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  1. Battlezone and EVE: Valkyrie are originally VR only games, but VR is no more required after an update.
  2. You can level up Certified Items in public matches only.
  3. Backup save file and closing the game are always your friends in these types of trophies.
  4. @Dethfuse I think it'll be the same as other platforms: 19,99$.
  5. @IntroPhenom By judging the users reviews on Steam, it looks like yes.
  6. @SaintHarri I want to let you know that I corrected the guide. Closing the game quickly upon death works and won't count the death. This is what I did before the multi-save slots was added. @dimavankula Yes, copying the save file on a USB storage or PS+ cloud is the only known way to complete this trophy, if you die during the run.
  7. Finally, this fantastic game arrives on the PS4! What are your thoughts on the trophy list? I'm personally excited to get my hands on this game the March 12, I've been waited for it on the PS4 for soooo long! While Steam achievements' images are presents as expected, they have been shrinked down to the corner and pasted on in-game images. I wish there were those icons only though. The game looks challenging, especially the No Alert, No Damage and No Recover Health runs! 😎 It may take 2-3 playthroughs to platinum it! 😌
  8. Doesn't matter, I won't buy. I only cared about Metal Gear, and they raped the franchise after Kojima left. #FucKonami
  9. The urge of having a “stack” PS4 platinum trophy is irresistible for many people in this website or niche of gamers.
  10. I know it may sound stupid but... Remember, no pre-orders.
  11. Friends Without Borders is the only one online trophy in the game, so all other trophies in That’s You! won’t be affected. Everything can be done with mobile devices and/or Android emulator on a PC.
  12. My bad. Nowhere says that the servers will shut down, no specific date. But you know, everything online will shut down at some point in the future, it’s just a matter of time. For instance, when a studio responsable for a game shuts down, it’s usually a sign of servers shutting down soon.
  13. Source: That’s right, the studio behind “That’s You!” shuts its doors. You guys better get the only one online trophy Friends Without Borders before servers shut down in the future. You should also do most of the trophies online while you can!
  14. Any news on this topic? I don’t want to cut tie to all my guides, forum profile and such when changing ID.
  15. Hahaha there’s NO WAY that I play this game and grind for an eternity. I would 100% every Battlefield game EXCEPT Hardline, I don’t mind at all since I have zero interest in the game. I don’t consider Hardline as a Battlefield game anyway.