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  1. Send me a friend request and I’ll give you some tips on how to play. The game is viable for new players but it will be difficult. You probably won’t enjoy your first few hours because the learning curve is so steep, but if you can get into the game it’s great
  2. What are you talking about? Multiplayer trophies are fine, this is a pretty easy list MP wise. Go look at how it used to be for games like Killzone 2 and Bioshock 2 and then come back.
  3. this guide is very useful used it for both ps3 and ps4
  4. I have been watching videos of other people play and it seems like they go incredible fast while manualing, like they are able to traverse large parts of the map. Whenever I manual I slow down and stop almost immediately. So how do I maintain momentum?
  5. They changed it so now you have the same rank across all regions. You can no longer use this method unfortunately.
  6. Hello it seems like a lot of people on this website have difficulty hitting gold so I decided to make this post to try and help you out. I will just do a numbered list since that seems easiest 1. Win your placement games (understand how ranked works). When trying to get a good rank doing well in the placement matches is very important. To hit gold you need to 2600 mmr, I think when you are unranked and haven't played any ranked games yet you start with 2500 mmr. So if you are able to win 6/10 placement games you are almost guarantied to hit gold (600-400=200, 200+2500=2700 which is gold) however there is a slight catch. If you do poorly in one season lets say copper 5, then the next season you will be starting with less then 2500 mmr, possibly closer to 2000 (I cant find an exact number right now I will update this post if anyone knows). For the first ten games of the season you will be gaining or losing 100 mmr, so it is very important to do well these first ten games. As the season continues you will earn less mmr. So after 20 games you will be getting +/-60 mmr, eventually you will only earn +/-20 mmr a game. This is on purpose as mmr is the games way of telling how good you are, so as you play more matches the game becomes more and more confident that you belong in the rank that you are. 2. Nothing contributes to mmr besides winning/losing. There is a lot of people who will tell you that having a good k/d or consistently being on top of the leader board will gain you more mmr. This is not true and is just a myth, the only thing that the game takes into account is if you won or lost. It doesn't matter if you get 30 kills a game or 0, personal performance is not a factor in mmr gain or loss. However if you are a silver player playing with all coppers you will gain less mmr for a win, and lose more. This is because the game thinks that because you are a silver player in a copper lobby you are more likely to win and therefore will reward you less for winning and punish you more for losing. 3. No one will carry you to Gold. At the end of the day it is your responsibility to hit gold, if you suck at the game no one is going to want to play with you. I am in a group chat with some people who are trying to hit gold and there is one guy who keeps complaining about how he is so bad at the game and going 0 and 6 every match, but also complaining about how no one would play with him. Its easy to sit around and think "if only i had a super skilled 4 stack of plats that would play with me, then I would be gold" But thats never going to happen. If you are bad at the game it is going to be very hard to find good players to play with, especially if you are complaining the whole time. 4. There is always room for personal improvement. Even if everyone else on your team has zero kills and you are hard carrying there are still ways you can improve. Never say "If only my team was better" instead say "If only I was better" you can not improve your teammates performance but you can improve your own. Actively look for ways to improve. Every time you die think "why did I die there?" Was it because you were playing too aggressively? Next time play more cautiously. Was it because the enemy was holding an angle you had never seen before? then next time prefire that angel, and better yet next time you play on that map use that angle to kill someone else. If all you are doing is playing ranked and losing and complaining about how hard ranked is you are never going to hit gold. Start to learn from your mistakes and always think about what you could do better next time. 5. Watch youtube. There is a lot of good content on youtube, I would recommend Braction, Get_Flanked, VarsityGaming, HologramSam, and Coconut Brah (these channels don't exclusively post tutorial type videos so you might have to scroll through some gameplay clips to find a "how to get better at X" type video). Siege has been out for 5 years and there is a lot of information about the game so why learn everything by playing, video tutorials can be a great way to speed up the learning process. 6. Learn how to plant the bomb. one of my biggest pet peeves is when I am sitting on sight and the person with defuser is either sitting in sight with me not planting or they are sitting on the other side of the map not planting. You should be trying to plant the bomb almost every round. While you can end a round by killing everyone that is not always so easy, and the defenders have the upper hand because if time runs out they win. As an attacker you can flip this around by planting. You can just sit back and watch the defuser and let the defenders come to you. I would recommend becoming your teams designated planter. Take the defuser every round get close to site and get ready to plant when site is empty or when your team starts getting kills. Don't necessarily sit there doing nothing but try to focus on getting the bomb down. This will give you a more specific task, instead of aimlessly walking around the map trying to kill 5 enemies you now can say "ok there is only 1 guy on site if i kill him i have site control and then I can plant." if you do plan on playing this role play Gridlock, Nomad, Capitoa, or maybe even Montagne if you are good with him. 7. Don't get greedy play time. On defense you have time on your side so don't go for the kill wait it out. If you have defuser in basement with 15 seconds left and site is upstairs the only way you can lose is by dying, so in that situation just hide. Don't run to site to get a kill, don't jump out side, just hide. There is no reason to go for a kill in that situation. Same thing if it's a 1v5, the attacker is hoping you will all jump outside, because that is 5 easy kills. In a 5v1 still play like its a 5v5 stay put, hold angles, and play time. Do not do something dumb because it's a 5v1, too often I have seen games lost because everyone gets greedy and does something dumb. 8. Communication can be key, but it probably wont be. In a well organized team were everyone knows every call out then yes communication is key, if you are struggling to get gold I assume that you are not in a well organized team that knows every call out. I have played with several people who are new to the game and they always say "oh let's just communicate, if we communicate we will get an easy win!" and then the match starts and everyone is just yelling the whole time. Don't talk just to talk. If you don't know the call out don't yell "he's over there" if you think someone is somewhere but aren't sure don't tell me that he is in kitchen and then when he kills me from bathroom say "I guess he wasn't in kitchen" Only give a call out if you know the call out and you are positive there is an enemy there otherwise you are hurting your team more then helping. Also game chat can often be toxic and will just be people fighting with each other. If someone is being toxic towards you just mute them and ignore it. Also remember no good will ever come from you getting mad at a teammate. Yelling at a teammate will not make them instantly decide to do better but it might make them: TK you, start trash talking you back, leave the game, throw the game, or just perform worse because you have applied pressure. 9 Closing thoughts. Just try to enjoy the game, otherwise hitting gold will be very hard. In fact don't even focus on hitting gold just try and focus on improving at the game. Play everyday, watch videos, and try to improve. That sounds like a commitment and it is: THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO HIT GOLD. it takes time and effort and skill in the game. If you do not want to commit then stop playing Siege and move on, this is not the type of game you just platinum in a few weeks and then move on to the next, it will probably take a few months of consistent play if you want to comfortably hit gold. My biggest tip would to be to find 1 or 2 people to play with and just try to have fun while you learn the game. This game is a lot more fun to play with other people, so find someone you like playing with and learn how to work as a team.
  7. if you are playing only training grounds you will be getting worse performance. For some reason it is locked to 30 frames unless you you turn v synch off which will then give you screen tearing. If you play the multiplayer you will see a huge improvement in quality.
  8. Yeah the game has changed so much in the last few months lol, there are a few inaccuracies now. I might do a updated version that goes into more depth about hitting gold.
  9. Ok, it sounds like the fixed the trophy then.
  10. I wrote the guide for the first game. They are super fun games
  11. I didn't think about that but its good to know that you can do it with the digital version.
  12. @Abysm_Nucleus said the the following trophies could be earned by playing all the situations and getting 3 stars on an unpatched version of the game: Get 10 claymore kills in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 10 frag grenade kills in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Win 10 games as a squad in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Plant the defuser in 10 Bomb rounds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Disable the defuser in 5 Bomb matches in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Destroy 20 gadgets in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 5 kills with a DMR Get 5 kills with a shotgun Get 5 kills with an AR Get 5 kills with an SMG Get 5 Flawless Victories in Ranked Win 100 Attack rounds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 5 kills with a pistol
  13. Since the trophy list has changed there seems to be a lot of confusion about the trophies and their requirements. I made this video to try and clear that up as well as give the easiest ways to try and get the hardest trophies.
  14. The Platinum is very enjoyable and fun but some words of warning. Rainbow 6 has a very steep learning curve. It may not be enjoyable for the first few hours you play. If you are playing only for the trophies it might be miserable, if you like the game and play regularly eventually you will get the platinum from just playing the game. I would recommend starting on an alt account and playing for 10 or so hours, you can get a feel for wether or not you like the game and if you want to commit to going for the platinum. This will also give you an advantage because when you go back and start the game on your main you will have more experience but will be going up against less experienced players. This might make it easier to get the Breach charge trophy for example.