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  1. Me of course, seriously tho I don't really pay attention to these kind of things but the closest I can think of is The Completionist aka Jirard. Not strictly trophy hunter but he does get all the trophies as part of completing the games.
  2. Personally I think the sequel is better than the first game. Alot more interesting characters and captivating story. Looking back at the first game I think the first game is bad even tho at the time I played it I enjoyed it alot. If you like horror the sequel is definitely alot better since it has alot heavier focus on it.
  3. Horses for courses in rdr2. Basically you just have to buy 5 horses in online mode. Sure the money is a bit of an grind but there is alot harder trophies in the game.
  4. I personally think it was easy and enjoyable, it's still my fastest platinum at 8 hours with some idle time. Tho I guess that could be because I played it alot as a kid and pretty much knew the whole game out of memory by the time I played it on ps3.
  5. I would like to hear your thoughts on this game. I haven't bought it because I've heard alot of bad things about it and the fact that they completely scratched switch and limited edition versions in the west kinda scares me. I've been trying to look for reviews but can't find any from sources that I know usually enjoy same kinda games I do. Overall I really enjoy idea factory games and I'm thinking if this is another one I should be picking up.
  6. You can get it physically from iffy eu store atleast, not sure if there is physical na release.
  7. Hah, agreed ^^ I'm so glad you think that way! Happy gaming to you too ^^ Thank you! And sure! Nice to meet you too ^^ and oohh that's nice to hear!
  8. Yeah I hope they release rebirth1 in the west too. No idea on switch unfortunately, but on ps4 its L2 ^^ ah, too bad you didn't like it I personally don't understand the skill issue alot of people have since you can literally put only one skill per character so I don't think it's an issue tho I agree that some of the enemies were a bit too op but the story fights were all fairly easy imo. I don't really look at any review sites like metacritic because I feel like alot of the games I like get shitty reviews nowdays :'D (like senran kagura burst re:newal for example) but yeah as you said, personal preference ^^
  9. ah, understandable. I don't necessarily agree with the censorship either since I'm a huge fan of fanservicy games but with some more minor stuff like this I can get over it since nintendo still doesn't have achievement/trophy system which really keeps me away from it unless the game is switch exclusive. And I see, I'm personally goin to get it physically for vita sometime in the future because I want to catch up with the story before next mainline entry comes (who knows when that is)
  10. There is only 2 CGs that are censored so it personally didn't bother me at all since the changes weren't that big. The other pic is just a bit zoomed in and onsen scene has a bit of more steam but I felt like if I hadn't seen the uncensored pictures of the 2 scenes I wouldn't even have known they are censored. I have to play the third rebirth game soon too.
  11. After getting plat on this game I want to share some of my toughts on it since I know there is alot of hate around this game. So first of all I think the story is really fun and full of the typical neptunia humor. As a person who likes gaming/isekai/slice of life related animes I found the story to be as pointless fun as many of my fav animes. The references to anime, other games etc are very easy to catch too. I think this game has a decent amount of character development (if you are a veteran in the series some of the things that are meant to be plottwists around the characters aren't that surprising for you tho). That being said the story left me with a couple questions about the lore but if you don't think too hard about it you won't even notice this stuff (+ it's a spinoff so not canon anyway) The art in the game is amazing. The combat system is not difficult or exciting but it does the job and given that the game is pretty easy you don't have to fight alot outside of the story related battles.You can also speed up the battles that makes it alot more tolerable. If you want your games to have very in depth combat system this is not a game for you. Side quests are mostly the very typical rpg gathering and hunting quests. Trophy wise this game is really easy platinum if you check the missable trophies before you start playing. I really enjoyed my time with the game and I hope there will be more neptunia spinoffs that are this different from the other games in the franchise. I'm really happy I gave this game a chance even tho most of the people around me told me that I shouldn't. I would like to hear some of your tought on this game too! (Key visual art)
  12. Yes, I take a quick look at trophy guide almost every time before I start a new game Do you ever do something like watch videos/movie while grinding levels?
  13. Nope Have you ever knowingly bought a bad game just because you wanted it in your collection?
  14. thank you ^^ yeah I can assure that I'm not trying to pick a fight with anyone here :'D And I see! I'll let you know if I need something ^^ yeah I agree! and that's cool ^^ I might have to join some myself
  15. Kiitos ^^ Thank you! thank you ^^ yeah I noticed there is alot of jrpg lovers here! and I have yet to play FF X, I have it but never got around to playing it :'D and sure!