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  1. I hope realm royale gets a plat i really want a good br game with a plat
  2. Amazing game finally on ps4
  3. This game is amazing it makes lot of fun! 😊
  4. No headstart for eu they confirmed need to wait till 10th next week for launch
  5. Few more hours from now 😊
  6. Cant wait till tuesday looks fun
  7. Friday cant come fast enough
  8. Anyone got it in a normal match? Or is it better to get 9 people to boost it. Sounds really hard luck based. Would be better if it would be the last standing in the team.
  9. Cant wait if you maybe can do your own server like in ark it will be an easy and fast platinum
  10. No trophy for hardest difficulty
  11. Gallery completion once again this is going to be a grind hell like in the first damn
  12. Those 500.000 structures can take a really long time... but the game is amazing from what i have seen ^^
  13. Looks to easy this year 😂
  14. Unlocked all too but trophy not working aswell
  15. Oh god i getting a bad feeling about the content when i see this 😂😂
  16. oh sounds challenging thx
  17. Never really played everybodys golf started it on ps now yesterday to get ready for this. What is a condor shot?
  18. Killed a guy who was on a 23 killstreak then someone on a 19 one and trophy was not unlocking...
  19. Thinking about to get it anyone tried it?
  20. Omg the list is here its really happening finally
  21. Events can be farmed just set your console one day forward in time settings and start an offline game got platinum yesterday.
  22. On pc they fixed it an week ago do they forgot the console version? its the only trophy im missing.
  23. So hyped for this and tekken 7
  24. so hyped for this hope im getting it already on the 12th maybe. more hyped then for prey
  25. Sold over 50.000 gold but no trophy.