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  1. I hope they add dlc trophies. Playing them all on veteran is so fun
  2. he's a time traveler
  3. if you just get into the game and play it regularly it is possible to get the platinum without trying. If you typically do not like multiplayer games or fps then I would not recommend it. Do not play this game just for the trophies or you will be miserable.
  4. if you are unable to kill 5 people with a dmr the rest of the trophies will be super difficult
  5. the dmr kills can be done in terrorist hunt. its not that hard to do in multiplayer anyways.
  6. No, still the same
  7. Run GIGN recruit with shotgun and breaches every attack round. Eventually you will down someone next to a soft wall/floor and be able to kill them with the breach charge.
  8. Not really. You see them alot in High gold and higher. but in the low gold, silver range they are pretty uncommon.
  9. I'm about to start this game and am wondering if there's anything i should look out for. No spoilers please
  10. That's what a review is. Someone's subjective thoughts about something. Its impossible to have a completely objective review.
  11. Lol. No problem
  12. I meant the part were BEYOND was capitalized in the description "Platinum - One Percenter - Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone"
  13. Is the Plat a reference to Podcast Beyond?
  14. Because some people like multiplayer games
  15. I just platinumed this game, and while it was tedious and dumb, the game takes no skill at all. So why is the rarely so low?
  16. Thanks to a new glitch boosting with 2 people is now possible. Go to the multiplayer, select public match, and then any game mode. Usually it will say "Waiting for (4) players to join the match" But now about 50% of the time it will say "Waiting for (1) Player to join the match" (Keep quitting and restarting the game until this happens, sometimes it will be there on the first try, other times it will take about 3 tries). Once you are in a lobby that says it only needs one more person invite a friend and once they join the match will start. Sometimes when you invite a friend they will receive an error message and not be able to join the game. This happens sometimes and just means you need to try again in a day or two. If you want any tips on how to get each of the multiplayer trophies in the fastest way just ask and I will reply! Edit: I recently tried this out and it looks like it doesn't work anymore. I tried everything I could think of for several hours and nothing worked. If anyone gets this working again lmk.
  17. I really hate blackout and don't find it fun, do you think we will get the other blackout characters for free? Should I have hope and wait, or try to stick with this game mode I don't really enjoy grind it out?
  18. Its not that im bad at blackout, i just don't find it that fun and if they are going to add the other characters in for free, I'd rather not grind them out if I don't have to. I don't think they should just "hand me" the trophies, but i won't complain if they do.
  19. Thanks
  20. Is anyone writing a guide for BO4 Classified DLC?
  21. I found a corner that works post patch, Its not quite as good (enemies can still hit you from one angle) but its better thn nothing:
  22. Can't find any info about this game online but it looks like it could be a really easy platinum. All the trophies are super vague so theirs no way of knowing for now, but it should be worth keeping an eye on it.
  23. Is anyone working on a Black Ops 4 Guide?
  24. Hello i was wondering if prestiging guns in zombies does anything I prestiged a gun and its seems to just reset it to level 1 with no indication that it has been prestiged. No * like in multiplayer or anything as far as i can tell.
  25. No. This trophy will be a pain