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  1. I personally find it sucking that some great VR exclusives get removed the required VR and gets optional. It’s just void the point of owning one. Still, the best experience is using the VR when it was meant to be played this way.
  2. Battlezone, another VR game, will get an update on May 1st, removing the VR required to play. The VR mode is still playable for PSVR owners.
  3. Source: On May 1st, 2018, Battlezone, one of the best VR games ever, will re-release under the Gold Edition. It contains all the free update contents released to this day (Classic mode, Extreme and Beginner difficulties, etc), all the paid tank customizations (skins, bubbleheads) now available and, the biggest one, the VR headset is no more required, allowing everyone to enjoy this tactical coop tank shooter! VR and non-VR players can now coop together against the AI Core and save humanity! Any original digital or physical copy of Battlezone will upgrade to Gold Edition for free! Keep in mind that Battlezone’s platinum trophy is extremely ultra rare because, not only it was a VR game, but due to the **huge grind** that is Life Get, requiring to collect a total of 10,000,000 Data (game currency) throughout your ton of playthroughs. We’ll see if this new update will reduce the required amount of data for the trophy. Good luck, soldiers!
  4. @Caju_94 I’m not into mobile gaming at all (aside PS Vita) but I’ve got hooked to this game that I've purchased the full game for $4. The mobile game I play for years. You should try it, it’s free. And if you have a Bluetooth controller laying around, you can connect it to the game, instead of using the touch controls! It’s basically a demo while waiting the PS4 release.
  5. Developed by Brazilian-based indie studio Aquiris, Horizon Chase Turbo is a game that shares this nostalgic old-school racing feel and music from the 80s and 90s. It’s an enhanced version of the initial mobile release (Horizon Chase) and it will hit the PS Store on May 15. Here what to expect on this game: World Tour Campaign, Tournaments and challenges of endurance. 31 vehicles available 109 tracks for people to play on Four players local split-screen and more. Judging by the game achievements in the original mobile version (26 of them), it’s likely to get a Platinum trophy on PS4. Here is the list, with my predicted trophies type: Legend - Congratulations! You’ve collected all Trophies in Horizon Chase Turbo! California Completed - Finish all main California races in 5th place or better. Chile Completed - Finish all main Chile races in 5th place or better. Brazil Completed - Finish all main Brazil races in 5th place or better. South Africa Completed - Finish all main South Africa races in 5th place or better. Greece Completed - Finish all main Greece races in 5th place or better. Iceland Completed - Finish all main Iceland races in 5th place or better. United Arab Emirates Completed - Finish all main United Arab Emirates races in 5th place or better. India Completed - Finish all main India races in 5th place or better. Australia Completed - Finish all main Australia races in 5th place or better. Hawaii Completed - Finish all main Hawaii races in 5th place or better. California Dreamer - Finish 1st place in all California races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. Carménère Taster - Finish 1st place in all Chile races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. Driver from Ipanema - Finish 1st place in all Brazil races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. Pathfinder - Finish 1st place in all South Africa races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. God of Roads - Finish 1st place in all Greece races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. The Iceman - Finish 1st place in all Iceland races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. Sheikh it Off - Finish 1st place in all United Arab Emirates races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. Bollywood Star - Finish 1st place in all India races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. Marsupial - Finish 1st place in all Australia races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. Kahuna - Finish 1st place in all Hawaii races, including the bonus race, and get all track tokens. Not a Single Scratch - Get First Place in a race without bumping other cars. Track Legend - Finish a race with a Pro Stamp plus a full tank. Even Better - Lower your time in a race. Barry’s Legacy - Finished the game. Great Scott! - Finished the game with Gold in all races. Retro Head - Finished the game with all Pro Stamps. Sure, I expect a few more trophies related to tournaments or split-screen multiplayer for example. If you want to try out this game before the PS4 release, you can get it on iOS App Store or Google Play Store for free as trial, and a few bucks for the full game unlock. I’m already hooked at this game!
  6. I wouldn’t care less. I have already platinum’d the original AC3, Liberation and Black Flag.
  7. When it comes to hate messages from random players, I never ever reply back their trolling or insult, because they might report me back.
  8. #180 is indeed the hardest track in the entire game. I've retried hundred of times and I didn't give up, and I eventually got it! The ghost isn't an issue, but rather the track itself. The hardest of all is the very start: You need to keep enough speed during the three first jumps to be able to reach the rest of the track. Try to not turn too roughly or you'll lose speed. Place your car most to the middle of the road. Manage to pass these jumps and the rest of the track isn't much of an issue. Also, in a such game like this one where speed and precision are primordial, doing it in Share Play will only make the remote player an almost impossible task to accomplish this track due to display delay. Here a video below, it might help you. Lycka till! Du kan göra det! - Greetings from a Canadian somewhere in Sweden.
  9. @Conker Remember, as long as there are masterpiece single player experiences such as God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn and many others, the art of gaming will always live.
  10. Take it with a pinch of salt, they’re rumors and speculations. If it comes true, hahaha I can’t wait to witness the biggest failure for a major CoD launch ever! I couldn’t give a damn about CoD, I gave up after MW3. So, fuck CoD and I hope this franchise dies (if it’s dead already)!
  11. How the fuck can Sony’s QA go THAT low?!?! Did they test the game before approving it into the store or what?! I’m glad that these crap drifting games from the Middle East have a short trophy list. But the price will never justify it! Sell it at one buck, because this is what it should be considering the game’s duration and quality!
  12. @starcrunch061 @Sergen Thanks for clarifying it. I totally agree with you.
  13. Hello there, can we just delete all topics that a guy simply asks for a gaming session? I mean, boosting, cooperative topics that the only text is to promote the gaming session? All it ends is to see the inevitable topic lock and to see the topics polluting the list of topics. These guys should know that it exists a section of the website made specialty for gaming sessions. Can you mods simply delete them instead of locking them and see them all above the list?
  14. Any gaming session must be created here: Topic closed.
  15. Source: In short words, The Invisible Hours will get an update on the 24th April, removing the requirement of a PSVR headset to play. So this game should be removed from the VR Games collection.