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  1. If you have the disc version, you can try to play it unpatched and see if it works.
  2. so it´s sandman.
  3. i don´t want the prize just participating for fun. it´s shocker.
  4. true, one hand wash the other and both wash the face.
  5. Thanks. I was also born in the 80's and that was my first spiderman. What was yours, the correct answer? Ok i see it now. Im still a bit surprised, it's not normal for me to win this kind of contest.
  6. Spider man - the return of the sinister six. Megadrive
  7. that i do not know. i assume if you went to lv1 you will need 150xp or so to lv2. the best thing you can do is contact rockstar support.
  8. Yes your right. You keep what you had.
  9. I have an european store and downloaded it on ps 4.
  10. Because E.A.want to exploit every single dime from the sport fans.
  11. i heard the same about that one. i have one that came whit ps plus but i´m not a fan of hp so i never played it.
  12. sorry, my bad. by the way it would be good to know if it´s a problem of the disk version or not.
  13. i think it might be random. a lot of people complain about it but i´ve played several whitout any problems, exept for lego world which crashed a few times (3 or 4). got all trophies whitout problems. you can try to re-download the game.
  14. I was in a store today in my country (portugal) trying to buy 50€ cards and the guy told me that those cards don't exist anymore. They only have 10 20 30 and 40€ cards.
  15. you should chalenge your friend to get all 200 pigeons and/or the jumps in gta 4 whitout any kind of help and see if he is ''MAN'' enough for the job. p.s. he will said that he don't like gta.