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  1. Its tedious but alot better then it was, where you needed 8 people to boost some of the trophies
  2. I can edit it in later tonight
  3. Thanks to a new glitch boosting with 2 people is now possible. Go to the multiplayer, select public match, and then any game mode. Usually it will say "Waiting for (4) players to join the match" But now about 50% of the time it will say "Waiting for (1) Player to join the match" (Keep quitting and restarting the game until this happens, sometimes it will be there on the first try, other times it will take about 3 tries). Once you are in a lobby that says it only needs one more person invite a friend and once they join the match will start. Sometimes when you invite a friend they will receive an error message and not be able to join the game. This happens sometimes and just means you need to try again in a day or two. If you want any tips on how to get each of the multiplayer trophies in the fastest way just ask and I will reply!
  4. Clap clap
  5. I really like dishonored but i kind of agree with you. I plated both the ps3 and ps4 versions of the game and both times I had to use a guide because of how annoying it was to play through blind. That being said I was able to do the second game without a guide (besides the final boss) and I think in that game it made it better. Also each game can be beaten in about an hour if you know what your doing, plus you can save/reload as much as you want, so its not really that much of a pain.
  6. If hard is anything like hell on earth then this will be a difficult platinum
  7. Knack's only $3.99 Baby. Here comes the money 🎵💰money money money money🎵🎵
  8. $9 om steam. looks kind of like Her Story. It's one of these games that uses real footage instead of graphics. looks cool
  9. I've never played this game but your first few trophies all popped within a couple of seconds.
  10. Whats What's the reason for the flag?
  11. I haven't played the game in a while but I do know that you can beat the game without getting any trophies. So if in your first playthrough you did everything right, you could set it up to get the rest of the trophies really fast through chapter select, and replaying portions of the game.
  12. Most of them are based of what difficulty you play on, but there are at least two that are based on time (the snowmobile race, and the shooting range). The spec ops are really hard as you said and it is very unlikely that he got them all correct on his first try. Although he could have easily practiced on a 2nd account before.
  13. They sold out
  14. What are your thoughts on the game? Does it deserve all the 10's its gotten? Will it be game of the year? This will be the spoiler free discussion thread for God of War
  15. the artwork and design for these trophies is really cool I've never seen it where it makes a picture like this before. I wish more people put thought into the trophy images.