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  1. Thanks a bunch! That did the trick! After manually updating they finally showed back up!
  2. Just how many ways are they going to find ways to spell Catherine/Katherine
  3. Yukata
  4. Saltine
  5. Enigma
  6. The sale is pretty amazing with how much stuff there is. I already spent a bunch last week with the buy $100 get $15 back though. Really should think a bit more before I pull the trigger this week. Lego The Hobbit Just bought Lego Harry Potter Collection last week. Not sure if I should get another Lego game this soon especially when I probably won't be starting Harry Potter in a long while bc of backlog. But its at that $5 price point I have for Lego games. Decisions decisions. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter I can't remember what this is about other than people was talking about it when it came out. Will have to research what kind of game this is. Most likely a walking simulator. God of War III Remastered Barely halfway through I and I've still got the rest of the collection to go through. Another one for the backlog. At $4 who knows. AD1FT Another one for the backlog at $3. Infamous collection Probably won't be getting this. Still thinking about it since I got the first? second? one from the great psn hack Jak and Daxter Collection Maybe its time for me to see whats so great about these games? Never had a ps2 so missed out. Uncharted Golden Abyss Yet another one for the backlog? Still haven't finished Uncharted II lol
  7. Driveclub Bikes is also available as an expansion for Driveclub. The standalone is available for those without the base game and only want bikes not cars. Unfortunately you're out of luck unless you contact support and manage to get them to remove the license for the ps+ Driveclub from your account.
  8. Eggplant
  9. DOOM
  10. Estate
  11. excavate
  12. eviscerate
  13. Kindred
  14. Masochist
  15. It's amazing how addicting Overwatch could be. Bought it to just try it out and now it's all I've been playing 😳

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