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  1. 8 minutes ago, DerelictSoul said:


    A buddy of mine just got it the other night in strikeout while we were playing together.  I have a feeling it might be four downs in one life in strikeout.  I got mine in demolition.  You can down the same person a couple of times making this much easier than going for a squad wipe.


    I have looked into the ingame stats an in there the achievement is unlocked but no trophy poped up. I did 4 downs in one life so many times already. Seems its a bit glitched


  2. I heard you can unlock it in strikeout i got 12 downs in one round but it doesnt unlocked i played so many rounds now does it maybe got fixed so u can only get it in the normal bomb mode? This would be hard to get then and a lot of luck


  3. This game is not balanced i trying to get this for days now Predator damage is too low to kill them just with the blades even when you unlock the berserker it takes ages. The fireteam always are on the same point together there is nothing that split them apart and you get shot down so fast before you down someone. And the missions are too short when you kill one or two they get respawnt faster then in any cod game. And those que times to get into a match as predator are hell of pain and boring as watching shit. I wish i could get a refund for this shitty game i never buy any predator game again typical shitty movie license game.