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  1. @ClintonLS90 I don’t have issues with the Adept trophies since the changes with the Plague. People need to stop complaining, they just do better next time.
  2. The match won’t start until all 4 survivors and the killer are in the lobby and press ready. You cannot join friends already in a lobby or mid-match, because when a survivor is dead or disconnects, he/she’s out of the game. Everyone will return back to the menu after the game ends, meaning that in each match you meet new players. Of course, you always get the same survivor players if you group up before searching for a match.
  3. I wondered the same. And I managed it twice, both on PC and PS4! When I knew that I got it, the plat was in my reach.
  4. I had no regrets. It’s one of my proudest platinums ever, because I did everything 100% legit so far. I still have Baptiste’s trophies to accomplish though, which are the hardest to date. Soon we’ll have the role queue, which will default a 2-2-2 team composition, which is perfect because players on console, in general, are dumber than on PC. Should make things easier.
  5. @whittle181 We can be two players minimum, the more if you have trophies requiring many players. I attempted in two instances to match up with a full group of survivors (I was the killer) and we couldn’t meet in the same lobby. No matter if we searched at the same time, or that I noticed them as the lobby was created, we couldn’t match up and I always had strangers instead. As I’d say as anyone else, just play for fun and most of the trophies will come naturally. Seriously, I found it pointless to boost in this game when I could eventually unlock all of them. Why not just playing and trying until you have the hardest trophies left, before considering of boosting? If you’re really that desperate with the few difficult trophies, send a PM or invite to a party to survivors or killer and ask for help before the match starts.
  6. @AiManiaTrophyhunting I’m afraid to say that you won’t be able to play the Driveclub Tour on PS+ edition. The “upgrade to full game” for PS+ edition isn’t available anymore. You’ll get to buy the full game to access to the Driveclub Tour. If you only care about the main Driveclub trophy list, get the Season Pass and the free All-Stars and AMG tour packs. Yes, once you have done all online trophies, you can proceed the rest offline after the servers shut down. And no, you won’t accidentally unlock any Driveclub Bikes trophy as long you don’t ever play with Bikes or any Tour DLC linked to this list. The DLC linked to the Bikes trophy list are the following: Bikes Expansion EBR Suzuki No Limits MV Augusta Finish Line
  7. Alright, you convinced me with this one. I’d love to manually hide specific games in Gaming Sessions page because I know I won’t bother playing them anymore, Coop or boosting.
  8. Did you change PSN ID? I did recently and my trophy total was shown as having 0 on my profile, but I could see my collection and everything I unlocked every time I launched games. As Mango said, just earn a new trophy and sync to the PSN to see the total of trophies appearing on your profile. This is what I had to do to see my total on PSN again and to sync my name ID on PSNP.
  9. @Sly Ripper VR tagging and separate leaderboard for it? A welcome addition! Truly, I wish that I can help out for making this website better too. There are many things I would like to add or fix: Carry guides with every PSN ID change Carry the trophy cabinet with every PSN ID change Make possible to hide images as spoilers in guides Manually resize images in guides Some volunteers to manually mark trophies as ‘unobtainable’, ‘bugged’, ‘online’, etc. with restrictive controls, of course. Custom profile border color
  10. @bruin-rocks I was targeting of being the 1st platinum achiever, but looks like it has already been crushed. Better being 2nd than nothing. Congrats! Where do I find those woodlanders? Can you replay levels and get collectibles, or are we screwed if we go to the next level?
  11. I had this issue lately. I revert back to my new ID and I could see my trophies, but on my profile it shows that I had zero trophies. My solution was to earn a new trophy, and my total showed on the profile. I could finally sync my changed ID on PSNP. I’m sure it’d work for you too.
  12. So going back to previous levels work now?
  13. Is there a Level Select? Because I’m looking after the remaining caches in the very first level too. I also tried to replay the stealth tutorial, I flawlessly made it without even making any ‘rat’ suspecting, yet no trophy. I failed the first time, just wanted to finish it and replay the tutorial, it doesn’t work. After ending the tutorial, I can’t replay it anymore. Because of it, I’m afraid to go to the next level. I’m very sure that almost all trophies are missable, so I won’t leave the level until I found all collectibles and get the trophy. Truly, I expected that the devs would screw up with trophies, judging by the game. And they did. I hate missable trophies because of poor game design...
  14. PTSD from Super Monkey Ball vita game... ...... .... Fuck this game. This Platinum is brutally impossible! >_<
  15. More games tested by me: Assassin’s Creed III Liberation (Vita) - No issues. Story mode progress is untouched. Multiplayer stats carry over the new ID. Gravity Rush (Vita) - No issues. All the save files are here, DLC is also supported. Limbo (Vita) - No issues. All chapters were selectable, plus I kept all collectibles I found. Tearaway (Vita) - No issues. All progress is intact. WipEout 2048 (Vita) - Servers have been shut down a year ago, but 2048 campaign and DLC progress, and personal records are unaffected. WipEout HD (PS3) - Another game with no more servers. Once again, all the HD and Fury campaigns, personal scores and stats are unaffected.