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  1. Its not that im bad at blackout, i just don't find it that fun and if they are going to add the other characters in for free, I'd rather not grind them out if I don't have to. I don't think they should just "hand me" the trophies, but i won't complain if they do.
  2. I really hate blackout and don't find it fun, do you think we will get the other blackout characters for free? Should I have hope and wait, or try to stick with this game mode I don't really enjoy grind it out?
  3. Thanks
  4. I'm about to start this game and am wondering if there's anything i should look out for. No spoilers please
  5. Is anyone writing a guide for BO4 Classified DLC?
  6. Is anyone working on a Black Ops 4 Guide?
  7. Hello i was wondering if prestiging guns in zombies does anything I prestiged a gun and its seems to just reset it to level 1 with no indication that it has been prestiged. No * like in multiplayer or anything as far as i can tell.
  8. No. This trophy will be a pain
  9. Try to spend an entire round or 2 in the pit and you should get it.
  10. I just found out borderlands 2 is coming to vr this December. I'm partially exited cause I love this game but also not sure if I'll get it cause I've played through borderlands 2 like 4 times now. What do you guys think?
  11. Same thing happens to me. To help prevent blue screens turn of your ps4 and vacuum out the fans. Other then that just pray we get a fix cause its annoying getting to round 35 and then getting kicked.
  12. Yes you can play zombies locally I did it last night in split screen while offline.
  13. Nah he's right both advanced warfare and mw3 have pretty rare platinums and neither are that difficult
  14. I am also interested in the specifics of this trophy any help would be appreciated
  15. Or you just play a lot, acing in rainbow 6 is hard but after playing a bunch you get a few