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  1. This debate makes me want dedicated servers with punishments to D/C even more!
  2. You mean by committing suicide: three R1 presses then don’t struggle to get sacrificed quickly.
  3. I’m sorry, but I cannot stand people D/C, regardless of the situation. When dedicated servers will come, expect punishments for D/C because it doesn’t go the way you want to play the game, this is the nature of Multiplayer games. You got to cooperate with other teammates. You and others should take a hit so you save a few seconds to unhook others. You know, bodyblocking. Better having bloodpoints and some Benevolat emblem points, and trying than nothing.
  4. What do you mean? The game freezes as you load the saved worlds the first time. Did you start the game again but offline and it worked fine, then you turned on back online and it worked fine?
  5. How about the published and in-progress guides carrying to the new PSN ID? It would suck so hard to lose control and access to all the guides I wrote. I have guides that I haven't published yet…
  6. Grabbing 25 survivors off the generators will surely be difficult and take a while! Good luck to grab skilled players!
  7. Maybe I’ll play it so I gather BPs to level up Ghostface to level 10 straight away when it gets released next Tuesday.
  8. @BlindMango @Sly Ripper Any news about my published and in-progress trophy guides carrying to my new ID? I miss ownership of them.
  9. But MuUuUhHh CoMplEtIoNnNnNn REEEEEE!
  10. The season pass looks having no significant content... if it doesn’t have trophies attached to it, the better it is! P.S. Please don’t be another always-online game... I hate this “live service” trend, dooming single-player games to oblivion!
  11. I’m downloading it right now. It is as its separate DLC. BTW guys, pick up this DLC before July 8, then it’ll be a paid DLC.
  12. The boxart really isn’t that impressive, I hope it’s just a placeholder. I know that the cover doesn’t make the game, but it can be better. Also, it’d be nice to have a reversible cover, which you can display either male or female V.
  13. I haven’t seen such saltiness for a long time on these forums. My body is ready for more trophies!
  14. Never ever you will lose already obtained trophies, and I haven’t heard of such cases. If you want to take extra precautions, sync them to PSN before changing your ID.
  15. You can be 100% certain that Kingdom Hearts 3, Mortal Kombat 11 and Division 2 will carry over the ID change, since they have been released after April 2018, which should guarantee full support. Speaking of the others games, I cannot tell they’ll tolerate ID change or not, I don’t own them.