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  1. It depends on the current running FFA event, some are much more popular than others. Showdown isn't a popular listing, and this week turning FFA into solo Showdown is pretty meh. When FFA is races or tricks and you're playing in peak hours you'll get around 3-5min ques. Which still isn't super fast, but it isn't awful. Helps when weeklies include MP challenges along with sponsor resets.
  2. Just watched ACG's review on this on a whim. I've never played a Hunting sim... but I think it's about time I did, this looks quite fun! Don't care about the lack of plat, a trophy list does not dictate the quality of a game. Wouldn't have minded a longer list though if I have to nit-pick, but whatever, less time trophy hunting and more time just enjoying playing.
  3. Bummer, played the other day up until just after the first boss and was really enjoying it. Will have to put a pause on continuing until these issues are fixed. I did actually end up having one issue where my first save got soft locked during the ritual quest at the start of the game. I didn't have enough bones to complete a ritual and I couldn't leave camp to get more because the quest locked me in. Didn't happen again though on my 2nd go round.
  4. Honestly I'm fine with this. The PSN Store was looking like pure garbage these days with all the terrible trophy trash bait. So I'll take this "bandaid" fix if only to have a cleaner looking store. Next thing I can't wait for is when games stop getting dual released on 4/5 so the auto pop bullshit stops.
  5. This is purely subjective to the player, I'm on Extra Hard and the combat is extremely forgiving in my eyes. I'd compare it to Hades, but just... a lot easier. Hopefully it ramps up the further in you get, but you're also getting more powerful the further you get so... *shrug* Very, very fun experience either way.
  6. Have had it preordered since it was available, Devolver Digital publishes Indie gold and this will be no different. It's criminal that this is being overlooked in some places, PlayStation Grenade didn't even mention it in their August game release video. Plus it's like halfway down the page on preorder best sellers while Madden and CoD are at the top (yes I understand why). Support (Passionate) Indie Devs!
  7. Yes, the very first attempt on No way Out. So let that be a testament to how clean and well thought-out your guide is. Thank you again!
  8. This guide was beautifully done. Took it slow and paused my game watching your steps a few times over each time before proceeding. Managed to get it done on my first try (not without some panic), thank you so much!
  9. Some people do, I personally welcome games receiving continued love. However it depends on the game and the timeframe. I'm not a huge fan of a game releasing DLC1 randomly 2-3 years after launch (but I still don't HATE it), nor am I a fan of challenge pack DLC (like AC has done). But releasing a stream of DLC with actual content is fine, and appreciated by me. Definitely a "to each their own" scenario.
  10. "I've done a lot of them but now that I'm not doing them they need to stop". While you may have stopped, you certainly helped it get to this point by buying into it. Could have stuck to playing actual games to make that 1000 plat milestone all the more meaningful.
  11. The definite buy for me is, The Quarry. LOVED Until Dawn, so this hitting it's first sale is a grab, no question. But with Cult of the Lamb coming early August, and Saints Row late August, I can't see myself grabbing anything else. Plus I still need to play Stray 🐈. There's a handful or two of other titles on my wishlist in this sale, but I just have to pass given the circumstances.
  12. Medan was kinda meh for me, but I have some bias against ghost ship themes. I thought Little Hope was a huge improvement and enjoyed it a lot. House of Ashes is on sale now so I'll be grabbing that (the theme reminds me of The Descent). Now The Devil in Me REALLY has my interest because it screams of the serial killer H H Holmes and his Murder Hotel. Up until now I've bought each title on sale but will likely day 1 the 4th entry.
  13. Been putting off cleaning this up, guess I'll put it off forever now, not up for the grind.
  14. I can't even write a full proper comment about how I feel. All of these easy plat games are such a disgrace, but this takes the prize.
  15. Doom (Obligatory) Killing Floor 1&2 Metal music is criminally underused in games.