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  1. You mean by committing suicide: three R1 presses then don’t struggle to get sacrificed quickly.
  2. On April 10, 2019, PSN finally allowed users to change their Online ID. As informed by Sony, all PS4 games originally released on or after April 1st, 2018 are and should be compatible with the ID change feature. Games released before this date (PS3, PS4 and Vita) may not be compatible with the feature. Sony warns that changing PSN ID may have the following effect on games released before April 1st, 2018: Your previous Online ID may remain visible to you and other players in some areas. You may lose progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress towards trophies. Parts of your game and applications may not function properly both online and offline. You may lose access to content (including paid-for content) that you may have acquired for your games including content like add-ons and virtual currency. You can find a list of tested games by Sony here: Sadly, this list above only covers tested PS4 games and it looks to be inaccurate: Many games tagged with “identified issues” have no issues at all, according to players after testing the games themselves. Therefore, this thread has been created for gathering the most of PS3, PS4 and Vita titles as possible, tested by users who changed their PSN ID. This list should help you to acknowledge the games having issues with the PSN ID change. Before you consider of changing ID, you may want to get all trophies on the listed games having issues. Keep in mind that the issues only occur if you’ve played the games BEFORE you change ID. If your encounter issues, you can revert to your previous ID by contacting Sony / PlayStation support for free, but be aware that doing so may or may not fix the issues. Can I report games I tested? Yes. If you changed ID and you tested games that are or aren’t in that list, you can help growing and updating the list by letting replies on this thread. Please test all the following features on games before giving your reports here: Games and DLC. Save files. Online functions such as multiplayer, leaderboards, in-game store, user-created content and in-game currency. Online progress, ranking and matchmaking. In-game trophies progress (if available). Cross-Save upload/download (if available). Any other specific function. Report types: GREEN = No issues have been found. Highlighted green items mean that purchased games, DLC, save files and/or online features will normally work after you change your PSN ID. YELLOW = Some minors issues will occur after you change PSN ID but won’t have much impact to the overall game, such as being missing on leaderboards, seeing previous ID on some areas or other temporary issues. Those issues also have little to no effect to your progress towards trophies. RED = Issues that have major impacts on the game overall after changing PSN ID including: being unable to connect to online functions, losing access to games, DLC, save files and in-game currency, or getting online profiles and progresses reset from scratch. Those issues can also severely impact your progress towards trophies. [NA] [EU] [JP]... = Games with specific region trophy lists. Titles with the icon “🌐” means that it’s a worldwide trophy list along with the specific region lists. Title** = Games marked as having “identified issues” by Sony, without detailing the exact issues. † = Games with online functions that have been shut down. It includes games with or without online trophies, that become unobtainable due to server shutdown. PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 PlayStation Vita CHANGELOG
  3. I’m sorry, but I cannot stand people D/C, regardless of the situation. When dedicated servers will come, expect punishments for D/C because it doesn’t go the way you want to play the game, this is the nature of Multiplayer games. You got to cooperate with other teammates. You and others should take a hit so you save a few seconds to unhook others. You know, bodyblocking. Better having bloodpoints and some Benevolat emblem points, and trying than nothing.
  4. What do you mean? The game freezes as you load the saved worlds the first time. Did you start the game again but offline and it worked fine, then you turned on back online and it worked fine?
  5. As of September 8 2016, the "Rumble" content update (version 1.22) offers the Player-to-Player Trading system, which allows players to trade items, regardless the amount and the rarity of the items during the trade. Every item can be traded (exception for Common, Limited and Premium DLC items), including the Painted and Certitied Items. When you trade an item, all stats are reset to zero. This topic has been created for anybody who's looking to trade for specific items (or trade for fun!), but primarily it is created for helping people to acquire way easier-than-before Painted and Certified Items and to earn the following trophies: From the "Neo Tokyo" update (v1.19): Budding Artist, One Better and Certifiable From the "Champions Field" update (v1.35): Storm Trooper, Swap Meet and Trade Secret. When you want to trade Painted and Certified items, Rare, Very Rare or any other items, simply precise the items you own. If they're Certified Items, tell the stats they track! If you have found a player with an item you're looking for, don't forget to contact him! It's up to players how they want to trade items but it's suggested, once the trophies are unlocked, to trade the items back. **NOTE** It exists an amazing exploit to make everything fast for One Better and Certifiable trophies! If you trade and receive a Certified item at Veteran rank already, every trophy related to the Certified items would unlock instantly! However, once the item is traded, the stats will reset to zero, so to make this exploit working again, the Certified item would need to be leveled up to Veteran rank again. How to Trade: Image source: Rocket League's Official Blog 1) From the main menu, Invite (with ) or join a player into a party. 2) Once players are in a party, a player simply press on the other player's name and select "Invite to Trade" as option. The player receiving an Trading invitation has to press OK. 3) When the invitation is accepted, the Trading menu appears. Choose to trade wathever you want! When both players are ready to trade, both press button and a countdown will start. At the end of the countdown, the trade is completed. Have fun trading and good luck for trophies!
  6. How about the published and in-progress guides carrying to the new PSN ID? It would suck so hard to lose control and access to all the guides I wrote. I have guides that I haven't published yet…
  7. Grabbing 25 survivors off the generators will surely be difficult and take a while! Good luck to grab skilled players!
  8. Maybe I’ll play it so I gather BPs to level up Ghostface to level 10 straight away when it gets released next Tuesday.
  9. @BlindMango @Sly Ripper Any news about my published and in-progress trophy guides carrying to my new ID? I miss ownership of them.
  10. But MuUuUhHh CoMplEtIoNnNnNn REEEEEE!
  11. The season pass looks having no significant content... if it doesn’t have trophies attached to it, the better it is! P.S. Please don’t be another always-online game... I hate this “live service” trend, dooming single-player games to oblivion!
  12. I’m downloading it right now. It is as its separate DLC. BTW guys, pick up this DLC before July 8, then it’ll be a paid DLC.
  13. The boxart really isn’t that impressive, I hope it’s just a placeholder. I know that the cover doesn’t make the game, but it can be better. Also, it’d be nice to have a reversible cover, which you can display either male or female V.
  14. I haven’t seen such saltiness for a long time on these forums. My body is ready for more trophies!
  15. Never ever you will lose already obtained trophies, and I haven’t heard of such cases. If you want to take extra precautions, sync them to PSN before changing your ID.
  16. You can be 100% certain that Kingdom Hearts 3, Mortal Kombat 11 and Division 2 will carry over the ID change, since they have been released after April 2018, which should guarantee full support. Speaking of the others games, I cannot tell they’ll tolerate ID change or not, I don’t own them.
  17. Question: Do we know if the game is complete on the disc and entirely playable from the get-go, not a scam like Spyro Reignited Trilogy that only has 1/3 of the content?
  18. Awesome! I want more of Borderlands! I’ve started the first DLC weeks ago and I’m glad to do more!
  19. Looks very easy to boost the trophies, despise the fact that it’s full price with no platinum. It doesn’t help that it’s a badly optimized, buggy mess of a game, which is a turn off. It must have been nice to wait years for this game to come on PS4! This ‘live services’ trend must stop being a pass for rushing the release of a game then bringing the “we’ll fix it later” excuse, it’s been so overdone the last few years that it’s now unacceptable!
  20. @RigbySanchez439 Thank you for adding to the list! 👍
  21. I don’t. We got less content (no more monthly PS3 and Vita free games) and we pay more, this is disgusting. We should get more features or content for PS+.
  22. I hope not an increase in Europe or North America, because we already pay a lot for less content since free PS3 and Vita games were cut from PS+.
  23. This is all I found. I tried to find the original source of the cited “official site” but I couldn’t. As long as I don’t see a source of these official words or read words from people who changed ID and tested the game, I wouldn’t take this post seriously.
  24. But do I still need to redo an entire playthrough to be able to play those missions? This is what bothers me. I’d rather wait that another player can start the mission so I join in and finish them again.
  25. Awesome, a new wave of Borderlands players so I can wait for people and finish this dumb missable secret trophy “Who You Gonna Call?” in Pre-Sequel, which is to complete all side missions in the Sub-Level 13 map as 4 players (or 4 controllers). I finished those side missions, without knowing that there was a missable trophy, so now I have to do another playthrough from my save file to replay the missions... aaaargh! Please, I wanna do redo those missions with some players who didn’t complete them yet!