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  1. @Cloud_2049 I have no idea. This game is so underrated, which is sad.
  2. Inb4 Sony calls C&D for putting PlayStation roms along with the console. 😎
  3. I’ll still wait that the game is fully released.
  4. You’re probably going to wait until the feature rolls out soon.
  5. And now excuse me my French... Osti d’bande de crosseurs! C’était pas assez de payer le crisse de jeu neuf 80$ plus taxes, et augmenter le prix de tout? Et maintenant on paie également les taxes sur le PS Store?!?! Me demande pas pourquoi j’achète jamais de jeux dès leur sortie et que j’attends jusqu’aux soldes! J’SUIS ÉCŒURÉ! 😡 Le Gaming c’est devenu un luxe!
  6. It’s been a week and yet, I don’t see YongYea, LegacyKillaHD, Downward Thrust, ReviewTechUSA or Jim Sterling covering the always-online requirement to BG&E2.
  7. FINALLY! The Holy Grail has arrived! P.S. Definitely switch the sub-character to Barbara, this is how I’ve gotten exactly 256,01m.
  8. And takes away the game you purchased, even on disc! The perfect money steal.
  9. There goes the sequel so awaited by fans for over a decade... to finally be an always-online game and be sent back to oblivion when the servers shut down! I HATE so much games completely playable solo that require online! All this hard work will be for absolutely NOTHING in the very end! Good luck playing this game years later... This “Live service” trend in solo games must stop!
  10. This is why I didn’t bother playing this game at all. I didn’t want to risk all my entire EA progression on all games, if the trophy glitches on me.
  11. I won’t stop playing the game. They can add as much trophies they want, I’ll do them! As right now, I haven’t done the 50 self-unhooks yet, so I’m doing the “break 50 individual hooks” and “unhook yourself 50 times” trophies at the same time with Jeff. Killing two birds with one stone, as I’d say.
  12. There has been an hotfix just today, it should fix the accumulative trophies.
  13. @iJLAW_ Rejoice, there is an hotfix patch already deployed today that should fix the accumulative trophies!
  14. Rejoice y'all! There is a hotfix patch already deployed today that should fix the accumulative trophies!
  15. I do never target the Rank 1 from any side. All I do is having fun while unlocking DLC trophies. The farthest I went as a killer was rank 10 as the Spirit, then Survivor Rank 14 mainly as Claudette. I wish there were both the “Survivor Rank 1” and “Killer Rank 1” steam achievements as trophies though. Those would have been dedicated trophies!