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  1. Metal gear solid 2: You have to beat the game 4 times and collect all the Dogtags, those tags are dropped by enemies after you interrogated them but they are changed for every difficulty so you have to collect them on every of your difficulty runs again and on higher difficulties the game even spawns more enemies. But the real deathblow for me were probably the 500 VR missions, it don't bother much with the outdated controls since it's an old game but for me 500 just seems to much especially when I consider they weren't much fun for me. But my biggest arch nemesis is probably Mirrors Edge: Besides some borrowed games in the early ages of PS3 I usually complete the games once even tho I'm not going for plat afterwards. But I just couldn't do it with Mirrors Edge, I borrowed it and stopped after 3h since it was incredibly boring for me. The years after I borrowed it twice and even bought it for 3$ but even then I couldn't finish it. Don't know what it is but it's definitely not a game for me.
  2. You cant access vehicles via online garage? Its weird since you should definetly have the option, try to level up the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City Level which should unlock the Long Range Versions. But if you cant create the normal one you will be locked out of plat. Trucks standing around facilities are locked forever unless they are provided by another online player, might be important to say that only facilties can create vehicles.
  3. Which facilities have good orders for the novelist son and the prepper ?
  4. Im only missing 2 Giant crowns (Lunastra and Silverlos) and i dont want to start another boosting session because of this. Especially big silverlos giving me a headache since there is to much of a gap between smallest silver and smallest gold giant. If someone still missing Silverlos please hit me up and we can try to snipe him together. Update: I got Silverlos, still looking for Lunastra in any case.
  5. I tried a lot of the silverlos event quest over the past two days and its safe to say that most of them are on the bigger side and i did got an silver crown update but its like every other event quest so far, they do not have an increased chance of dropping crowns and it still comes all down to luck. I dont think they worse than any normal investigations so its worth to try them since goldian and silverlos inv. kinda rare and they have limited attempts.
  6. I dont think these are crown events since none of them were crown events so far and if people manage to get a crown there its probably just luck. How many tries you needed for both goldian crowns ? Still missing the big one for silverlos so i might give it a try.
  7. You guys are right, totally forgot about the glaive i will also try the mantle.
  8. I already try to get a new one but always have that damn trap in an area where it is impossible to mount a monster as solo player. So basically i try to give him the photo since Friday and he refuses. Guess i have to get another one or i might be lucky but it should definitely getting fixed,
  9. This doesnt work for me. I have the same bug, its the photo for the trap in rotten valley. I took a photo and got the cat paw on the upper side but back at the Lynian he cant recognize it (his damn eyes) Took a look at powerpyx guide and my photo should be excellent for the request....
  10. I did the quest to go safe as well but i think you dont need them. Otherwise ninja would have listed both of them on his listing except he was doing them before, ninja might can answer this question ?
  11. I will farm the Chicken Carnival as well since i run out of Z recently. I do have the crowns for the base game monster but missing the big one for coral pukei, i will let you know if it drops within my tries.
  12. I already had the big crown for beotodus and tried "Trophy fishin" once and i got the mini crown on my first try. I already saw it was a mini one before i fought him it was so cute 😅 Mine was 1495.79 if that matters.
  13. Oh well thanks for the help.
  14. How people already playing it ? i searched the german and us store and couldnt find it, i also couldnt find a physical copy.
  15. I dont know if you are at the right thread but we are talking about judgment were you need to complete the CP list again in order to achieve the platinum. You also can buy stuff from CP. Just continue like that you will eventually get it but playing it to much doesnt get you anywhere. Yep if i add up all the time i played i definetly had something between 30-35h just for puyo puyo😀 just because i played it for 4-5h a day i wasnt really effective.