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  1. Just finished 100% and none trophy was glitched for me. Psn store version from ps+.
  2. Hi do you know even more games for quick and cheap plat like Road Bustle? I have Slyde and My Name is Mayo.
  3. Missing flower is in bunker where you start game as young Aloy. Game don't show it on map. It's in one cave but you're unable to pass due to stalactites. You can come back as mature Aloy, simply crush stalactites and enter the room.
  4. I do watch them all. I'm tired of watching those people not drinking beer but this crap energy drink. Acting and cutscene are shallow as a puddle.
  5. It's fixed. I used tethering from mobile. Probably some NAT blocking connection in rare games such as conan.
  6. 45 minutes of watching video, about 1 - 3 hours of trying.
  7. Does anyone face connecting issues when inviting/joining other players? It's so annoying, just 1 trophy and so buggy...