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  1. This Platinum is not impossible and it’s not grindy. I recommend to check out my trophy guide here: The online population is very low but you’ll meet some players in the process. In my case, I've met a number players even though we were two players boosting. You’ll hardly fill a 2v2 game, I can tell you. You can boost everything 1vs1 with another player. There’s no doubt that the 200 wins make people running away from this Platinum. You just do the “quitting match” method that gives automatically a win to the team when the entire opposite team has left. It takes 2 minutes to boost a win, or 4 minutes a win for each player. In the end, it takes 13 1/2 hours minimum for both players to get the 200 wins trophy if you strictly boost it. You’ll still need to boost 1000 kills and 100 scores. I recommend to do everything at the same time then finish with the 200 wins. Hope it helps.
  2. Another nail to the coffin! I’ll enjoy seeing this game and EA fall!
  3. More people joining the Mayo nation!
  4. Did nobody mention Orisa’s Halt State yet?! O.o This is insane, the tiny one second or two for you and teammates to damage 1000 health right after enemies are pulled by Halt ability is atonishing and extremely luck factor! And the teamwork effort has never been that much for one single trophy! To do it legit, I’ve got to teamup with two trophy hunters to manage it. We combine with a Zarya’s Ult, then detonate Halt above the enemy team and right after came Pharah’s Ult! But damn, I screamed like a maniac when we’ve made it! I’ve struggled with many DPS quad-kill trophies because, to be honest, they aren’t truly my kind of playstyle. I can remember Genji’s Ult one how I attempted times over... to only kill Junkrat and get killed by his dropped bombs! 😡 Anyway, I’ve found a perfect map position to get many quad-kills trophies without struggle. Not even new to anyone, both Zenyatta’s are difficult on their own. Surprisingly, I’ve got Rapid Discord ahead other quad-kill trophies. When I’ve got it, I knew that the was reachable! “Repetition is the path to mastery.”
  5. Moira has simply the easiest DLC trophies! I’ve got her two trophies without effort and I have no clue how I unlocked them. I mean, I guessed that for Triple Trigonometry, you need at least to have both heal and damage orbs to hit many players at once without dying. For Antipod, I cannot understand how. I guessed that you need to hit 7 players (alies and ennemies) with a single use of Ultimate. The thing is there was less than 7 players in front of me. I guess that I need to hit enemies 7 times in a row? I don’t know... I cannot really say how to do it but it was nice that trophies unlocked than I expected! Well, back to my 100%... until the next hero.
  6. They care way too much for their holy number 100.
  7. Earn a trophy from another game and it should work.
  8. Of course they had to bring back those crap Helix currency after two years... I remember how the spectacular backlash Unity got with all the bugs/glitches, the Companion App crap grind to unlocn many short yet easy money and armour parts in-game, the suits only unlockabke through Initiates website and it took an eternity at launch... and of course introduced those Helix microtransaction currency! And the most insulting it got a Season Pass! Gladly, Ubisoft made the Companion App, the Initiates website completely useless and made the Dead King DLC Free!
  9. As I said minutes ago, they better remove those pieces of shit permanently! I don’t care all the excuses and reasons such as “they need money for maintening the servers”, they should simply be happy with the millions of sales the could get if it wasn’t of all the controversies. No doubt that there’ll be less copies sold than planned. [Angry Joe Mode On] They done fucked it up! [Mode Off] And your game deserves to fail hard!
  10. They listen to players, they remove the microtransactions... but still they’ll bring them back anyway... All their responses and actions are biased and liars! Not really what the people wanted, they simply want these gambling craps removed forever! What I hear often is that people want cosmetics only than gameplay tweaks... yeah but do you realize that people paying those slot machines are the source of the problem we’re facing for years?!?! Look at Destiny 2, Shadow of War, NBA2K 18, Overwatch, NFS Payback (such ironic title!)... I can name hundreds of them! As an activist against microtransactions, I say that EA should keep their gamblings out of BF2 and future games. People are really tired of this shitty practice and they want them entirely gone!!! Remember when EA was the origin of the bullshit Online Passes because publishers said that it was against “piracy”? But in reality, they tried to kill off the retailers selling used games. That was another nonsense way to get more money! EA and other companies must understand something: you better do quality games and listen to your player base. If you don’t, your games deserve to fail! And BF2 deserves the bad reputation and anger from the customers! Gamers have enough of all vicious back-and-fourth greedy practices those corporations try to throw at people’s throat and they think it’s okay.
  11. After reading your posts, can someone invite me to a Clan? I want my archwing. I managed to do every single trophy so far with my maxed Rhino, good mods, my Broken-War sword and other things. I’m only MR 6. Of course, I’ve got carried by higher MR players in the process.
  12. AnywhereVR HAS trophies. Unless you get the Japanese version maybe. And it’s in English too.
  13. How dare they to remove digitally the game with the best Platinum name ever?!?! 😤 ..... I mean, come on... “You Can Sell the Game Now” .... Cannot be that revelant! Anyway, as I already told, licensing stuff are always doomed to be gone at some point... Let the games live forever!
  14. Licensing are such a great thing... if it’s licensed, it’ll already be doomed to be removed at some point. Let the games forever live!