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  1. Depths is looking like the way to go. Later levels you get 4 sub bosses and 1 boss for 5 medals a run. Reward wise there is no reason to help out in the actual zones which is pretty disappointing.
  2. Monster drops? I haven't found one like that yet but I did find one in single player in the cathedral but it was a static spawn item and not a drop.
  3. Companion rank 30 is mp. I think you need 400 medals for that one which is the highest rank. Helping people out with the first few bosses got me 1 medal a clear, not sure if you get more for later ones or what.
  4. 2-3/10 my ***. Gauntlet is such a frustrating experience. Nothing like plowing through 16 fights only to lose at the end and be forced to do it all over again. Compounding it is the horrifying load times. I timed my most recent at 5% death on the last fight at it was 7min in in game fights but throw in loading times and it was 15min. The ridiculous loading and the fact that the only difficult fight is at the very end is making me want to rip my hair out.
  5. You impale the heads across from the statues on the road to the elevator that takes you to Goro's lair. Theres a chest for at least each fighter in the area that opens up(If you look on your map of the initial area its that big unexplored area by the front gate you entered in from on the map.)
  6. If you impale 10 heads the doors to shang tsungs treasure vault opens up which is a door located right at the start of the krypt. It has a bunch of 25k chests that all have intros and victories in them.
  7. The spear guy at the burning ashina castle if you jump on the tree branch he just kind of dances in front of you and you can mortal draw him to death. The red eyed samurai in the blue robes in burning ashina can be almost killed by npcs. Drag the 2 purple ninjas on the same floor into his room and they will fight him for you just make sure to death blow him to let them keep damaging him.
  8. Firecrackers and lazulite shurikens is pretty much all I used.
  9. I have closed the game a bunch of times and have had no issues with saving what so ever.
  10. Guns and shields aren't too bad but for rank 7 weapons you need a material with a 3% drop chance.
  11. The Mage's Tale is not listed anywhere and launched on the 5th.
  12. I also did Legend and got an SS with 223,090. Seconded on the easy comment it has maybe 2 points that can be annoying and that's it.
  13. Currently sitting at 49 above 115% and nothing but I have not finished playing all the songs so at the very least the not having to play more than 45 songs if you have over 115% on them is incorrect. Edit - Got heart sync at 80/90 songs I averaged them up at got 116.32% avg score over 80 total, did not count the 10 unplayed ones. I had 63 over 115% rest were 105-113ish. Not sure how the remaining unplayed songs get factored into this but ill leave this here as more info is always helpful.
  14. I don't see anyone in their right mind being able to complete full combo / perfect on all songs in hard mode. Medium is pretty damn difficult but might be doable with enough time. On the grind side of things the 1 million rhythm points will take over a year if played for an hour a day(song time only not counting menus). You can earn between 100-110ish points for completing songs perfectly(slight variance, difficulty doesn't seem to affect this much). Meaning if you got nothing but perfects on all your plays you are looking at 10,000 songs played. Assuming an avg length of 2min 30second per song that's around 417 hours of time spent on just songs or a tad over 17 straight days. The last trophy for number of songs played is 1,000 and if you want the million point one you have to go 10 times over it. Just posting this so people know what they are in for if they try to 100% this one.
  15. No you have to do them on both settings but hard is relaxing compared to expert so I wouldn't worry about it.