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  1. Tried to earn the trophies for this game following The Blakk Vulture guide, and I'm running 1.01. On my PS4 Pro this game wouldn't load and just blue screened. It loads fine on my PS4 slim, but the first trophy isn't unlocking as I approach the gates. Any ideas why?
  2. When you start a new game, you begin in front of an arched doorway. If you spam the Circle button, you can unlock the 30 districts trophy without having to find the other type of doorways. This method will not unlock the 6 districts trophy though.
  3. Do the drones reset in New Game+ (whilst stats stay the same), or do I literally have to scout the entire map looking for the ones that flew away?
  4. Beating him again unlocked the relevant trophy, as well as 'Is everyone here?'. Probably should have done that first before posting, but ah well!
  5. So a strange thing happened to me. I managed to finish the Dragon Mines level against N Tropy as the final time trial and we both finished at exactly the same time. As a result I actually unlocked N Tropy as a playable character, but didn't get the trophy for beating him. Fortunately I hadn't yet used the cheat to obtain Penta Penguin, so it didn't unlock 'Is everyone here?' trophy. Anyone else experienced this?
  6. Ah, I missed that bit. Guess it's down to skill then
  7. Nitros Oxide is a playable character in this, so he may be the key to beating his own times in time trial.
  8. Do we have a difficulty rating on this in comparison to the standard versions?
  9. Unfortunately I suffered a glitch where the trophy for beating the first 1st boss on Metal Slug 4 didn't pop, yet I got the trophy for rescuing 10 POW's. I replayed the 1st level several times and it still wouldn't pop. I deleted my save game, then loaded back up and it popped on my next level replay. Worth trying if anyone else has the same issue.
  10. What method did you find for the air brake trophy? I can't seem to find more than 2 per race! Does your position in the race impact the pickups at all?
  11. Excellent, thanks!
  12. I would also like to know the answer to this.
  13. I feared as much. Probably best to invest in the physical version then. At least I'll be in credit for a while haha. Thanks for the reply.
  14. I redeemed 8,000 Yen in voucher codes from Play Asia, then tried to buy this game only to be stopped by an age restriction error, stating I would need to make the purchase with a debit or credit card to prove I am over 18+. As I don't have a Japanese bank account with being based in the UK, I seem to have hit quite a wall. Does anyone know a way around this as I've now got 8,000 Yen and can't buy the game?
  15. Nice tip! I'll give that a try next time I can't find a game. Thanks again!