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  1. Platinum #58: Mortal Kombat 11. Quite long, but easy. It's not terrifying. Just got a few dumb grinds in it that take a while. Only really major hard one will be the tutorial for new players. -James
  2. Here's a report of the trophies that pop/don't pop with MK11 (using Yestercades copy as test): Krypt trophies: Pop automatically when you go to the area Klassic Tower trophies: Don't. Have to do those towers again. Incremental trophies (like the shrine trophy): Just do one more than the required to pop it. Don't bother with Konsumables and Towers, don't think they count except for the DLC ones. Fatality trophies: Got to do them again. Getting the codes for them and the Brutalities stick though, so get them out of the Krypt. Didn't try: AI simulator sets, Kombat Kard intros, costume trophies, etc. Story trophies will not be far enough to pop, though I got mine at Yestercades a long time ago. Enjoy people. -James
  3. A bit late posting here, but a Platinum on CoD: Modern Warfare 3. Thanks to IOnlyUseBlade99 for all the help. Very, very difficult Plat IMO. You need to be competent and your partner needs to be at least semi-professional. -James
  4. I didn't want to be AFK, but I needed to know if I had to do the tasks. Thank you
  5. For the Easter Eggs, do YOU actually have to do them, or can a partner do it in the game and you still obtain them? This is important. Thank you. -James
  6. I have one. I'll try this out. Edit: It works. Second use for this. Keep in inventory. -James
  7. CONFIRMED: 72 OP 8 is GONE!!!! No more OP level runs. You still seem to be able to use your previous OP level weapons though so far as they're grandfathered into that character. Checking trophies now. -James
  8. I'm still really concerned about how bad the OP nerf is going to be, and the silence is deafening. Do they stay the same but only usable at 80? Are the weapons automatically releveled to 80 if you're OP 8? Do they scale (like 72 OP 8 becomes 73 OP 7)? Is there going to be a massive change to Digistruct Peak now to get it back? It really worries me. -James
  9. Basically, it obsoletes the current OP levels, then you got to do it all over again at L80, who knows if you'll start at OP 1 or OP 8 though, we'll see
  10. NO! OH GOD NO! This makes 2 DLC's and another trip through OP land. And what's the UHVM enemy starting level? 72 OP 8? Honestly, this is getting on the Pokemon level of absurdity for expansions.
  11. Well, finally finished off 40 after much aggravation. Now for the other two versions. :: sigh :: This trophy is extremely rare for a reason
  12. I finally beat Level 39 in Q*Bert Rebooted finally after a few years (on and off of course), and I blow it in Stage 40. Just my friggin luck. Beat by far the hardest stage in the game and lose on one of the easiest....... I'm such a loser. -James
  13. #53: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Much thanks to Phorus and others, finally made it through. Rough, but very satisfying at the end. This is why we play games and go through the pain.
  14. Platinum #51: Tekken Tag Tournament HD Thanks to @Zolty85for pushing me to finish this blasted one, could never do Tekken Bowling or the more sophisticated stuff like chickens. I guess I've improved a little bit (though nowhere near top level comp) -James
  15. Make it official. I have joined the Master Ninja club. Now working on CC. Don't know if I'll Plat it, but it'll be a damn good effort. -James