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  1. I also done this with the brass knuckles, I aimed down and kicked instead of punched.
  2. i done this on Contained Darkness, and from what ive seen you have to be out of there view. It took me a few tries to get the trophy still though.
  3. I was expecting more aswell, seems like no collectables, more like Gone Home's list than to Everybody's gone to the rapture.
  4. Ill try to find the youtube channel link for you Hope the link works, scroll down till you see rare weapons - samurai series and you should see 4-II there with a playlist of 60 videos
  5. This is the last tactic I need, I've searched through all officers on genesis mode on each time line but cannot find any officer who has it, any help would be appreciated
  6. noticed this game is only a few quid, so was wondering if anyone was up for the mp trophy if i bought it, add me if so
  7. yeah ive got a boosting partner, thanks for the replies my friends
  8. Are people still playing this online? As I considering buying it, would be Good for a boosting partner!
  9. Oh right, thank you my friend
  10. the rampage i con is not showing up, i failed the first time i done it, so was wondering before i carry on working towards 100% if they arent retryable?
  11. for anyone looking for a guide for these Rare Weapons - Objectives -
  12. yeah, i had a little trouble with this yesterday, didnt help having the chek point at the top, which made me have to slowly glide down the whole thing again, it helped me memorize the way though, so practice makes perfect my friend,
  13. im grand master prestige, ive been at this level for a good month lol
  14. waiting for Life is Strange episode 5 to come out for the platinum, and got all the ps plus games ready to play, just completed Teslagrad.
  15. got Black Ops 3 and Samurai Warriors II pre ordered so far.