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  1. I know your problem @xZoneHunter. Return to Ostragar DLC is not included correctly on the complete edition disc. I had to contact EA support a few years ago and they gave me this DLC for free. You can read more here: Good luck with EA support.
  2. biokam Payday 2: Crimewave Edition • Reason: Infamy 10 and Infamy 25 earned too close together Infamy level can be obtained very fast using the Crime Spree (CS) method. Sample YT videos: - - I had friends with very big Crime Spree levels. The heist presented on the video is long, we played much shortest heist called "Stealthy FBI Server Heist Gone Wrong". With a well-organized group, this heist can take 2 - 3 mins, step by step guide: - enter the building, use pagers to disarm alarms, - find an electrical box and cut cables (after a few games u know where all boxes are), - go for the server (use saw to open doors extremely fast), - take the server to the car (beginning of the heist) -> mission done. To survive on high CS levels you can use flamethrowers and v powerful snipers and perform headshots. After each heist, you have to reach a new infamy level first, and later take a reward from CS to get level 100 once again (lv 100 will give you access to a flamethrower, sniper, etc.). I got 10 infamy trophy on time at 9:53:12 PM and 25 infamy trophy on time at 11:18:13 PM. The difference gives us 85 minutes. 85 divided by 14 levels gives us over 6mins per level. I suggest extending the trophy guide to this method.
  3. @muumipappa2009 I used this job to get lv 100 . 2 players required.
  5. For Battlefield hardline you need 4 players in a game to start a match (ranked also). Kills from rented server count to the trophies - currently working on them.
  6. PlayStation 1 for me. It was a big jump from NES and C64 for me (I feel old lol).
  7. I finally get UGC trophies in Festival of Blood. I tried to connect every day 2 - 3 times for 7 or more days. How somebody mentioned before, you need the "golden time"... Good luck guys!
  8. Finally!!! Got them! I just connected to the UGC server on the second try. When I was green missions on the map I went to the search option and typed "fast". Later I queued around 25 fast missions and play each of them by traveling on the map using bats. I tried 2-3 times daily for over 7 days. Finally success... Guys, stay strong. Festival of Blood. Btw. hello @bandido15-nuno_C I remember you from Uncharted 3 (Bandido strikes again! )
  9. I think they don't work at all.
  10. During the play (Infamous FoB), I had strange behavior. When I completed the story I saw a few UGC missions on a map, but I was unable to start them. I tried to contact a few last trophy achievers. They said they started mission from search in the pause menu. I thought about deleting all saves and starting this game one more time in one sitting. If I get access to missions again, on the map, I will try to do them from the search submenu.
  11. I'm trying to get it for a few days. Still, no success, can't connect. I don't know how other people got it.
  12. Yep. Trophy guides published here don't mark these trophies as multiplayer only Somebody with sufficient permission should fix them.
  13. I also sent a message on Twitter. I hope it can help.
  14. I did them 2-3 days ago, but can't connect to Infamous FoB
  15. Hello, Has anyone any problems while connecting to UGC servers in the game? I completed the game a few days ago and every time, when I try to download UGC missions, I have UGC Login Failure I saw a few people get this trophy nowadays (PsNow?). I tried changing DNS and login on different days. Any Ideas?