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  1. The latest patch fixed all bugged trophies.
  2. Without mentioning that they changed the description for In the void she walks to "In public matches, with the Nurse, blink and successfully land an attack a total of 100 times." This basically makes the trophy much easy. Blink at least once then hit, ezpz. However, From the void she kills stays a difficult one, since it requires the ultra-rare add-on to have 3 blinks per charge, required to the trophy.
  3. Wait a little longer. Because of the bug, many new players may have had their progress stuck to 0/100. The moment I see the records of the bugged trophies being earned regularily, or that Wounded Healer finally pops on my screen, I'll update the guide.
  4. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/6272-dead-by-daylight/45-in-the-void-she-walks This trophy got its description changed to: In public matches, with the Nurse, blink and successfully land an attack a total of 100 times.
  5. It's kinda weird, because my new trophies were immediately synced to the website.
  6. FINALLY there's what I wanted to read officially on the PS4 version! 😭 I pray that Wounded Healer finally unlocks for me...
  7. @VoidVictorious In a few minutes, the patch goes live!
  8. As it is right now, it is glitched and it must be done in a single match. But the upcoming patch may fix the trophies, as on the Public Test Build it says the following:
  9. You need to get downed (dying state) only once, then escape for the match to count towards the trophy.
  10. Hmm... I hope that, when dedicated servers are deployed on PS4, matchmaking will be faster and we get less of this “Connection to the host has been lost” error. It’s frustrating when this occurs and we get no post-match rewards whatsoever.
  11. It should be out on December 4, according to the official website.
  12. I believe that this will be the case, sadly. But with the Archives, chapters and trophies coming every three months, there will always be something to work for until the trophy pops. Personally, I will redo it again.
  13. To add some arguments, BHVR promise things and they eventually deliver them. If you follow regularly their developer updates and news, transparency is one of the things that I appreciate, even though they tend to fix bugs and create new ones in the future. This is the struggle of a developer. Yes I’d argue about the cosmetics part, but they eventually accomplish their roadmap. For the Dedicated servers, they couldn’t deliver it as planned for Summer 2019, because the servers weren’t satisfied enough as expected, they had to postpone it to Fall 2019. Once again, in the developer updates, they said that they’d launch a couple of tests on the PTB (this is that they did) then let it on PC live for testing (they did it). Once satisfied of the result, they’re to be launched on consoles. For the 60 FPS goal, they improved significantly the framerate and it’s 60 FPS the majority of the time, even though sometimes it gets a 30 FPS due to many factors, devs said. It’s much much better than it was a year ago, when it was terrible to play on consoles. One of the biggest factor was the Peer-to-peer connection between consoles, which is demanding to the CPU. When dedicated servers will be live, all consoles will be connected to a data center, thus becoming less demanding to the CPU.
  14. As right now, the trophies are still broken. The patch I mentioned is currently for testing on the PTB (Public Test Build) on Steam. The patch notes state that achievements “based on percentage” are meant to be fixed. The patch will come on PS4 in at least two weeks, so let’s hope that those fixes also include PS4 trophies.