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  1. I was searching through the internet what might be the reason and people say it has to be a 3/4 map in order to get this trophy on ps4. I did this cause i had fun exploring anyways and the trophy still didnt pop, probably because of one missing pixel. The requirement of having a fully explored map is quite stupid considering you cant even see sometimes what youre missing and where.
  2. Ah shit, here we go again.
  3. Hi, a lot of people saying level 0 maps are enough while i cant seem to make this trophy pop this way, I tried it the legit way in a Realm and also the creative exploit in a new created world and wasnt lucky enough to get it. I used consecutive map numbers as well discovered every pixel of the map, other peoples stating they couldnt get the trophy even with level 3 maps. So i dont really wanna waste my time finishing level 3 maps just to not get the trophy.... The only thing i can think of it is trying it on the old version of minecraft, the frozen boots trophy also didnt work on bedrock for me. So any help is appreciated, maybe someone has a finished map and can let me join real quick?
  4. Ehh you dont have to own the DLC to finish the game.... only if you have bought this specific DLC you need to finish it as well in order to beat the game. And even then you can use the method i posted above. The first post even mentions this, please read before you jump to any conclusions
  5. Looks similar to ps3 except for the weapon trophies, most of them being replaced by easy miscellaneous stuff, so definitely easier than ps3 version. On the other side its a new engine and we dont know if they made any balancing changes, so the game itself could be harder/easier.
  6. Glad to hear it worked, this method might be inconsistent cause i can remember i was pretty happy that i didnt had to go into those woods without a map. So as stated above i just proceeded with the main story and honeyed words got cancelled. But for sure its worth a try to skip the DLC using these two quests.
  7. Didnt knew that but that wasnt the major problem since i mixed up things already for more points, it really was the holding X while doing the manual. I cant play much atm but i tried using X for a few rounds and now im as fast as the other people and can actually hold my combo longer, i still suck a lot but that tip alone made me much better. I managed to get the warehouse gap in around 5 mins, probably nothing to special and the easiest one but yea feeling much more confident now. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Did you guys tried the Get-There's after unlocking the park or did you got all the stats points first ? I was already bad at Tony Hawk games when i was a kid and i still suck a LOT but i have fun cause there is an skill gap. Biggest problems are Manuals, after my 3rd manual in a combo its almost impossible for me to keep balance and i dont know how people keep their speed. It always looks like im losing to much speed doing manuals, is there any trick like doing a quick manual and then cancel it or combine it with something ?
  9. I played Fifa for 17 years and i finally stopped after Fifa 18. For me it became worst every year from Fifa 17 onwards and i tried Fifa 20 via EAccess and that game wasnt even close to give my a reason why i should ever play this franchise again. Its sad cause if you like football/soccer you dont really have much options and EA just treats you like a slave.
  10. I recently found out how to skip the Hans Capon DLC if you have it installed and posted the requirements in the specific thread. I didnt had anything against the clunky controls cause the game is designed to be highly realistic so it makes sense you cant just pass everything with your horse but there is definitely some objects the horse should pass. With bugs its always hard to tell since they arent consistent, some people are more affected than others and it seems i was lucky this time cause i didnt had any gamebreaking bugs except for a few crashes and that typical pop up stuff, nothing which wouldnt happen in any other open world game too but indeed it happens more frequently in kingdom come than any other game. With those minor bugs i still had more enjoyment than frustration at any point but this shouldnt excuse the current state of the game cause it definitely needs some patches especially for crashes. Well i dont like those exlusive trophies either but thats because we are trophy hunters, they just want to show us how many outcomes a single quest can have and thats totally fine, cant really blame the game by giving you more freedom and options but you wont use it cause you will go for those trophies anyways. I never experienced any performance issues except for the monastery but thats a known bug which happens when your dog glitches trough one of the doors, i played the game on the pro tho. I also cant understand why nobody likes the monastery quest haha i really liked that quest but i would admit that the Womens Lot DLC´s was one of the worst DLC´s i have ever played. Just giving my 2 cents that not everybody having those big issues but you cant never know, maybe borrow the game and play on a 2nd account if youre unsure about it.
  11. Its basically the same list with additional trophies from the orginal japanese release, mahjong for example wasnt in the EU version on ps3. Here is a listing: Im not sure if im allowed to post a link from a different gaming site but i can only give you as a tip to use the "Yakuza 3 Remastered guide" on Gamefaq it´s full of useful tips and info and was much better for me as the one posted here on psnp.
  12. Thx for your answer thats good news we decided to continue normally and we will see, will probably update my post then.
  13. My friends game crashed after completing round 20 in the gully. He did got the certificate as well the trophy but we dont know if his progress is saved for the 3 tournament trophy. Does anyone know if the game saves right away or only in the loading screen ?
  14. I found out by accident that you can entirely skip hans capon DLC. First run i didnt touched it until the epilogue and i had to finish it first in order to proceed the story. In my hardcore run i tried to do it earlier so i started the first quest while being in the main mission "payback" the problem here is that this mission is time sensitive so everytime i advanced until morning for the capon quest i failed the main quest and had to reload my most recent save. I proceeded with the main story line and after finishing "payback" the capon mission "honeyed words" got cancelled. I though it might be put on hold for later or i have to do it before epilogue but i was able to finish the the main game without doing the capon dlc. -Start "honeyed words" while or before the main mission "payback" -Finish "payback" -"honeyed words" gets cancelled.
  15. Try to reinstall as said before or try to rebuild database via the recovery mode ( you won't lose any saves or personal data)