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  1. That’s right folks! During the Resident Evil Showcase tonight, it was revealed and teased the next DBD chapter and the game’s 5th anniversary: Resident Evil! With all the leaks and clues, it was very evident that Resident Evil characters were going to be in DBD! For now, no characters or map have been showed. Full reveal will be showed on the 5th anniversary livestream on May 25.
  2. I just received my copy of Worms Collection (EU Disc) and so far, the first Worms game doesn’t detect an update. I didn’t check the others last evening. Does any of the game have patch for the disc collection? Or is there everything, including the latest patch, on the disc so I can online? Must be since all DLC is in it. Also, Puppeteer (EU Disc) doesn’t see update either. But was there a patch in the first place? Can you platinum the game without it?
  3. Check out the patch notes bug fixes and you’ll see.
  4. By the look of it, yes, the patch lists: Fixed an issue that caused invisible collisions to block players on the side of exit gates in Red Forest maps.
  5. Right now as we speak.
  6. There we finally have it! This patch will fix Near-Death Experience, Healthy Obsession and Nerves of Steel, which makes the Platinum obtainable again!!!
  7. Alright, my Far Cry 3 is on a Far Cry Compilation disc and the version was 1.0. I could connect to online services and my online pass worked. So basically the latest patch was all within the disc.
  8. Does Sly Cooper Thieves In Time need an update to be able to transfer save between PS3 and Vita? Because I’m at v1.00, no update. NA Digital. Same for Quantum Conundrum. NA Digital. I’m at v1.00, no update and I’m worried that I buy the DLC and I can’t even play them. Did it even have an update in the first place to support DLC? Or is it supported from the get-go?
  9. Hey there, was there any patch for this game? Since I’m stuck at v1.0, I’m worried that DLC won’t work. Am I safe to buy the DLC before the store closes? Thanks.
  10. Is it me or is it no more patch for Far Cry 3, NA DISC?
  11. I tried to update Quantum Conundrum and there’s no patch found. Does it need a patch to be able to play the DLC?
  12. 100 hours trophies are a big fat NO for me.
  13. Is the VIP pass still available for purchase through the in-game store? Especially in EU region?
  14. I'm doing the Platinum and 100% again on my PS5, because I love this game enough to do it.
  15. Where is the backlash? I haven’t seen any hashtag or visible widespread protest on social networks. This is where voices are heard, not in closeted websites like PSNProfiles.