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  1. You can also add mice to the mix. (just kidding...)
  2. @Sly Ripper Thank you for the long but worthwhile efforts! Old ID - Max654 New ID - Maxie_M0us3 P.S. Is there a way to fix the border colour around my new PSNP profile later? It’s still the default gray and I have a different colour on PSN.
  3. The only serious instance of a game that risks to corrupt the PS3’s HDD, that I read and saw, was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. I tested many games on my PS3 since I changed ID and none freezed and corrupted my console’s hard drive. You should check this list of games tested after PSN ID change to give you an idea if you were fine to change back to original ID:
  4. Where you read the games with problems? A very few games have major issues with online functions, I tested a couple of them.
  5. My opinion though? It doesn’t look that hard compared to Transformed. The only question is how ‘hard’ is hard mode.
  6. But if you look at other threads, you surely have some who said it.
  7. “Oh my gosh, it doesn’t have a platinum, so I won’t care about the game anymore!” - Some whiny trophy hunters. To be honest, I wasn’t interested to this game in the first place, and it looked to be a short small horror experience when it was announced.
  8. Banned all of you for letting this topic desert... and for keeping to play without me!
  9. @Zaros-QC Added to the list, thank you!
  10. I’m patient at least. If the staff says that “your premium subscription will be transferred over your new PSN ID”, then I have no reason to spend more cash.
  11. I don’t know what happened out there, but looks like Konami tries to pay us back (trophy completionists) then takes many steps backward by delivering ‘meh’ trophies. #FucKonami
  12. Source: Yes, that’s right, a new chapter DLC will come to Moss! 🐭 This upcoming DLC is called Twilight Garden, and it will come with new environments and storytelling! This chapter will come via free update in June on PlayStation VR! Please Polyarc, more of Moss and more trophies!
  13. You cannot delete purchases out of your account, but you can hide betas and demos from your PS4 purchased library. If you mean hiding completely the demos and betas on our PSN profile’s games list, well yes I’d want it. While you can hide those games from people to see, I want those gone from my view, period.
  14. Tidux is know to be a “PlayStation insider”. He shares infos around PlayStation and they turn out to be true.
  15. I really feel the sweet smell of microtransactions... since it’s Activi$ion who publishes the game, the scummiest publisher in this industry. Not only that, I truly feel that this game will be rushed out and we’ll have an incomplete physical disc just like Spyro Reignited Trilogy’s disc scam: one portion of the BASE game is missing, download the rest or else it’s unplayable. Goodbye gaming preservation. I’ll definitely won’t get it at launch. I’ll get the game from someone on eBay so not a single penny is given to Activi$ion.