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  1. I'm going to be over 39 1/2 when I finally do this, halfway through Chapter 15 at the moment. Just wondering how old you were when you completed Master Ninja, if you did. Maybe it'll give some hope. -James
  2. The game is definitely not as friendly as Borderlands 2 / TPS were. Most of the story ones, including Claptrap, are still locked for me. -James
  3. I sent mine over. 1. Runs pretty clean. Think I had like 3 or 4 guns wiped out in the transfer. 2. Apparently General Knox and Moxxi's do not transfer, or I played them with blacklisted people. Either way, got to re-earn them. 3. Location trophies simple enough. Just go there and unlock them. 4. Not sure how PS NOW works, but with the PS3 version, it's a Pokemon style one-way transfer. Beware on the PS4 though: The interface is slightly different when you start a game. . Keep you posted. -James
  4. I imagine so. It's either not active or the game isn't available everywhere
  5. I haven't been able to sync yet, but I'm redownloading the PS3 to transfer stuff. This will be an all-day project. Probably a tomorrow start to play the game. I guess back to Master Ninja for now, lol.
  6. It's sad, but it was bound to happen. I got about $20 off of them (1 Plat pass and 2 Silver/Gold Passes). It wasn't a total waste, but not god-like either. It'll hurt the easy games they want beta-tested though. -James
  7. Platinum #48: Street Fighter V. GOLD LEAGUE! SUCCESS!!! SUCCESS! WE DID IT! WE DID IT! (Batman, 1960's) -James
  8. I just got this today. Exchanged a lot of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin items to seal the deal. Tips to reduce the massive amount of overhead needed: 1. Make sure your playing partner or you have a 2nd system has a Vita (obvious) 2. Make sure you're using two separate accounts. Having a friend this was not an issue, but it can be for single-person attempts 3. Make sure both games are on the same update of game and system firmware. I think this is where most people run into problems, and it took me over an hour to track this one down. So being near a Wi-Fi hotspot I'd consider a must. 4. If all these fail, set the channel of Ad Hoc to the same. Hope this helps people get this AH trophy. -James
  9. That would make it simple. The GOTY Edition is a lot easier to find overall (and about $15 cheaper if I want to play the rental tag with GameStop in desperation). Thank you. -James
  10. 1. I own Borderlands 2 Digital. If I get the Triple Pack DLC disc, can I just download the DLC and then play it with the digital game I have without the DLC disc? 2. I would be willing to look to borrow the game for a short time if this is possible. I wouldn't need to keep it, since I got Borderlands 1 DLC for cheap, own 2 digitally, and my cousin has the Pre-Sequel (if the DLC works that way). I also have saves from the PS4, so I can just send those lovelies over to make things on the relatively easy side. Can someone get back to me -James
  11. I got it without a pen or spoon, but it did take two hands pressing the buttons. Basically, put thumbs on bottom of the controller, use your index and middle fingers of both hands on the buttons. Wait until the timer reaches 4, then start mashing like crazy alternating, letting the time clock expire for the chop. I guarantee you won't get it first try, but you'll get it with some practice and luck combined. Takes about a half hour, but it's better than breaking your controller with something foreign. I'm also notorious for mashing in classic games and a pro back in the day in fighting games, so what I said might not be replicatable by an average player. -James
  12. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, 97% each, I hate trials....... -James
  13. I'm about to get both of these Plats (one pending an IRL meeting that I can hook up), but I have to say Street Fighter x Tekken is a real winner here. 500 match grind on the PS3 is just atrocious, the game is just not the most fun to play to begin with, online is laggy and everybody's way too good. I sold it the first time due to no real guide how to beat the missions (especially Mission 19 with Shin Akuma), borrowed it from a friend. Glad I'm Plat'ing both versions, but I loathe the game. Took about 70 attempts to beat Shin Akuma on both versions using heavy YouTube guide help, and from what I'm hearing that's a generously low amount of attempts compared to some people. -James
  14. Up to Pact 6 about 3/4 of the way through, need help going from there through Avalon Pact X. PM me if you can help me. Running a 30 Soul/70 Life character, mostly based around Melee Weapons, also have all versions of missiles Large. -James
  15. Collected. Goodbye you glitched trophy. Now for the Golds when I'm done with MK. -James