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  1. I have done it three times each when im beaching from an exterior wall into an objective always you just have to hope they reinforce late and blow the wall once you hear them starting to reinforce
  2. How many tries did it take you?
  3. Trying to do hell on earth legitamently is a shit show
  4. I found another one on the new airship map but I wasn't able to really replicate it. You need to push one of the chairs so that it is standing up and then facing a wall. Once it is like this you need to jump on it, and or sprint on top of it or into it. I was able to get inside the chair and the enemies ignored me. I tried to do it again but wasn't able to quite get it.
  5. Im just praying for a Playsation all stars sequel or remaster
  6. I dont see how this method would cause story trophies to pop out of order. They would still pop in the right order you would just get the harderend anf vetran trophies close together
  7. Using the debug menu on ps3 when you skip to the lasr level it only pops some of the early game story related trophies. So i asume if you used a a different glitch to skip forward it would do the same thing and not unlock all the trophies. The ps4 version will unlock all previous story trophies though.
  8. I remeber ising tjat code when the game first came out so i have classic conflict unlocked om my main account but i tried entering it on my dummy and it didnt work. Have you tried it recently? Or do u just not know how to enter a code lol
  9. If two players need to level up id play golden gun. Have each player get 7 headshots with the golden gun and then have one player get an eighth kill to end the match. If only one player needs to level up play black box and grab the box, this will net you about 1400 xp for a 2 minute match. I will do some more experimentaion to try and find a faster method. Also it sounds like you are playing with a dummy account so only one of your accounts needs to unlock classic conflict, so dont worry about getting both accounts to 35.
  10. Thanks for the info. Im going to edit it with more details as soon as i get the time
  11. Its tedious but alot better then it was, where you needed 8 people to boost some of the trophies
  12. I can edit it in later tonight
  13. Thanks to a new glitch boosting with 2 people is now possible. Go to the multiplayer, select public match, and then any game mode. Usually it will say "Waiting for (4) players to join the match" But now about 50% of the time it will say "Waiting for (1) Player to join the match" (Keep quitting and restarting the game until this happens, sometimes it will be there on the first try, other times it will take about 3 tries). Once you are in a lobby that says it only needs one more person invite a friend and once they join the match will start. Sometimes when you invite a friend they will receive an error message and not be able to join the game. This happens sometimes and just means you need to try again in a day or two. If you want any tips on how to get each of the multiplayer trophies in the fastest way just ask and I will reply!
  14. Clap clap
  15. I really like dishonored but i kind of agree with you. I plated both the ps3 and ps4 versions of the game and both times I had to use a guide because of how annoying it was to play through blind. That being said I was able to do the second game without a guide (besides the final boss) and I think in that game it made it better. Also each game can be beaten in about an hour if you know what your doing, plus you can save/reload as much as you want, so its not really that much of a pain.