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  1. It is rng and resetting doesn't seem to change the outcome if you use the same 2 and keep resetting. Best to just grow one up to giant size and do it again. They keep the badges even after they shrink but they need to eat once before they pop back so make sure not to lose them. Most likely a visual bug.
  2. They are annoying but not that big a deal. A bunch of sequences are just reused so the timing is easy to remember plus when you are going to clean up the ones you missed you can just exit the game if you get a great to stop it from saving. Not ideal but pretty fast.
  3. For the mini games all you need to do is play the 12 total (1 in each area) all getting perfect does is give you more yellow drops, no statue associated with them.
  4. Beating the level boss again will respawn them. Thats how you respawn anything you pick up.
  5. Killing the boss stage resets all the items and bouts.
  6. Only thing you would need a jp psn account for is to download dlc but this game is basically rebirth 1 + all the dlc so there is nothing to download. All the extra dungeons can be unlocked via chirper events and plans you find as well as coliseum fights.
  7. Killed him. Trophy popped but I died at the same time. Got sent back to the previous areas archstone in human form. Went to check my notifications and it said I got it in my activity popup area then when I went over to the trophy list it was locked. Anyone experience anything similar? Edit: it randomly popped up saying I earned it 10 min from the time of posting.... so idk but try to avoid dying and killing the boss at the same time I guess.
  8. Can confirm it isnt the blue knight helm. I found it in 1-1 past the world tendency gate.
  9. The wall is 1-3. it is in a dead end wall behind some boxes. The other path leads to where Yuria is held. There is something behind it and at this point it is thought to be a ring but so far nobody has found a way to open it. If you want to look behind it go to gate right before the bridge to the tower Yuria is in and back up a little and go into camera mode and fly up and you can see a dead knight on a bench back there with an item.
  10. New UI is really bloated and shows less info per click. If you want to see the % of each trophy completed you need to click each one individually. On top of that if you want to see hidden ones you have to click on it and instead of hitting square you need to hit options which brings up a menu with only 1 choice and that is to see the hidden trophy. Not sure why they felt that making things bigger and displaying less info and adding more button presses was a good idea.
  11. Looks like they added 4 new rings as the original had 26 and the ring trophy is listed at 0/30
  12. Looks pretty straight forward. 3 endings and fill up the monster guide seem to be the most difficult ones. Hoping none of the enemies are missable. Seems only trophy that is missable is bad end one. The point that determines your end happens on floor 4 of the last tower. For bad end one answer any of the 2 choices incorrectly. For bad end 2 answer the first 2 correct, beat the boss then answer the third wrong. For the true ending answer all 3 correctly.
  13. The 2 Seiji Shishikura cards that reduce 1 type of dmg by 50% and amp the other type by 50% + the twice card that converts negative effects to positive ones is pretty close to the invincibility combo that was patched out.
  14. YW! I did Aiz first cause she killed stuff faster and was getting worried when I finished her side and was still missing that one.
  15. I would assume that since ng+ starts you off in your shell you couldn't do it that way. I did obsidian in a new save slot just in case.