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  1. I thought I wrote the guide clear enough…
  2. Yes, there is. They already knew it was bugged, as seen as a known issue in the patch notes, but they shipped the patch anyway. Expect it in a hotfix.
  3. I don’t have any progress for Forbidden Fruit trophy. I clearly destroy Haptic Fronds, I collect the Ganglions, and nothing. Did anyone report that bug. I wouldn’t be surprised that other of these new trophies are bugged. EDIT: Nevermind. I went to the HUB in the middle of the map and the trophy unlocked, since I collected over 50 of these Ganglions.
  4. It’s disappointing that there is no 60 FPS patch for backward compatibility.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, this is our good ol’ Behavior back at it again with a glitched trophy! 😂 In a serious note, we can hope they patch it very quickly. At least they already know it, in the patch note, it’s written as a Known Issue ”Unable to make progress on the Punch Drunk Achievement.”
  6. It looks absolutely EASY!
  7. It’s very weird as trophy condition if you ask me. Usually you deal damage in trophies, not receiving damages. Such a clueless description.
  8. Finally done this 500 followers special drawing…


  9. What’s the point of getting a physical disc if it’s a broken game patchless? Good thing I hold myself from pre-ordering and waited for later. I may consider it on sale or a second hand copy later.
  10. In the near future, even in September, a major change will happen: the long delayed Skilled Based Matchmaking will be deployed on the 5.2.0. update, or when Pinhead releases out. As premised, a separate and hidden skill rating will match you with other players scaled on how good you perform, and each killer will have its own rating to allow to play against lower skilled survivors. Basically the SBMM will be separated from the ranks. It turned out for many killer players, during the latest live testing, experienced matches being more sweaty. In short, expect all killer trophies to be harder to achieve. Grades Along the SBMM, the ranks we always knew will be changed into Grades, basically being the same but with shiny new look! The grade groups goes into the following icons: Ash > Bronze > Silver > Gold > Iridescent. As before, you gain emblems and pips, but there will be a limit of how much you lose pips. The best part, though, is that on the 13th of each month your grade resets all the way back to Ash IV, and you can be rewarded up to 250k bloodpoints, double if you play both roles. This would definitely make all Adept killer trophies somewhat easier whenever you play freshly a killer.
  11. I wonder, do trophies auto-pop by logging from a version to the other?
  12. Really nice and all but I’ve already 100% all trophies years ago. I wished they made a native PS5 version with dualsense features and a PS5 platinum trophy.
  13. Hey, I got a question before I’m considering going for the PS3 plat. In 2021, is the online pass still available to pick up for free? Can I go through the PS Store, or do I have to “buy” one in-game when asking if I have one?
  14. I use them because the triggers for the DualSense 3 are terrible for accurate aiming and shooting, plus it's uncomfortable.