doing numerous things in Survival and Demolition mode. Most of it just playing it over and over and over again as the trophies are mostly cumulative. The 3rd you don't have to worry about TOO much, it's the challenges that were added. You have a rank that goes up as you play and you need to get to 50 and get gold medal in 10 different challenges. I haven't even looked at these but people say it will have to be boosted. The 4th and final dlc pack is another 2 new modes, one of them being very different from Resogun, Commando Mode. This is the hardest trophy in the game by far, but again it can be attempted in co-op. Everyone's different, I've been playing Housemarque games since Super Stardust HD on PS3, so I'm pretty good at them. All you need is practice and patience, these won't come in a day.