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  1. Another anniversary is wrapping up in the realms of The Entity! Here are the plans for the following year: Roots of Dread Chapter In this 24th chapter, it features a new map, a monstrous inhuman killer called The Dredge, and the survivor Haddie Kaur. The Dredge revolves around abilities akin to the boogeyman: The Gloaming ability allows the monster to teleport into lockers, and the Nightfall ability - over the course of the trial - plunges temporarily the survivors into darkness, while The Dredge is Undectectable. The Dredge comes with the following perks: Dissolution 3 seconds after injuring a survivor by any means, Dissolution activates for 12/16/20 seconds. While it is active, if a survivor fast vaults over a dropped pallet inside your terror radius, The Entity will break the pallet and the perk deactivates. Darkness Revealed When you open a locker, the auras of all Survivors within 8 meters of any lockers will be revealed for 3/4/5 seconds. The perk has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Septic Touch Whenever a Survivor performs healing within your terror radius, they suffer from Blindness and Exhaustion status effects. These effects linger for 6/8/10 seconds after healing is interrupted by any means. Haddie Kaur’s perks: Inner Focus You see other Survivors’ scratch marks within a range of 32 meters of you. Whenever a Survivor loses a health state within a 32-meter range, the Killer’s aura is revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds. Residual Manifest After successfully blinding the killer, the Killer is affected by the Blindness status effect for 20/25/30 seconds. This perk grants the ability to rummage through an open chest once per trial and guarantees a basic flashlight. Overzealous After cleansing a totem, Overzealous activates and your generator repair speed is increased by 4/5/6 %. This perk deactivates when you lose a health state by any means. New general killer perk: Shattered Hope. When dispelling a Boon totem, it will be destroyed instead, and the auras of all Survivors within the Boon totem’s range will be revealed for 6/7/8 seconds. Resident Evil: Project W Teased at the very end of the 6th anniversary livestream, more Resident Evil content is underway later in 2022! No details have been given, other than it references “Project W”, which suggests Wesker as the killer. Features & Changes: - Improving matchmaking and accounting for various playstyles. - Rework of the Raccoon City Police Department map. - More log-in bonuses, bloodrush, and boosted Rift fragment events in the future. - Over 40 killer and survivor perks, among the highly used ones, will be overhauled in a future single update, allowing to shake up the meta and encouraging to experiment new perk builds. - New consistent changes to perks to encourage balance. - Prestige system rework. - Gives players more direct quick and easy access to perks. - Prestiging a character for the first time makes their teachables available on other killers/survivors bloodwebs. - Prestige no longer caps at Prestige III. - Prestige no longer removes perks, add-ons and items. - Mori will be removed from offerings, and will instead be replaced by The Finisher Mori, allowing the killer to immediately and automatically kill the last remaining survivor on downed. - New vertical main menu layout, making more information visible, like events, seeing how much time is left in the Rift. - Preset loadouts, allowing three separate loadouts of perks, add-ons and items. - Presets for Cosmetics, up to three presets too. - To incite faster matchmaking, players get extra bloodpoints for playing the role that's most needed at that time of day. - Able to navigate around the menus while waiting in queue, allowing to browse the in-game store, browsing the Archives and selecting challenges, etc. - In the Archives, one Killer and one Survivor challenges can be active at the same time. - Bots will be added into custom matches. - Streamer / Anonymous mode - Allows to hide your name and the names of your friends during match. - Updated Wiggle system - Formally a beta feature is now going to become permanent. - Attack on Titan Crossover collection.
  2. Nothing can’t match Infallible anyway.
  3. Might be next month when it’s the 6th anniversary and next chapter is out. I just assume it would be a sale.
  4. When your PSN account is linked to an Epic Games account, you autopop regardless of the regional or platform versions you play on.
  5. MOAR free stacks!!!
  6. There is no season pass. You should get both the Survivor and Killer expansion packs, which contains all original survivors and killers up to the All-Kill Chapter. Each pack for $29,99. Unfortunately, licensed DLC packs gotta be purchased individually either way. As you keep playing, you will get Iridescent Shards, and with these you can unlock original characters in the in-game store, without having to buy them. I keep these shards strictly for characters, not cosmetics, I already have a ton of shards to be able to unlock the next two batches of original characters for free. The 6th anniversary will be celebrated next month with the next chapter, and it’s very likely to have another sale of almost all the DLC, if you want to wait until then.
  7. As long the PS4 stands with the future standards of cybersecurity, for sure.
  8. I didn't pay attention to that detail on the page, since I always kept the generated password on my PS3 and Vita, made it remember it and auto log-in, and it logged in as normal. This might be an overlook by Sony, so I keep these generated passwords until proven otherwise. I noticed this "unused" detail as well, as it always showed the date when a generated password was used before. It has always been prior to today's update, you need to keep the generated password for the device, or else generate a new one if you forget it. No. You need to generate a different password for each device you log in with your account. So for your second PS3, you need to generate a different device password from your first PS3 to log in your account.
  9. Two-Step Verification isn’t needed to generate password for each PS3 or Vita device.
  10. You can no longer use your normal account password to log in a PS3 or Vita. You need to generate a password for each of these consoles, once you save the password on the console you won’t have to enter it again. It’s obviously done to straighten the security for 10-15 years old technology, yes it adds more steps, might be inconvenient but it’s for the best for stronger security, we’ll get used to it quickly.
  11. It’s a mandatory update. From now on, any new account have to be created on PC, mobile, PS4 or PS5. For any new or existing account, if you log in to a PS3 or Vita, you’ll need to log in your account to the PC or mobile browser and generate a password to connect to that console.
  12. So, I decided to set a generated password for an alt account on the PS3, logged in via browser and you CAN generate a new password for these legacy devices without the need of having 2FA activated. Not meaning that you must but I highly recommend it, especially protecting your main account. To generate a password on a PS3 or Vita, go to
  13. So it’s basically Sony saying “Don’t you guys have phones?!”
  14. I tested it out a hour ago and it still works.
  15. It’s just another inconvenient move by Sony, on top of other moves in the past for legacy systems. It doesn’t affect me a bit but I can see others that it bothers.