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  1. Someone try to sell me some trophies a few months ago. I started a conversation to get all the info and price and then i sent the entire conversation to sony trough ps4. 1 day later sony replied saying that was nothing wrong.
  2. Congratulations kazunori san. You managed to kill the franchise.
  3. do a run slowly and you will find it if i remember correctly. you might be jumping over it.
  4. You can state your opinion about the game in this site, but the rest everyone will make their one decision. I spent a couple of hours and didn't had any crash. The challenges are not frustrating as you claim (at least in my opinion). And yes the game it's not good, but since it's free... why not try it?
  5. The next update will bring something that nobody need and definitely will brake or remove something we like.
  6. here came the new record. mutiple saves, 3 consoles and several games in betwen later i finish it (also have my first trophy here) Taking A Liberty Sorry for taking liberties with your time. Grand Theft Auto IV 56 of 66 Trophies October 1st 2017 • Platinum in 8 years, 10 months
  7. hi man do u still play jc3 ?

    1. Facas


      i hve to go there one of this days. if it's because off the leadbords try to register on square enix membership, it helped some of my friends.

  8. GTA 5 on ps4 is way better than ps3 version, even on a 4k tv don't have the same grafic quality as this trailer. Just focus on the fire in the first minutes of the trailer. P.s. I'm not a rockstar funboy and don't have any problem in my vision.
  9. i did before i post. it was just my opinion and i was not saying that isn't true. i also know that what is hard for me might be easy for you. we should not belive in every thing we read on internet, in this case until we try it.
  10. i just don't belive ''pushsquare''. on ps1 was boring not hard.
  11. They had enough time to revoke the lincense already. Probably only few hundreds of persons got it and they will let us keep it so we can do some free advertising to our friends.
  12. I got it from the german store. This morning when the download was finished it had that lock but i press x on the game. The lock disappeared and the game started. I'm also playing it right now on that alt acount.
  13. i just said never because i never read anything about it, but it seems that i was wrong. and you're right someone is going to pay.
  14. don't worry they never took anything way before, and from the legal point of view we are not responsable for their mistake. it was a legit download, not a hacked one.