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  1. The wins can be grinded in a 1v1 marksman, whoever shoots first just misses on purpose, and the other guy wins the round.
  2. Is there anyone else that are getting this error code right now? Is there any solution?
  3. Anyone that has a world with the end city/chest available?
  4. Anyone that know how to unlock this trophy?
  5. Haouckaouwvn Call of Duty: World at War I was going to play a quick game of nazi zombies, and i met a hacker who hacked my player to have about 50 guns, pack a punch, perks and some if the trophies, i didnt intend to hack the trophies, i planed to do the legit, i did not get all trophies from that guy.
  6. I had a world that i was about to use to earn the last trophy for 100% then after the last update the world was reset anyone who knows anything about this?