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  1. Aye, but they didn't save the world, directly, they unwillingly did. Desmond, after being abducted by Abstergo was able to live his ancestors lives. This launched him directly into the Assassin regime. Using the animus to find the keys to the temple (the apple and the amulet), he was able to stop the almost inevitable end of the world. The Templars had a different plan which the Apple of Eden showed [to Desmond] wouldn't of worked at the end of Brotherhood (during the act of killing Lucy, who would've betrayed them).
  2. Now that you've played this game, and learned of Shay's story. Does it (for you, in any way) generate some kind of sympathy to the Templar cause. Now that we have had an entire in depth look into how Templar's operate and have a deeper understanding of their goals in contrast to the Assassin's, whom have had most of the glory until now. I feel as if it does bring new light and evens out both sides in terms of who is evil, and who is not. While the Templar's can still be considered to some as an evil, almost terrorist organization. In a way they did help save the world. It's really interesting to see first hand what learning the other side of the story can do to change ones opinion.
  3. I used the ram charge to get out of the way of the 6 or so broadside rounds should I had gotten too close. One of the secondary vessels will try to ram you at points so it would be imperative to use either heavy shot from the sides, or burning oil from the rear.
  4. Current going for both Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed: Rogue. When I'm done those I might put some effort into doing AC IV: Black Flag, but I'm not certain on that one.
  5. I did once, but not by choice. Almost certain there were more trophies on that account than this. But if not without choice, than I see no reason to restart.
  6. Assassin's Creed: Rogue - I don't typically buy games so new due to the outrageous pricing.