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  1. Dedicated servers are already being tested on live PC environment. Consoles would come soon.
  2. I forgot to show this one

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. FireFoxie


      I like that! That's really cute! 

  4. I feel the same, but I’ll hold my horses before I’m 100% sure that they’re fixed.
  5. The PTB 3.4.0 for the upcoming Cursed Legacy chapter is live on Steam, and the patch notes are published. With disconnect penalties finally coming, there are a few bug fixes that are intriguing me here: What “percentages” they mean? Accumulative achievements? The bugs sound very similar of the issue with Wounded Healer, Medic and Handyman trophies. I truly hope that this is it, the wait is finally over... Update: I talked to Peanits, from the forums, personally on Discord and he explained me percentage achievements as follow. I’m confident that the trophies will be fixed:
  6. Here finally the trailer! Here goes finally my 18,000 Iridescent Shards that I kept for months! 😃
  7. As expected, no one answered my comment. I’m hopeless...
  8. @Letenko22 The AMA is live and I already asked about the trophies. Here’s my comment below. Comment people too.
  9. Here finally the next chapter coming soon. It features: New killer: The Oni New survivor: Kimura Yui New map: Sanctum of Wrath Everything is expected to be released in December.
  10. I assume that, yes, your records will be displayed. I couldn’t see my friends leaderboard the first boot, but after I relaunched the game a second time, I could see my leaderboard updated and everything went back to normal.
  11. @Letenko22 I did the same.
  12. English please? This is an English language forum.
  13. (Sorry double post) I checked on the PS4 Bug reports section of the forums, hoping finally a fix to this trophy mess... and I stepped upon another reporting bug. Two people so far reported that they cannot earn the Prestige 3 trophy. It’s still obtainable (as someone got the trophy today), but some may be victim of it:
  14. You should get a new sealed physical copy then. I’m sure that it’ll work this time. This kind of situation makes me glad that this online pass scam was over 7 years ago.