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  1. #125 - Assassin's Creed Rogue Platinum Trophy Unlock all other trophies If you have played AC4 Black Flag before, you won't be lost in to this Rogue game. This is basically a copy-paste of Black Flag but in North America: The gameplay, the exploration, the crafting system, the ship battles and the sound effects are exactly the same. The exact same boring Present location. Despise this, I felt that Rogue equals even little better than Black Flag because, not only there were little extra features, but it's probably because I cloud relate myself as I'm born in the north cold winter and it happens in North America. For the first time ever we control a Templar who's going to eliminate his once-before Assassin fellows. While the story wasn't that impressive, it had the bonus of showing the Assassin's dark side and show more how are Templar's side. Neither Templars and Assassins are good or bad guys; both clans fulfill goals that seem for them the better for Mankind. Even trophy-wise it was very close of what you had to do in Black Flag: collect animus shards, beat all Legendary ships, fully upgrade your ship, explore all locations, 100% sync all main missions, etc. An easy Platinum as every other AC games and this game has a plus of having no online trophies whatsoever!
  2. @Spaz You mean MGS Ground Zeroes? Ah yeah, it was tagged $40 for basically a demo. What a scam!
  3. Simple. Microsoft struggled to top PS4 sales since, so Microsoft did a truly mistake by porting their once-before franchises exclusive to XBox on PC. While this decision opened more opportunity to taste those Microsoft games and to Microsoft to get more money, it killed off reasons for PC owners (including myself) to get an XBox One for their exclusives since you can simply purchase those games on PC instead. Then the upcoming XBox One X, they brag how it is the "most powerful" console yet compared to the PS4 Pro, that it does Native 4K resolution. Yet, they can't make all games 4K 60fps They don't give good reasons to own an XBox One X if third-party games will most take advantage of it. With the lack of exclusive XBox games (and the fact that they are and will be on PC too), I believe that Microsoft is slowly killing off XBox brand and they focus on their Windows platform. I will always still believe that exclusives sell a console.
  4. I wanted a Vita because of WipEout 2048, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and other Vita exclusive games (that were exclusive before getting ported to PS4 years later...). I didn't like the PSP at all and I sold it to save on the Vita at launch. There were Trophies on-the-go too! I really love the design and what it's capable for a centered-gaming mobile device! 5 years later and it's still working great as before. Of course, it got scratches and lost its silver in some side corners regardless of how I took care of it. Although I regret my purchase sometimes because of the terrible support from Sony and they completely gave it up and their owners...
  5. Gonna get the ZoE HD Collection on PS3 USED if I ever get interesting of the franchise, so Konami won't have any of my money. Same with Metal Gear Survive IF I ever want to play it someday later its release. #FucKonami
  6. They can do the hell they want Konami because they're dead already. #FucKonami
  7. This would be a terrible marketing move. There would be no point of buying a console. Remember, exclusives make gaming machines sold. It's a fact. With the recent and future Microsoft games that once were XBox exclusive are on PC now. This decision gives many people no reason of buying an XBox, without mentioning that there are not many appealing exclusive games from Microsoft, which doesn't really help. Nintendo would have ceased to exist if they gave up their games exclusively on Nintendo consoles.
  8. For organizing a gaming session, it is HERE. Thank you!
  9. @Terra If it's related to a limited-time event, they won't since Sony doesn't allow trophies obtainable for a limited time. It would be allowed if Psyonix has confirmed that the new map is permanent after the Autumn season.
  10. How about putting a new optional trophy for Mercy's Valkyrie ultimate too?
  11. With the upcoming Plains of Eidolon expansion, I really hope that it has its own separate trophy list with a Platinum instead of a single gold trophy for completing the story quest, just like the latest patches.
  12. @dalailama1989 Maybe later when closer to the update's release date, who knows. But yeah, maybe this Autumn update doesn't have enough contents or modes to make more trophies, or maybe Psyonix have covered all possible trophies gameplay-wise. The worst trophy idea they'd come up with is something about Crates but knowing them, they wouldn't do it or the community would turn mad. With the upcoming Decryptors or not.
  13. Created the 25th December 2007.
  14. It won't stop raining new trophies! Hide to safety! In a serious note, as far as I see, Overwatch, Warframe and Rocket League are the three I love and come back playing when new trophies are added! I don't complain since trophies aren't added regularly, about three months or more between each update. It's coming a big Autumn Update on 28th september, let's hope more shiny achievements to collect! Keep it then coming, Psyonix!
  15. # 122 - LittleBigPlanet 3 100% Complete Difficulty: 3/10 Fun: 7/10 Compared to other LittleBigPlanet games, this Platinum was easier since there wasn't any complicated online or "24 active hours in Create mode" trophies! Aside trophies, this game brought new fun features: three new characters with their own features, quests, new items. On each world, there's a level acting as a Hub connecting other levels, which is a nice welcome feature. This game brought some of the best level designs in LBP series! Unfortunately, this game shared its load of glitched trophies and annoying bugs. The game was too short to complete. All new features weren't exploited at their best, including the new Sack heroes. This game proves that only Media Molecule knows how to make their own masterpiece (since it was developed by Sumo Digital). It was a good game but it couldn't match the quality of LBP 1 and 2. # 123 - Crash Bandicoot The N. Tripid Crash Bandicoot Difficulty: 8/10 Fun: 7/10 As I grew up with PlayStation, I played Crash Bandicoot trilogy when I was a kid. I was excited to see this memorable trilogy coming back with beatiful amazing modern graphics! There's not much to tell about this remake: it feels exactly like the original PS1 games with modern graphics as far as I remember! I didn't remember how hard the original Crash was since I have never went far in the game after I did beat the first boss. And yes, I got astonished of the difficulty as far as I remembered over a decade ago. The Color Gems were hard to collect in some levels, but the Relics were much harder, they are some of the hardest speedruns I have ever did. Many levels were so frustrating that I wanted to throw my controller against the wall! Thanks to my determation, I managed to overcome the Relics and earn this Platinum trophy! Damn I felt proud! Now I need more guts to get the gold relic in Stormy Ascent for the 100%... # 124 - Dead Space 3 Brave New World Difficulty: 4/10 Fun: 4/10 This game was such a disappointment. As I loved the first two Dead Space, this one felt the one-too-many sequel. It gave up the creepy, horror and stressful atmosphere for a pure action pace. The game doesn't make you scare at all and the story is boring and filled of clichés. It was easy to predict where the monsters will show up. The only good thing about this game was to play Co-op with a friend. It was also boring to pass the game through 4 playthroughs to earn this platinum. I'm glad that the Dead Space franchise ended after this game. I hope not seeing any sequel anytime soon.