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  1. No trophy for beating on jedi master difficulty? Great game but to easy list
  2. Its coming october 25th to console they replied someone few days ago on facebook. So still this month it seems.
  3. Got the game since yesterday but server still offline hope they coming up soon
  4. Pre load hast started tonight! Im ready just 16.8 gb
  5. Not pretty easy i think because dying makes progress to the dragonrot and i think dragonrot makes much to all the endings so you need specific death amounts maybe. Cant wait to challenge this plat
  6. Cancel my pre order right now thats a joke its not a episode game but still no plat lol
  7. Got the deluxe version digital looks fun
  8. It got so much because just few people are playing it right now i dont think it is easy not after playing this demo already
  9. Holy crap this looks hard
  10. Omg its finally here in 24 hours! Waited so long for this to come to ps4
  11. November still so far away 😭
  12. It looks pretty easy i think i give it a try this week!
  13. I love this platinum picture i must have it in my collection 😍
  14. Just do it with a macro program streaming the game on pc and use such a program to dash for you i just needed to move the character around the room the program did the rythm. 😂
  15. Nice then i get it now thanks