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  1. This is the majority of the PlayLink games: Made for local multiplayer, requires multiple mobile devices (or Android emulations) for the trophies. I'd like to get Melbits World as next PlayLink game, and requires 4 mobile devices this time (which isn't that bad than requiring 6!)
  2. Am I the only one who commented about Ashe's trophies here? I can say this: Ashe has simply the easiest DLC trophies yet! I've gotten them within an evening!
  3. Another hero, another easy legit 100%, no boosting! Damn, I’m proud of myself! Time to put the disc back to the case! See ya in the next 4 months, game! Short Fuse Kill an enemy by shooting Ashe’s Dynamite from at least 30 meters away in Quick or Competitive Play. Served Up Get a killing blow as Ashe on an enemy knocked into the air by B.O.B. in Quick or Competitive Play.
  4. I’d rather take my time to the road to rank 50, so the platinum. I have job daily so I'm far from being fast to become the fastest 50 achievers. Good luck to ya!
  5. Too late to the party, if you ask me. Good luck on beating Fortnite on the PlayStation territory! ....... ........... I may give this game a try, considering that the playerbase on PS4 might be low, just for the sake of populating it.
  6. Any news on Mortal Kombat Vita yet?
  7. Have some Hammond sketches. 🐹
  8. Nice, thank you for letting us know about DLC trophies. This makes me feel better. *Waits for complete edition*
  9. Source: As the forum threats says here, the next major patch (which obviously when the upcoming hero Ashe goes live) will require a full reinstall of the game when you update the game. I know the inconvenient, but this isn’t such a big deal since it’s an online multiplayer game afterall.
  10. @MMDE @SnowxSakura @dokkanexpert Eeeeh what? What is this panic!? The real name above notifications (ex. Trophies) only displays if you have at least two controllers connected to the console, to identify from which account the notification is for. It has always been here since the PS4’s launch. If you only have only one controller connected, never will it show your name above trophies and such. You guys really need to chill the fuck out... by desesperatly searching details that can be seen as “new” feature in the latest software system update, you can easily forget that this feature or change has already been here.
  11. A such big update?!?! Seriously?! I respect for what Toys For Bob did with the remake trilogy... but NEVER ever will I tolerate Activi$ion for rushing out an incomplete physical disc. They could have put all the thing in two discs like Red Dead Redemption 2! Extremely lazy and anti-consumer! I wanted the game, but I don’t want it brand new and from a store anymore! This publisher won’t have more of my money! Call me years later when the PSN servers shut down and you can’t download the rest of the content. I understand day one patches for fixing bugs and glitches, but day one update that is essentially a portion of the base game is unacceptable! Activi$ion obviously want to keep a control on their games from physical discs and to re-release the games on next generations, begging us more money for playing the full game again! This isn’t the first time Activi$ion pulls this incomplete physical disc practice, folks. For example, you must update CoD:WW2 to even play the campaign, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 (a rushed bad game) only has the demo on the disc and the fully playable game is on update. This made basically the disc as “Activision key”, making the physical disc pointless to get. Don’t question me why I hate Activi$ion with pure passion, and for good reasons! It’s simply the scummiest publisher in the entire gaming industry, not delivering us complete, playable SINGLE PLAYER base games on disc! Am I wrong? Go ahead and find me other games that are not published by Activision, on physical disc, single player campaign entirely playable without needing an update.
  12. Shirrako got his channel back
  13. No thank you, Bluehole, we don’t want your generic looking, buggy and unoptimized piece of trash on the PS4. You cannot make your game optimized on the PC in the first place, you even released an unacceptable catastrophe port on the Xbox One and you still cannot make it good after all the patches. So why would you put it on PS4 this time? Make your game fluid and good looking before putting it on PS4. Also, it’s already too late to release it, since Fortnite is the king on PS4. You have no chance of beating your rival game.
  14. *sigh* I knew something like this would happen... it was so predictable, especially Rockstar getting controversies for each single game. Why? Because Rockstar has no bondary, the boundless creativity is the signature of the studio’s single player quality! I’m glad that Rockstar didn’t bow down to those “offended” mobs, the devs do wathever it takes to make a good game they really want. It’s an open world in which you can shoot and beat up any animal and anyone you like, for your guilty pleasure without hurting anyone or anything else! I am so tired of those SJWs targeting every single piece of entertainment’s release that makes slightly fun of anything, or that even depicts any historical event because it doesn’t please their agenda. For example, should now PETA start to cry loud at RDR2 because we can hunt and skin animals as much we like in the game? Does it automatically mean that I slaughter animals in real life? NO, because it’s a video game and I can do anything I wouldn’t dare to do for real. Those offensive mobs must understand that the Red Dead series is a historical interpretation of the Wild West, while being completely fictional. It’s basically Rockstar’s own take on the era. This game represents how things were back at the American frontier. Those SJWs should be glad that the Dutch gang is composed of three black members, a Cuban and a Scottish. Everyone in this gang is treated equal, regardless of sex and skin color. All characters have strong personality and so well performed that you attach to every member. This gang has plenty of women with strong personality as well, especially Sadie, the badass cowgirl. The SJWs should be glad of it! Sadly enough, those offended mobs never ever get satisfied! Even if you’d pander to their demands, it’ll never be good enough. I just want in the end enjoying those pieces of entertainment and see the developers and producers’ vision without some sensitive idiots come to impose their politics to them. Yes, you can be offended, but it doesn’t give you the right to force your demands into people’s throat.
  15. Any more reports? How about Rayman Legends challenge leaderboards being affected to the name change, especially Vita version? I know that the challenges rotate daily and weekly and that the Awesomeness level is stored into the save file, but still...