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  1. Could it be a net type thing?
  2. I hope that R* continue to support this for a long time whit or whiteout trophies. At least FOR Me it was 60 euros well spent. I understand if people prefer to buy the game on day 1, pay for dlc 20/30€ or season pass. And them the publishers will shut the servers 1 year later. It's a lot better.🤔
  3. Way are so many people complaining about orbital shoot being 750.000$? Do people whant to have 2 or 3 guys inside this new bunkers spamming shoot's killing everybody in the session without any possibility of defence? It should be 1milion a shoot whit 24 hours cooldown.
  4. the difficulty in gta 5 heist are the same nothing changes whit the ai or number of enemys. the only difference is that on easy you have 2 lives, on normal 1 live and on hard 0. i did the first mastermind at the very first try, we are a good team so i'm looking forward to do this 3 masterminds. mastermind is not that hard as people say if you know what to do. (if you or 1 of the members play as rambo you will fail for sure.) the elite will be a challenge but it all come done to practice.
  5. I had the ps plus edition and then i bought the season pass. I didn't had to do anything else. Just downloaded it.
  6. Yes in ps store is 70 euros but disc version is exactly as you say.
  7. 70 euros is the normal price on the store
  8. Using technical malfunctions also called bugs or glitch is not the same as hacking a game to receive something.
  9. It seems that 70% of the deals are the same as last year..... Nba 2k 17 = nba 2k 18 Fifa 17 = fifa 18 Pes 2017 = pes 2018 Etc, etc.......
  10. It seems that 70% of the deals are going to be the same as last year.... nba 2k 17 = nba 2k 18 Fifa 17 = fifa 18 Pes 2017 = pes 2018 Etc, etc.... Sorry wrong place
  11. i do understand you but i really liked the idea of the first 2 games. buy the best second hand car w the 10.000cr you had at the bigining and climb your way up until you can buy a modest yet new 4wd car. selling every thing you don't need just for those 4th level engine upgrade. to play online we already have project cars, asseto corsa....... at least they are complete games.
  12. the glitch whit the races is that sometimes the vans are not there but they respawn or you can drive a similar van to the exact same spot, get out > get in and the race will start. did you spend money on the lap dances? on the strip club (forgot the name) go there an spend 10.000 or 20.000 dollars, do the jumps again. if nothing works. the only thing that i can think of is that you save the game whit cheats on. they WILL steal you that 0.1%.
  13. they just kill the franchise. gt5 was not that good and gt6 was mediocre. and this one..... well unfinished in 1st place and the online focus is just a bad approch. sameone said that you should get all lincenses on gold and get better, ok how can i win agaisnt steering well players whit a controller? and what about people whit bad internet connection? casual gamers that don't have time to ''get better'' and long time fans that just hate online. i will never spend any more money whit gt unless they get back to the gt1/2 formula. buy old > race > upgrade >race > buy another > race .....repeat
  14. Bullseye