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  1. I saw a post on EA forums: Maintenance for a game from 2011? Interesting. // EDIT Link:
  2. I can confirm it still works, I had to redo 4 trophies: - Love Hurts - Who Ya Gonna Call? - Sexting - No Boss of Mine
  3. FOB trophy - u need to infiltrate other players' bases. The opponent is not required during a mission. There should be many bases available to attack. Nuke trophies - to build a nuke you will need ONLINE resources. It requires a lot of fuel and minor metals - it will take time. I don't recommend waiting with it to the end. I think nuke disposal can be done offline.
  4. It works... Sell/buy a relic item a few times. Later go to the main menu and load again your character. Progress should be updated.
  5. If I remember correctly you have to repeat all fatalities for each character, 100 brutalities, items used, all online trophies, and classic towers for 10 characters. All other trophies pop when you perform a single action, so 1 tutorial, 1 tower, 1 crypt's chest, etc.
  6. I did it by hosting a multiplayer game on vita and joining (using another account) from PS4 using quick match.
  7. there are two types of people: those who regularly backup their saves and those who will learn to backup their saves
  8. In the PS3 version yes, so I think in PS4's too.
  9. I know your problem @xZoneHunter. Return to Ostragar DLC is not included correctly on the complete edition disc. I had to contact EA support a few years ago and they gave me this DLC for free. You can read more here: Good luck with EA support.
  10. @muumipappa2009 I used this job to get lv 100 . 2 players required.
  12. For Battlefield hardline you need 4 players in a game to start a match (ranked also). Kills from rented server count to the trophies - currently working on them.
  13. PlayStation 1 for me. It was a big jump from NES and C64 for me (I feel old lol).
  14. I finally get UGC trophies in Festival of Blood. I tried to connect every day 2 - 3 times for 7 or more days. How somebody mentioned before, you need the "golden time"... Good luck guys!