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  1. thoughts? i have the game on my pc, but haven't played it much, will probably pick it up on ps4 if its a crossbuy to vita to take along with me while out and about
  2. Mine would be Tony hawk American wasteland, TH: Underground 1 and 2 Scarface Punisher Jak and daxter 1-3 and JAK X James bond, everything or nothing james bond nightfire james bond from russia with love james bond agent under fire sphinx and the cursed mummy indiana jones and the emperors tomb batman begins spongebob battle for bikini bottom spiderman 1 and 2
  3. go to the piano knock it down, hide someone will come put it back up and lean into it at which point knock it again
  4. Me too, i was shocked when hitman GO has a platinum, but this one doesn't i figured they might pull a Hitman blood money on ps3 and make trophies like that for this game, or make some of the trophies unattainable until new episodes launch
  5. I personally think, for hitman veterans it will be a breeze, sucks there is no platinum though
  6. YES!
  7. If theres a physical copy ill get it, if not ill wait for re5 and re4
  8. Man, imagine if they added re3.5 in as a bonus doubt it though
  9. oh, so it should be fixed whenever the store gets updated again maybe?
  10. my hitman preorder in my library shows i have 330 days until i can play it, wtf, i tried talking to ps but they won't tell me anything
  11. Hey everyone i had the game since launch played and got all trophies except 3 (all weapons, level 5 blood gem and queen) i have picked up 2 or 3 level 5 gems from the chalice dungeons on my way to the queen and i have all 26 weapons and neither trophy has popped for me :/
  12. how are the driving/shooting controls? are they like SA? thats my concern
  13. is the car controls the same? X to go Square to stop/reverse? i couldn't get used to it
  14. Are the controls like gta SA? or are they different, wanted to confirm before i buy