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  1. Add me I can help you.
  2. This does not seems to fit well in the European union consumers law. I can be wrong, but if not......
  3. Yes, all online can be done on split screen like any outer borderlands game.
  4. Did not cout to me or my boosting partners.
  5. 20k miles trophy will only be possible when a new kingdom is released. There's no info of when or if a new kingdom is going to be added ( 2 year's gap btw the last 2 kingdoms ). So tecnicly that one trophy is currently unavailable.
  6. If you know the story from dragon ball it makes sense. Future trunks change the time line were goku dies from heart attack and all Z fighter's are killed by cyborgs 17 and 18. Cell is then born in a world without any powerful characters aside trunks. Bulma and oolong are still alive in this time line.
  7. Didn't got my plat on the first version of gta 3 to ps4 thanks to that. You should try to do them right now, maybe you can still get them without much trouble.
  8. Got platinum a few year's ago, the digital one. Only issues that I had was the radio station bug an the jumping bug. Nothing that turned it to be unplayable.
  9. I got the traditionalist trophy in a private match with 4 fireteam bots just minutes ago. No special trick I did it several times and popped. The one for knocking down a fireteam member on overload I did it around 10 times and nothing so far.
  10. Was posting info for a different trophy. Sorry.
  11. Going for lv 100 is only hard if you play solo. Avoid public sessions, outer players will not let you progress. Btw do the jumps, bridges and knife flights online. The reason for this is that you show up near the location were you died instead of the near hospital.
  12. Go for it... you will enjoy it. The game is not what people say it is. Was a huge grind in the past (came out in 2013 ps3) is way more easy now as long as you focus on platinum and not DLC trophies. I personally got the platinum 3 times and will do it again for ps5. As a note. Some of the ''glitched trophies'' happens when people don't properly track thing's like the under the bridge, knife flights and stunt jumps.
  13. What I did was... Reach lv 30, change to N.Y. DLC. From them you want to reach world tier 5 ( finish DLC main story in the process) so you can came back to D.C. During the dlc Washington will be out of reach.
  14. I don't believe they will fix it after all this time but I hope so.
  15. EA at their best.
  16. It's a console/game mechanic not a hack so no. They should not be removed.
  17. The problem is not on gearbox side, 2K are the one's to blame. They're doing this crap in all games they have.
  18. Free to play is never free. No thank you.
  19. Gta san Andreas for sure.
  20. I got 2 of the new trophies in around 10 minutes. The 3rd one (unlock a warband) will be available next week after guild wars. I found that info on gems of war forum. As I side note this patch is full of bugs crashing the game constantly and only bring a few new options to spend real money on the game. Pure trash
  21. Zero remaster or remake.
  22. It's a rare drop from gnomes just like the normal vault key.
  23. You will get that trophy as soon as you unlock a new troop.
  24. Never seen any game braking bug on lego star wars. I finished it twice. The only lego games that I had problems was the harry potter ones.