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  1. Seems grindy but i liked it on pc so i cant wait to plat this. Seems pretty easy. And not much pvp stuff thats good
  2. Got the trophy boosted with a friend it was the only way to get it fast. Both need to enter matchmaking same time if both get accept match at the same time accept it with some luck both are at the enemy team. Then let your friend wait near his spawn and run to him to kill you 15 times. Then kill him. But he need to be careful if an enemy is coming he need to run into the spawn room. You guys need also luck that the round is going long enough. But thats how i got it. I would recommend to do it before open beta its harder to get into the same match then.
  3. This trophy is the hardest ever even harder then platinum overwatch. But this is so luck based. And the announcer is bugged sometimes and say nothing. Killed a guy with an 32 one and still nothing. Good luck guys
  4. Oh god and i thought last one standing is the hardest But this is like playing in a casino lol
  5. You need a beta key to play it. But it will soon enter open beta and will be f2p.
  6. To be honest this is really unfair to have a weekend without nioh right now. Same release for everyone!
  7. Thats great same release for everyone please!
  8. Played with a friend in a party but no trophy? Dont tell me you really need 5 people for it...
  9. Okay then its cause my friend is not level 5 yet and we played against bots cause of it. Thx guys!
  10. Still this year? looks awesome
  11. Cool when a dev say it i will get it i think
  12. I got every weapon maxed and unlocked every move also to max and got the armageddon blade but it is not unlocking. Hope they fix it soon
  13. happening tomorrow!!
  14. On pc its working game came out today there
  15. It seems it was just an special xbox patch still 0% have it on xbox. Maybe they release a patch this week when pc version gets released.
  16. 77mb patch available on xbox a friend told me. I think its happening on ps4 soon too if its this patch.
  17. Got the same message. Finally i know the other trophies was no wasted time
  18. No respond yet. Maybe after final fantasy 15 which i will pick up tomorrow. Damn you nordic last trophy im missing.
  19. No nothing unlocked every move and weapon maxed. Wrote nordic games an mail about it hope they respond and fix it. Its the only trophy before i plat it with the final fight damn so sad
  20. It seems the scythe is the problem sometimes it resets to level 0. I do the remaining trophys first hope they fix it with a day one patch. Im getting final fantasy 15 this weekend hope there is a fix before that.