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  1. Zero remaster or remake.
  2. It's a rare drop from gnomes just like the normal vault key.
  3. You will get that trophy as soon as you unlock a new troop.
  4. Never seen any game braking bug on lego star wars. I finished it twice. The only lego games that I had problems was the harry potter ones.
  5. Serch in your download list. On the ps3.
  6. The event card only at lv 18 can one shoot the boss until more or less lv 80. (Your own buffs can inprove it)
  7. Yes you can do it whit a new character.
  8. A few year's ago i stayed almost 1 year whitout plus and i still have all the games. But it was 2012 or 2013.
  9. In some races it will be easy to play w a friend. He can concentrate in wining the race and you just focus on your challenges.
  10. i´m downloading it right now,and its 93 gb ultimate edition.
  11. If you have the disc version, you can try to play it unpatched and see if it works.
  12. so it´s sandman.
  13. i don´t want the prize just participating for fun. it´s shocker.
  14. true, one hand wash the other and both wash the face.
  15. Thanks. I was also born in the 80's and that was my first spiderman. What was yours, the correct answer? Ok i see it now. Im still a bit surprised, it's not normal for me to win this kind of contest.