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  1. Personally, automated messages mean nothing. I want a reply from a person, not a robot.
  2. I also contacted Robot Entertainment for the free avatar bundle for ReadySet Heroes. Did you pre ordered the game already and can you see the avatars from ReadySet Heroes? I cannot find any of them, I only saw Dixie, Bartles, Willow, Tuck, and Pip but I can't find the other five characters' avatars.

  3. Sad to hear this. I finished all online trophies in 2016.
  4. Well, I sent a ticket with all four emails I have. I hope they acknowledge the issue and put Breach back online. I think I’m not the only one: There shouldn’t have been any forced online trophies for a Deus Ex game in the first place, it’s purely and simply a story-driven single player franchise. No wonder why microtransactions and a dumb online mode contributed to put the franchise dorment for a second time.
  5. I reinstalled the game this weekend after I stopped playing it over a year ago, because I wanted Breach done already (it’s so boring!). This when I got servers issues. I’ll reinstall again tomorrow then...
  6. @Sinthoras_96 How can you even do that? At its current state, it’s just unplayable with all the framerate drop, the freezes during gunfights, the terrible hit registers, etc. I’ll wait until the devs fix those issues.
  7. It’s been two days and I still cannot connect to the servers.
  8. Where to send tickets? I tweeted @eidosmontreal and asked if they could fix it. I’m waiting a reply.
  9. I’d wait for a sale on the other version then.
  10. How even often this online has issues?
  11. Darwin Project being dead couldn't be more ironic, dead by video game natural selection.
  12. Oh well, I believe the servers are dead for good. Am I wrong?
  13. Are servers back now? I can’t log into Breach mode.
  14. Awesome! I was charmed by it when it was launched alongside the Xbox One X!