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  1. @IAmNotXJ9 The ranking resets every 13th of the month.
  2. This titles says it all. When we turn on “Hide Secret Trophies”, the trophy icons should hide behind an icon like on PSN with unearned trophies. I don’t see why the description and the trophy type is hided, but not the icon.
  3. Oh boy... this reminds me of Terminator Salvation... the true original 1 , 11 trophy list! Terminator predicted the dark rise of Ratalaika guys! It warned us 10 years ago! It could have prevented Ratalaika to happen... but it didn’t... look where we are now! O_O WE’RE DOOMED!!! Sarcasm aside, I expect nothing from a movie licensed game: mediocre at best. I’ll pass it for the next 100 years. And knowing it’s from the same studio as Rambo: The Video Game, it doesn’t give me much confident of the game’s quality.
  4. You’re planning on writing one? Or do you want to team up with me?
  5. The isolation room is on the second floor, where you have office rooms and desks. You’ll find corpses and the generator will be inside a tiny room. Remind that only one person can repair this generator at a time.
  6. This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw the official list.
  7. They’re doable trophies, I never struggle to get all Adept killer trophies, even since the double pip requirement. Perhaps you lack the patience of learning a new killer and its power, or you just lack skills as a killer. Keep trying and you’ll eventually get them!
  8. Indeed, I saw it coming! The limit of 128 trophies, set by Driveclub, cannot be reached!
  9. This is what I suggested in the DBD forums: I’d see a separate trophy list “Dead By Daylight - Additional Chapters” along with all the ranking achievements (reaching rank 10, 5 and 1, from both killer and survivors) as base trophies, as they couldn’t fit them on the console release. Then the chapters come as DLC lists as usual.
  10. @Chlorhydric Do you believe on a new separate trophy list, or that it will surpass Driveclub’s 128 trophies?
  11. (Sorry for the double post) Stranger Things chapter’s achievements are already live on Steam! 😬 These are easy trophies in my opinion! Thoughts? Once again, in 10 hours, we’ll see if there’ll be a new separate trophy list, or if DBD exceeds the 128 trophies limit by Driveclub!
  12. I finally finished with this game. I got the platinum. Gosh it was worse than I expected.
  13. Yep. It has everything as the original PS3 version, minus the Insane mode requirement and a Platinum trophy! I’ll definitely get it in the future. You? Thoughts?
  14. I’m so tired of this trophy. I can easily waste my time on an entire Grand Operation just for playing Frontlines mode... then see the enemy capturing the flag and destroy all three objectives in one run! The most irritating part is that, if your team sucks during the first two rounds of the operation, you know for certain that you will lose your Frontlines flag! DICE, let Frontlines as permanent individual mode! I do not care about your Tides of War, temporary modes and “live service” crap, I just want my trophies, period!
  15. Sad to hear. After renewing the feedback collected and made several chances, the dedicated servers will be pushed back to Fall 2019.