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  1. @Denvirus Unfortunately, by the lack of transparency, the entire DBD’s twitter is filled of “when does the console update come” type of comments.
  2. @Denvirus Unfortunately, they cannot know when it’ll be approved.
  3. No worry, I haven’t met any glitched trophy, just that plenty of them would only count when I escaped through the exit gates, not the hatch. I got the 15 kills without counting, and the ‘4 kills in a match’ properly. There was the ‘All 4 survivors escaped through the hatch’ trophy known to be glitched as the last survivor escaping through the hatch was more likely to unlock the trophy, not the others. This is what we did, I was the last survivor and, surprisingly, everyone else got it.
  4. And this is the reason why I never ever play movie licensed game.
  5. Curtain Call chapter update? You can either pay the new characters as DLC pack or with the new paid Auric Cells currency, or you can simply unlock them with Iridescent Shards that you earn by playing. As right now, the patch has been released on Steam. The PS4 patch is in Certification process through Sony, so it may take a ‘few week’ according to devs. Which trophies do you mean exactly?
  6. As a celebration for the 2nd anniversary of DBD and the release of the newest Curtain Call chapter, there will be a weekend that you’ll earn double of all the bloodpoints post-match! All of those extra bloodpoints for unlocking perks, items and add-ons, offerings, and leveling up your survivors and killers, from July 5th to 9th.
  7. The PS4 community is very active. You’ll quickly find a match as survivor, or get survivors as you host as killer.
  8. Never wanted to do this... but here we are. Fievel with my own character.
  9. Please Naughty Dog... don’t make grindy MP trophies again...
  10. @ZireaelSan Those balances definitely reduce hours of grinding to the maximum character level (Prestige 3, level 50), but they don’t make the 500 sacrifices faster. I’m still working on ‘The Lullaby for the Dark’ and ‘The SAW’ DLC trophies (plus the upcoming Curtain Call chapter trophies), I probably played for over 200 hours and I still haven’t sacrificed 500 survivors yet.
  11. NOTE: The update is already out on Steam but it may take a few weeks for releasing on PS4, due to Certification process through Sony. As Behaviors Interactive acquired the ownership of their game and the game is about to reach its 2nd anniversary, Dead By Daylight is going to get more free content! Their first major content update for Year 3 is Curtain Call, which features: A new killer, the Clown A new survivor, Kate Denson A new map, Father Campbell’s Chapel A new in-game store, in which allows to purchase cosmetics, characters and teachable perks (via the Shrine of Secrets), with the new paid currency Auric Cells, or with Iridescent Shards A Player Level system, showing the overall playtime of the player across all characters and allowing to earn XP and get rewarded with Iridescent Shards A tutorial for new players And many balances and fixes, you can see all changes HERE (according to Steam patch). The new killer and survivor can be purchased via DLC pack ($6.99). Alternately, new characters can be purchased with Auric Cells currency or with Iridescent Shards (earned via playtime). New Trophies As usual, new chapter means new trophies! Here is below what you expect to obtain (based on Steam achievements): Smoked - In public matches, down 100 Survivors while they are intoxicated by The Afterpiece Tonic. Adept Clown - In a public match, achieve a merciless victory with The Clown using only his 3 unique perks. Party Crasher - In public matches, damage one Generator while at least 1 Survivor is Hooked, 100 times. Campbell’s Chapel Legacy - In a public match, repair the generator in the chapel and live to tell the tale. Whiffing to Success - In public matches, cause the killer to miss an attack before taking a vault 50 times. Adept Kate - In a public match, escape with Kate using only her 3 unique perks. Trophy Changes Among those balances, many trophies become easier and faster to earn. All “Adept” trophies take advantages of the following balances: Adjusted the level requirements for unlocking perk slots. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th perk slots now unlock at levels 5/10/15 respectively (down from 15/20/25) All characters now start with their 3 personal perks unlocked by default (at level 1) Many Scoring events have had their initial Bloodpoints reward increased, making all “Adept” trophies, Perfect Escape, Perfect Killing and all Prestige trophies ( I, II, III, III-50) easier and faster to reach: Objectives, Coop (increased from 10 to 25) Boldness, Chased (increased from 20/sec to 40/sec) Boldness, Escaped (increased from 250 to 400) Brutality, Hit (increased from 300 to 500) Hunter, Chase (increased from 5/sec to 10/sec) Hunter, Survivor Found (increased from 200 to 400)
  12. I just picked it up because it’s free. One more to my backlog... But I highly doubt that I will ever play this game because... 1) The price for the season pass and zombie chronicles DLC are insanely expensive! (because Activi$ion are scumbags). 2) I won’t bother earning CoD trophies further than Black Ops 1 and Black Ops Vita, because I don’t want to have a gap between BO1 and BO3, since Black Ops 2’s platinum is unobtainable (because Activi$ion are lazy to fix it). It extremely bothers me. Thank you for the free game, Activi$ion, but you’re still pure scumbags.
  13. Worked for me! Thank you for the head up!
  14. I boosted the hardest elite challenges with a friend only.
  15. I was serious on this one. Giving up gaming forever because of a little thing such as a game that doesn’t have a platinum (as wished for) is ridiculous.