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  1. The third boss’ final blow also crashed the game. Plus, the game crashes all the time at the second bus on the first level, in coop.
  2. Do you get your game crash at the second bus first stage every single time? Because I do on my PS5, always when playing multiplayer.
  3. A VERY LATE holidays drawing finally finished! 😩


  4. I've FINALLY finished this VERY LATE holidays drawing!
  5. The trophy list of PS4 re-release has been revealed! IT HAS A PLAAAAT!!! 🤩
  6. I hope you sell it at the suggested retail price. So many people wish a PS5 right now because of the artificial shortage caused by those scalpers who snatched thousands of them and are selling them the double, triple or beyond the retail price. Please, do me a favor and give a chance for someone, who proves to not be a scalper, to buy one at the retail price, they will surely be grateful!
  7. I am lost. Is there a new bug or something that makes it easy to get?
  8. Happy new year, y'all! 🎉



    1. Icebrand1270


      Happy New Year!

  9. Happy new year, y'all! 🎊
  10. Cannot say this better.
  11. The option is in the settings of the PlayLink games.
  12. Does this game have the option to turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot? If you experience connection issue through the same home network, you can turn on an access point so that the devices connect directly to the console. I tried only Knowledge Is Power and this method worked for playing on PS5.
  13. I tested a single game: Knowledge is Power. The game launches as planned, but what about the devices and app? Well, I couldn’t get the app connect to the console by normal means via the Wi-Fi router. Instead, I turned on the Wi-Fi Hotspot (which the console creates an access point, so the devices connects directly to the console) and it worked. Neitherless to say, it should only works by turning on Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  14. All Codes are valid for a limited time. As right now, logging in every day, throughout December in the occasion of the holidays, gives bloodpoints or shards. The codes during the month are free holidays outfits and charms, each lasting a few days before the next code is active. You should keep an eye on the official channels for any future codes.
  15. I earned it earlier.