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  1. I have several easy plats / 100% games. But I have NEVER played a game just for the easy trophy list, everything on my list has grabbed my interest enough to want to play the game. The list was just a bonus. Actually... looking at my list. 1 game is the exception, Conan Exiles. I regret doing that one.
  2. Still sitting here debating this or Back 4 Blood. Not having a new list for Aftermath I can only assume it's altered the platinum for the original... Might just have to do Back 4 Blood for now and check out Aftermath when it gets it's PS5 version.
  3. I knew I'd hate it and I certainly do. The invasion PvP trophy is a massive pain (for me atleast) having to kill Colt 3 times in 1 life is painful. Add in the matchmaking and loading times. Feels like Colt is a bullet sponge. Edit: Finally got it but took a lot more attempts then I expected. Think the waiting is the real killer for me.
  4. I JUST finished it, this is easily my favorite game from the series. It's very close to Before the Storm but its just 🤏 "that" much better for me. I would love to see more of both Alex and Steph, however I know the story ends there, if Max and Chloe show the track record. I will say however even though she's never been the playable character (until the upcoming DLC), Steph is probably the coolest character in the series (imo). The Devs manage to make her feel undeniable chemistry with whoever she is around and I love that. True Colors >= Before the Storm > 1 >>> 2 I didn't hate 2, but it was the only game in the series so far that didn't really hit me emotionally in any way, it was just a story.
  5. I preordered the Deluxe edition without a second thought. I didn't even look into the game, I just loved 1 and BTS (2 was meh at best). If I enjoy a series / genre, I buy it. Sure I could argue a 60$ USD price point (70$ for deluxe w/ dlc) is high for what is around 10-15hrs of gameplay. But at the same time I can go to the movies and spend like 30-40$ (ticket / popcorn / drink) for a 2hr experience. Value is what YOU make it, and don't let anyone else tell you what something should be worth to you. Edit: I don't think this will be the last of the LIS series, but I do believe initial sales will be / are already low. But given their past titles started at a 40$(?) USD price point they likely have some wiggle room for sales. The game in itself is amazing, I just finished Chapter 1 and I'm loving every minute of it.
  6. I expected the game to have good reviews but I'm shocked at just HOW good the reviews are. I watched ACGs review of the game and he had some gripes with it but nothing that seemed like it would personally bother me. Just did a last minute preorder for the PS+ Discount, looking forward to this one.
  7. This is great news then! PowerPyx website made it seem like it was invasion based, hunt the hunter so to speak. Well this just solidified my purchase, I was on the fence there for a minute. Thank you!!
  8. Always up to play a roguelike!. Don't like those 2 multiplayer trophies though. (Kill Colt as Juliana and vice versa).
  9. I rarely dip into the JRPG gamebase. I simply am not an anime fan, but I've had my rare moments in loving Persona 5 Royale and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. I've also played Valkyrie Chronicles but didn't enjoy it. The single player game lineup isn't super strong right now so I'm eyeing this with all the fantastic reviews... but I'm super unsure as I feel it'll be either a hit or miss for me with no in between area. 🤔
  10. The debuts were a miss for me, I stopped watching WWE shortly after Punk left with the WWE Championship, which was 2011(?), things started feeling waaaay too PG. My only memories of Bryan are him being an annoyance like that of The Miz. Clearly by the crowds reaction tonight, he changed a lot over the years. Didn't start watching Wrestling again (AEW only) until 2020 so a lot of the "fresh talent" (I use fresh loosely because googling them they've been around for awhile) like Ruby, and Cole, I have never heard of. Regardless though the crowd hype got me hyped, and I'm excited AEW keeps pulling such well loved talent. Only person I really want to see get signed is Bray Wyatt, a lot of his Fiend stuff appeared in my YouTube. As I watch a lot of horror related things and I guess the YouTube algorithm decided The Fiend was in that ballpark. His concept seemed super cool and creative, but I'm sure he was toned down HEAVILY due to WWEs new super kid friendly era. I can't imagine what he'd do with lesser restrictions.
  11. I haven't verbally yelled at my TV since I was a teenager. That cage match was unbelievable, that 3 count made me jump off the couch yelling "LETS GO". Scared the life out of my wife as I haven't ever done that in our 7 years together. Best match I've seen since I started watching AEW, period.
  12. This is the only place I can think to ask this. The PSN store has the All Out PPV available for preorder listed with an end date of the 8th. I know PSN has had some PPVs listed in the past... will it be up for purchase within those 3 days or do I need to preorder it and watch it before the end date? Won't be able to watch it live and the replay times for my TV provider are awful.
  13. Loved this game, just downloaded it back onto my PS4 as that's the version I originally played. Glad I saw this thread before buying and playing the DLC, I'll have to wait it out. Unfortunate. I appreciate all you guys/gals reporting the issue!
  14. My only gripe with the list was the 2 collateral trophies. I hate gimmick trophies in MP games, so I "boosted" it by myself. Made 2 dummy accounts, used my PS4 and my fiance's PS5 along with mine, qued FFA and lined it up. Was tedious managing to hide the 2 dummy accounts away from others while I got the proper weapon but a hell of a lot better than trying to go for it constantly. Otherwise I don't mind the massive grind in wins this game has, it's an absolute blast and I'm loving every minute of it. But I also won't burn myself out by forcing myself to play. I'll get the 100% over time within a year I'm sure.
  15. I did about 15 ranks from the Survival XP bug when it worked. Then aside from Day 100 on Survival and Day 15 on Saga for Warden. All my xp came from Day 5-7 Fenrir runs at around 8k a run.