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  1. #119 - Paladins Champion of Champions Unlock all trophies in Paladins
  2. Paladins was fun for a F2P and an easy Plat (despite a few needed to boost) yet it cannot match OW. :P

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    2. Maxie Mouse

      Maxie Mouse

      I guess that OW requires more teamwork and it's more dynamic and intense than Paladins.

    3. SaltyCatRemi


      Fair point, I also have played Overwatch for like 600 hours-
      May be drained at the moment.

      Both games are super fun in the end.

    4. KingGuy420


      I actually prefer Paladins as well. The card system gives a ton of variety to each individual character. And the in game items add a new level of strategy. These things add a ton more replayability imo, instead of using the exact same characters with the exact same tactics everytime. Not to mention, more characters and more consistent updates lol.


      Congrats on the plat =)

  3. @ZachBoardyHD Probably because girls cheer us up...
  4. @Xionx I got my last gems with Coco, just for the change. I think that I'll do the Relics with Coco until now, so I'll profit of both.
  5. That's just an exception. There are always a few exceptions for everything. It's not really a big deal if some people missed it though, since you can get the Ultimate Edition disc for $40.
  6. @ZachBoardyHD So you mean that they work mechanically the exact same while their animations just feel differently? I have doubt that it will make us perform better.
  7. If it's the case, I'll maybe jump back to the game and take Coco only for the Relics.
  8. It always been like this in any free weekend or free trial of an online game: you can't earn trophies. The progression caries over when you purchase the full game.
  9. While the level seems really hard, the trophy for the Gem isn't. You can prepare for this level with 99 lives afterall.
  10. Does anyone wants to play Paladins for :bronze: Teamed Up trophy and for a little fun?

  11. I'm far from being annoying you know. If I was, I would have been insuling and despising personally anyone who buys something printed Activision on it, that would've been contradotary because I bought Crash Trilogy (they convinced me to buy Acti after 7 years). I can also bash on Bethesda that have made people paying $40 for a MP Season Pass, for becoming free in the end. I can bash EA for making pay extra $50 for the complete Battlefield experience. There's nothing wrong hating paid DLCs. I praise studios that support their online fanbase with free contents. That is possible (of course) thanks to people who fund the studio by microtransactions... so I don't have to spend an extra coin. But I praise even more when studios give free DLCs for Single Player games, as a "Thank you" to people who bought and made their game a success! That's how it should be. If I was Activision, I would have let the Crash DLC free forever as a Thank You, they have so much money that it shouldn't bother them to lose a little bit for just a small DLC. Anyway, I'll end my rant towards Activision in the future and I'll enjoy this free DLC (before it becomes $3). Thank you Acti... for once!
  12. Still, it's Activi$ion to charge anything with money. Yes it's available for free for about a month. Still, they'll sell it for the late-to-the-party people.
  13. I never thought of it... but yeah Doomfist's Ult by its own should be perfect for Halt State! And as I always do for OW: the legit way! Of course, if you voice chat with this Doomfist player for a perfect timing! I'll never know this method since I already got the trophy. Maybe, if I try my unearned Halt State achievement on PC, I'll know it.
  14. For a game soon 10 years old, you never expect studios and publishers to maintain their old games.
  15. Like no one should make players paying Multiplayer DLCs (with trophies), otherwise they split up their fanbase.