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  1. Yeah the game has changed so much in the last few months lol, there are a few inaccuracies now. I might do a updated version that goes into more depth about hitting gold.
  2. Since the trophy list has changed there seems to be a lot of confusion about the trophies and their requirements. I made this video to try and clear that up as well as give the easiest ways to try and get the hardest trophies.
  3. Ok, it sounds like the fixed the trophy then.
  4. I wrote the guide for the first game. They are super fun games
  5. I just beat this game with my girlfriend last night and that ending was awesome. She did get really mad that I killed her though, she threw her controller across the room and stormed off. Was not expecting the story to go that way. What did you think of the ending? did you have anything similar happen
  6. I didn't think about that but its good to know that you can do it with the digital version.
  7. @Abysm_Nucleus said the the following trophies could be earned by playing all the situations and getting 3 stars on an unpatched version of the game: Get 10 claymore kills in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 10 frag grenade kills in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Win 10 games as a squad in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Plant the defuser in 10 Bomb rounds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Disable the defuser in 5 Bomb matches in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Destroy 20 gadgets in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 5 kills with a DMR Get 5 kills with a shotgun Get 5 kills with an AR Get 5 kills with an SMG Get 5 Flawless Victories in Ranked Win 100 Attack rounds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 5 kills with a pistol
  8. The Platinum is very enjoyable and fun but some words of warning. Rainbow 6 has a very steep learning curve. It may not be enjoyable for the first few hours you play. If you are playing only for the trophies it might be miserable, if you like the game and play regularly eventually you will get the platinum from just playing the game. I would recommend starting on an alt account and playing for 10 or so hours, you can get a feel for wether or not you like the game and if you want to commit to going for the platinum. This will also give you an advantage because when you go back and start the game on your main you will have more experience but will be going up against less experienced players. This might make it easier to get the Breach charge trophy for example.
  9. I silver 2 is required for the trophy.
  10. I'm not sure about Blitz or Ying but i do know that blinding downed defenders and then killing them does count towards the trophy.
  11. Use Frost she doesn't have access to barbed wire so you will need a team mate to do it. Place your frost mat down under a common window and then have a teammate place barbed wire on top. If you don't have anybody to play with you could wait for a teammate to play Frost and then you could put barbed wire on top of the frost mats and camp it until someone jumps into the mat. That would be the easiest way I could think of to get this trophy. KD is not important in this game. On top of that KD is not even counted in quick play so nobody would know unless they used a 3rd party website to look up your casual stats which no one does.
  12. I hope they add dlc trophies. Playing them all on veteran is so fun
  13. he's a time traveler
  14. if you just get into the game and play it regularly it is possible to get the platinum without trying. If you typically do not like multiplayer games or fps then I would not recommend it. Do not play this game just for the trophies or you will be miserable.
  15. if you are unable to kill 5 people with a dmr the rest of the trophies will be super difficult
  16. the dmr kills can be done in terrorist hunt. its not that hard to do in multiplayer anyways.
  17. No, still the same
  18. Run GIGN recruit with shotgun and breaches every attack round. Eventually you will down someone next to a soft wall/floor and be able to kill them with the breach charge.
  19. Not really. You see them alot in High gold and higher. but in the low gold, silver range they are pretty uncommon.
  20. I'm about to start this game and am wondering if there's anything i should look out for. No spoilers please
  21. That's what a review is. Someone's subjective thoughts about something. Its impossible to have a completely objective review.
  22. Lol. No problem
  23. I meant the part were BEYOND was capitalized in the description "Platinum - One Percenter - Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone"
  24. Is the Plat a reference to Podcast Beyond?
  25. Because some people like multiplayer games