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  1. The hardest adept trophy and the weakest killer yet.
  2. Yes, as soon they’re marked with the green circle, you can hit them, since the guard spotted them and engages a chase.
  3. While a guard engages a chase with a survivor, you as the knight must hit the said survivor. Guards hitting them won’t count. For 50 times total.
  4. I swear, I play killer and survivors for a long time, I don’t suck… but the sake of my life I CAN’T achieve Adept Knight. This must be both the hardest adept trophy yet, and the weakest killer!
  5. A Twitter flop...


  6. Well, as the upcoming update for next chapter in about 30 mins, this issue has been fixed. It states in the 6.4.0 patch: Fixed an issue that caused kills and sacrifices not being properly tracked in challenges and achievements. As for other bugged trophies? No mentions of them.
  7. Good! May the purge begin!
  8. I spent money for a physical disc to make sure to preserve it in an inevitable another delisting… thanks Ubisoft…
  9. Shall I stop sharing my art through PSNP forums or not…? It seems like not many cares for them…

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Slava


      I always look at new posts in the artwork thread, so there's at least one person who cares. But in general, I don't know. That thread is not very active (even compared to previous years) in terms of both people who post and people who come to look. 


      That said, IMO, you should post everywhere you want and not worry about numbers. 

    3. Zassy


      As stated above, post where you like. c: Even if only a few enjoy it, those few benefit a little amount from your sharing. No obligation, but neither a need to cease it, essentially.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Please do!

  10. Hahaha Square Enix is on a roll to be hated even more, all year long! NFT, such a scam!
  11. Here is support link: Report the issue, hoping they respond this way.
  12. I just beat GoW, as years prior my save was corrupted so I had to redo all over again. So this last week I took the time to finally beat it and know where the story left off before Ragnarök comes out.
  13. This is the BHVR way, more trophies bugged! Survival Treasures - Escape while bringing a new item to the campfire. This also includes the Platinum trophy, if you haven’t earned the aforementioned trophy. Milk N’ Cookies - Open the basement’s chest 30 times. Evil Incarnate (PS5 version) - Kill all survivors with Michael Myers’ Evil Within Tier III. Here are bug reports in the DBD’s forums if you want to contribute reporting your issue, hoping that the devs know about the issues: Survival treasures trophy/achievement bugged. Not working. — Dead By Daylight Milk And Cookies Achievement Bugged — Dead By Daylight Evil Incarnate Trophy Bugged
  14. You will still be able to coop on Spec Ops online.
  15. By the same disc version, do you mean the exact same region disc? Or would any physical disc work?