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  1. Yep. It has everything as the original PS3 version, minus the Insane mode requirement and a Platinum trophy! I’ll definitely get it in the future. You? Thoughts?
  2. @IAmNotXJ9 The ranking resets every 13th of the month.
  3. This titles says it all. When we turn on “Hide Secret Trophies”, the trophy icons should hide behind an icon like on PSN with unearned trophies. I don’t see why the description and the trophy type is hided, but not the icon.
  4. Oh boy... this reminds me of Terminator Salvation... the true original 1 , 11 trophy list! Terminator predicted the dark rise of Ratalaika guys! It warned us 10 years ago! It could have prevented Ratalaika to happen... but it didn’t... look where we are now! O_O WE’RE DOOMED!!! Sarcasm aside, I expect nothing from a movie licensed game: mediocre at best. I’ll pass it for the next 100 years. And knowing it’s from the same studio as Rambo: The Video Game, it doesn’t give me much confident of the game’s quality.
  5. On April 10, 2019, PSN finally allowed users to change their Online ID. As informed by Sony, all PS4 games originally released on or after April 1st, 2018 are and should be compatible with the ID change feature. Games released before this date (PS3, PS4 and Vita) may not be compatible with the feature. Sony warns that changing Online ID may have the following effect on games released before April 1st, 2018: Your previous Online ID may remain visible to you and other players in some areas. You may lose progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress towards trophies. Parts of your game and applications may not function properly both online and offline. You may lose access to content (including paid-for content) that you may have acquired for your games including content like add-ons and virtual currency. You can find a list of tested games by Sony here: Sadly, this list only covers tested PS4 games and it looks to be inaccurate: Many games tagged with ‘identified issues’ have no issues at all, according to players after testing the games themselves. Therefore, this thread has been created for gathering the most of PS3, PS4 and Vita titles as possible, tested by users who changed their PSN ID. This list should help you to acknowledge the games having issues with the PSN ID change. Before you consider of changing ID, you may want to get all trophies on the listed games having issues. Keep in mind that the issues only occur if you’ve played the games BEFORE you change ID. If you meet issues in games after changing ID, you can revert to any of your previous Online IDs by contacting PlayStation Support for free, which should fix the majority of the issues. Be aware though that doing so may or may not fix them. Can I report games I tested? Yes. If you changed Online ID and you tested games that are or aren’t in that list, you can help growing and updating the list by posting replies on this thread. Please test all the following features on games before giving your reports here: Games and DLC. Save files and in-game stats. Online functions such as multiplayer, leaderboards, in-game store, user-created content and in-game currency. Online progress, stats, ranking and matchmaking. In-game trophy progress (if available). Cross-Save upload/download (if available). Any other specific function. Report types: GREEN = No issues have been found. Those highlighted items mean that purchased games, DLC, save files and/or online features will normally work after you change your PSN ID. YELLOW = Some minor issues will occur after you change PSN ID but won’t have much impact to the overall game, such as being missing on leaderboards, seeing previous ID on some areas or other temporary issues. Those issues also have little to no effect to your progress towards trophies. RED = Issues that have major impacts on the game overall after changing PSN ID including: being unable to connect to online functions, losing access to games, DLC or save files, or getting online profiles and progress reset from scratch. Those issues can also severely impact your progress towards trophies. Legends: [NA] [EU] [JP]... = Games with specific region trophy lists. Titles with the icon “🌐” means that it’s a worldwide trophy list along with the specific region lists. ** = Games marked as having ‘identified issues’ by Sony, without detailing the exact issues. 🚫🔌 = Games with online functions that have been shut down. It includes games with or without online trophies, that became unobtainable due to servers shutdown. PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 PlayStation Vita CHANGELOG
  6. As of September 8 2016, the "Rumble" content update (version 1.22) offers the Player-to-Player Trading system, which allows players to trade items, regardless the amount and the rarity of the items during the trade. Every item can be traded (exception for Common, Limited and Premium DLC items), including the Painted and Certitied Items. When you trade an item, all stats are reset to zero. This topic has been created for anybody who's looking to trade for specific items (or trade for fun!), but primarily it is created for helping people to acquire way easier-than-before Painted and Certified Items and to earn the following trophies: From the "Neo Tokyo" update (v1.19): Budding Artist, One Better and Certifiable From the "Champions Field" update (v1.35): Storm Trooper, Swap Meet and Trade Secret. When you want to trade Painted and Certified items, Rare, Very Rare or any other items, simply precise the items you own. If they're Certified Items, tell the stats they track! If you have found a player with an item you're looking for, don't forget to contact him! It's up to players how they want to trade items but it's suggested, once the trophies are unlocked, to trade the items back. **NOTE** It exists an amazing exploit to make everything fast for One Better and Certifiable trophies! If you trade and receive a Certified item at Veteran rank already, every trophy related to the Certified items would unlock instantly! However, once the item is traded, the stats will reset to zero, so to make this exploit working again, the Certified item would need to be leveled up to Veteran rank again. How to Trade: Image source: Rocket League's Official Blog 1) From the main menu, Invite (with ) or join a player into a party. 2) Once players are in a party, a player simply press on the other player's name and select "Invite to Trade" as option. The player receiving an Trading invitation has to press OK. 3) When the invitation is accepted, the Trading menu appears. Choose to trade wathever you want! When both players are ready to trade, both press button and a countdown will start. At the end of the countdown, the trade is completed. Have fun trading and good luck for trophies!
  7. You’re planning on writing one? Or do you want to team up with me?
  8. The isolation room is on the second floor, where you have office rooms and desks. You’ll find corpses and the generator will be inside a tiny room. Remind that only one person can repair this generator at a time.
  9. This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw the official list.
  10. They’re doable trophies, I never struggle to get all Adept killer trophies, even since the double pip requirement. Perhaps you lack the patience of learning a new killer and its power, or you just lack skills as a killer. Keep trying and you’ll eventually get them!
  11. Indeed, I saw it coming! The limit of 128 trophies, set by Driveclub, cannot be reached!
  12. This is what I suggested in the DBD forums: I’d see a separate trophy list “Dead By Daylight - Additional Chapters” along with all the ranking achievements (reaching rank 10, 5 and 1, from both killer and survivors) as base trophies, as they couldn’t fit them on the console release. Then the chapters come as DLC lists as usual.
  13. @Chlorhydric Do you believe on a new separate trophy list, or that it will surpass Driveclub’s 128 trophies?
  14. (Sorry for the double post) Stranger Things chapter’s achievements are already live on Steam! 😬 These are easy trophies in my opinion! Thoughts? Once again, in 10 hours, we’ll see if there’ll be a new separate trophy list, or if DBD exceeds the 128 trophies limit by Driveclub!
  15. I finally finished with this game. I got the platinum. Gosh it was worse than I expected.
  16. I’m so tired of this trophy. I can easily waste my time on an entire Grand Operation just for playing Frontlines mode... then see the enemy capturing the flag and destroy all three objectives in one run! The most irritating part is that, if your team sucks during the first two rounds of the operation, you know for certain that you will lose your Frontlines flag! DICE, let Frontlines as permanent individual mode! I do not care about your Tides of War, temporary modes and “live service” crap, I just want my trophies, period!
  17. Sad to hear. After renewing the feedback collected and made several chances, the dedicated servers will be pushed back to Fall 2019.
  18. @Dragon-Archon I sadly don’t have the URL to the WIP guides: - - Moss DLC - - My WIP for EVE: Valkyrie. - - WIP for Ghost of a Tale.
  19. Here are officially the PS4 trophies this time: And to some who asked, the Ultimate Vault Hunter achievement is the Platinum trophy, no challenges required or similar.
  20. @Dragon-Archon Hey, can you add me as contributor to all my guides, published or work-in-Progress? Thank you!
  21. I contacted DBD support lately and they answered me with the following:
  22. @i-kicked-a-brit The moment of truth. Will there be a new separate trophy list, or will DBD achieve the impossible and exceed Driveclub’s 128 trophies? Let’s find out!
  23. That's so great... from all the trophies I have done in WipEout HD and 2048... WHY does Zico trophy from HD have to come back in this collection?! THE most insane and frustrating trophy of all WipEout franchise ever?! The Nightmare is back guys... there's no escape...! What do you guys think of this compilation of trophies from previous games into one single list?
  24. I think there will be trophies when RDO gets Heists content like in GTA V, this is what it should actually have! Until then, I’m not bothered to not see any of them. Grinding up to rank 50 takes long already.
  25. Make sure to find any internal 2.5” SATA HDD, which is normally the size that a laptop would take. A 1TB HDD seems to be the safest among of storage, others said that it can take 1.5TB. And no, you cannot use external HDD, unlike the PS4. Here you have instructions how to install your new HDD to the PS3: