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  1. I’m just waiting on the app redesign update to get my game preorders in. I don’t care so much about the website tbh. Although I will admit it looks messy from the screenshots posted here.
  2. As someone who doesn’t have the friends (on PSN) to fill out a raid, nor do I want to join a session for them.... this is EXTREMELY disappointing. I’ve had great success with the the MM in survival on all tiers... yes there are also the disasters. I understand raids require coordination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have success via MM. To not even give us the option cuts a lot of people out here. Guess I’ll get all classes to 20 and stop. Hopefully they’ll change their mindset about this in the future.
  3. Seems this isn’t being talked about much. I see there is a chunk of platinum achievers... anyone have some insight on plat difficulty / length. Assuming someone has experience with turn based and rogue like games. Just been eyeing this for awhile and it’s on sale now so planning to pull the trigger, curious what I’m stepping into. 🤔
  4. Depends how you want to play it. If your goal is the platinum and that’s it then what weapons you buy won’t matter. Your goal should be simply obtaining a horse + food for health and stamina of said horse. Do the story missions as they’re decent XP, then start with jobs. I had only played a little bit of the online at launch and stopped due to boredom. I had a basic horse, bolt action rifle (repeater is cheaper and just as good), standard pistol and cheap basic cloths. I got to around rank 23. Started it back up, picked up the Collector Job and when that net me enough money I picked up the Trader job, then the Moonshiner. I was done with 23-50 in about 3-4 days. The leveling is the only “hard” part of the online.
  5. Destiny Raids, No. World of Warcraft however I raided at a top tier level for many years. My comment about not doing raids here was mainly to a point of not having friends available... and I don’t like joining sessions. I agree that raids are incredibly fun, I just don’t have enough buddies on PlayStation to do these.
  6. This says to me there won’t be matchmaking for raids. Which also says to me I won’t be doing the raids. I sincerely hope that isn’t the case but the wording seems pretty definitive.
  7. I hate the fact that they added trophies to the coop mode. I wish they would have just added it as a fun extra... I assume there’s matchmaking. I hope the raids and gold ranking will be doable with random people. I’m not one to use sessions / voice chat so... 100% will be up to random matchmaking luck for me. Very fun 🙄
  8. On my game escaping was a head decision and attacking was a heart. Regardless when doing the heart/head only runs I opted to not have Conrad escape. Aside for the actual trophy to have him escape I NEVER did it. You can double up the endings a lot better if he doesn’t escape... so I’d just replay it and fail breaking the window.
  9. Got the Sony email. So thankfully that’ll be one of the two consoles I need. Still need to hunt one down for my fiancé.
  10. I probably will as much as I don’t want to, I enjoyed the game but not enough for 2 playthroughs. So I’ll do it but I won’t be happy about it! 🙃
  11. What an absolute dumpster fire of a pre-order process. I’m in disbelief at how bad of an experience this is. Had one in checkout both on BestBuy and GameStop and the websites crashed during checkout only to come back up and being sold out. Going to call my local stores tomorrow and see if anyone is still taking them in person (assuming Amazon will be the same bad experience when they list it).
  12. Missing 1 trophy for this Plat, I had a scrap collectible bug on me. 1 damn scrap kept me from the platinum. Could never be bothered to do it all again for the chance it’d happen again. I’m almost kinda relieved the servers are going down soon. I’ve had an itch to go back and complete it but I know I wouldn’t enjoy it at all... 1 more month and that itch will be gone for good.
  13. CoD games. All those “zombie” trophies, such complete trash (imo). It’s a plague on my list and I could fix it, but I won’t. Simply because I hate it with such a passion.
  14. Infallible and the 40 grind really burned me out, not gonna lie. I only play it now if it’s with some friends. I can’t play it solo, but with friends it adds in some extra silliness which makes it refreshing. Small things like the other night there was a grab war in our group whenever Survival based games occurred that brought some laughs. However I do look forward to season 2 and the changes, will probably play it more solo again when that happens.
  15. Did my own research. Found this pretty nice trophy guide / walkthrough and from what I can tell the only missables are the endings and “My old friend”. The endings require 2 playthroughs from what I gather, but killing certain NPCs can lock you out of endings until NG+ (which I ended up doing). My old friend seems to require you never using your Omnicube for a full playthrough. All the info is in the guide. Hope it helps!