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  1. there is some connections. what happend in VC stories leads to what happen in VC. MINOR SPOILER you race against claude and catalina in gta san andreas, soon after they leave to liberty city were he is betrayed by catalina and the story of gta starts. there's also character ''stories'' if you don't play gta vice city first you don't know who ken rosemberg, kent paul and rosie is when you do missions in the mafia casino. the irish guy that participate in the bank job in liberty patrick mcreary also make an apearence and can be selected to do the heists whit your crew. brucie kibbutz is also there selling bullshark testosterone.
  2. me to. i'm in europe and at that time the list was diferent i did receive it on plus.
  3. We already receive ni no kuni, i think it was in 2014.
  4. i checked portuguese and german store and it's normal. 1 month is more expensive that 3, and 3 more expensive then 12.
  5. i think that is only on this new modes but i'm not 100% sure. i have to read the patch notes again.
  6. We will get them in the new events but they will not be all available at the same time.
  7. It's on the same place were you have the arena and t.hunt Just push to right side.
  8. Dc universe online. Never seen that one before.
  9. maybe because you died first and he died 1 second later.
  10. Deus ex? It was already given on ps plus several years ago on ps3
  11. The original mastermind on the former heists had the exact same issue. Many belive that is related to connectivity issues. But like the previous C.M. it will be fixed. Or like profbambam said it also might be related to the massive traffic on the servers.
  12. You can do all preparations and then the setups
  13. I know some die hard fans of GTA 5 that didn't got the mastermind when it was easy because they have family and a lot of work because of Christmas. You know that it can't be done in 4 or 5 hours.
  14. Could it be a net type thing?