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  1. You still need to pick up the scroll and then perform an izuna drop to get the trophy, if you never read the scroll you wont unlock the trophy even when you do 1000 of them.
  2. I think its easier than the orginal release, im no expert by any means and i was able to clear UN1 in less than an hour. If youre not an expert you might need some luck cause the AI is a bit inconsistent and the enemy pattern is always different but nothing too crazy i would say. The AI is fast at reviving when you die and the overall damage you and the AI do is much higher than in the PS3 Version, i have seen the AI taking 15-20% of Alex's HP within a second. Cant say anything about UN2 and UN3 yet but it think everything is doable without being super good at the game. Edit: I was using BotA with Rachel as Partner.
  3. Ok thanks for clarifciation, i really hope they fixed it. I played the first mission on acolyte and the AI already dropped down to half HP 😔
  4. Seems like the list is missing, i bought the collection and started up the the first game and i dont get any trophy list on my profile.... this is disappointing. Dont pin me down on that but im pretty sure ninja gaiden sigma 2 doesnt require you to clear the Ultimate Ninja Trails like the PS3 Version, it only says clear the Normal missions as Tag Team and those should be easy enough.
  5. Thanks for clarification, it seems like i mixed it up with Belgium where the AH is available but you cant buy packs with VC. Its quite confusing for me cause im pretty sure the Netherlands banned Fifa points which is pretty much the equivalent to VC. I agree its good that you can still access the market via VPN but i still hope microtransactions will disappear from annual sports games. Praying to get a dynamic duo's isnt really great.
  6. Im quite suprised that this works cause i thought it was based on your psn account`s country, another option would be to setup a VPN in your router settings but this is probably more complicated than using the laptop method. Its just a joke from 2k to block the Auction House when the gambling aspect clearly comes from opening packs... So far i couldnt find a free dynamic duo, 2k has to fix this.
  7. The Trophy description for "Queen" is wrong, you dont unlock it after creating your own faction instead you will get this trophy by giving out your first fief as a female. You most likely gave out your first fief to a companion thats why you got "i dub thee" alongside "Queen". The Trophy description for "Manifest Destiny" is also wrong, however the guide points that out. You will always unlock either Empress (own faction) or Manifest Destiny (faction from any of the King's) alongside "The Golden Throne" More or less the guide is wrong when it comes to "Queen" because a guide has to point out whenever there is a wrong trophy description. I know this post is 7 months old but i doubt the guide will be updated, so this might help someone in the future.
  8. Seems like insanity isn't required for the PS4 version ? What would be the best difficulty setting for a newcomer ? Edit: mistake
  9. I was able to play until now but then got kicked. Tried to relog for around 5 minutes and now im online again, i can see friends and i can play online. Keep in mind that some are affected more than others.
  10. I own the game for PC and i was pleasantly suprised how fast the game runs on my PS4 Pro. So far i didnt had any crashes and the game performance is okay but after reaching around 10-15 saves the menu became slower and i had minor freezes in between turns. I started to delete older saves and now i dont have any more problems, there is also a cloud option if you link your 2k Account.
  11. Didnt knew that, thanks for the info thats good to hear. Do you have to clear all four fights again or is it enough to only clear E8S in order to get Edens Verse trophy?
  12. That´s a bummer, im playing on PC and cleared Edens Verse (Savage) and i was half way through Edens Promise (Savage) before i stopped raiding for a while. Was really hoping for an auto pop here, no way i can clear those fights with a controller. I dont complain but it would have been really cool to play on PC and still get rewarded for your effort with some trophies.
  13. I finished Mystery Domination yesterday and it wasnt too bad, its safe to say that the first set is the hardest. There is some dynamic diffculty/ momentum in those games cause sometimes the AI just goes nuts and makes everything, this happens every 10th game or so, you can still beat them but if this happens against one of the harder teams it can be quite annoying. But sometimes you will get the same advantage as the AI, i had games blowing out the AI by almost 40 and shooting 7/10 from the 3pt line where i was really asking myself "Is this HOF diffculty?" Some addtional tips i can give: -Never really play off-ball defense but also never really play on-ball defense, sounds stupid but what i mean is that you should switch between players fairly often and adjust. If they about to shoot just switch to the closest player and use the right stick to contest, if you on-ball too much they will blow by but if you off-ball too much they will shoot over your players. -You can shoot 3s but you should really think about what shots you take, i had two players i was able to green fairly consistent so i used them as my prefered shooters. Players shoot better from corners because of the Corner Specialist badge and Dimer boosts the % quite a bit. So basically if youre prefered shooter is sitting in the corner recieving a pass from your guard which has Dimer Gold/HOF you should always take the shot. It also depends on the situation of course if youre up by 20 you can start to shoot more 3s but i would never pull a 3 after dribbling when its a close game and i have enough time on my clock. -And as most people said before speedboosting with Hawks 2018 Freelance mostly does the job on the offensive end, playbooks are not needed but still a good option if you need a quick bucket. My favorite play is "QUICK 21 RIP" from Trailblazers book but there is actually a tons of money plays which you can see here: -The AI will run plays fairly often, some of the 3 point plays can be quite annoying so try to watch the entire field and adjust to them right in time, if you see curry running from left to right like a maniac while they set screens everywhere then there might be a reason for it. I only used an emerald coach and i only had to adjust my lineup to taller players against the game with the Centers. Its definitely doable for an average 2k player. Good Luck! Edit: PS4 Version
  14. Both Versions can be exploited with a glitch playing the mission on recruit and then switch it to Veteran on the last checkpoint, this could explain the rarity although the hardest part of "All Ghillied Up" has to be done on a legit way. I personally didnt do it but glitches often increase the Trophy%, hollow knight was sitting under 5% before a glitch came out and now its almost at 8%. I would say Bullestorm is another game where percentage doesnt fit the difficulty, rarity is a little over 2% but there is nothing particularly hard about it and its not too long. Same with Magicka 2, it has some boring grind at the end but it is not really hard and playing it with 2 or 3 Friends makes it acutally enjoyable.
  15. One Domination set contains 99 stars, there are 6 sets in total but not all of them are released yet. The first three Domination sets were included on Release while the rest gets later added into the game, last week 2k added the 5th Domination Set. So basically the only reason why nobody is having the trophy is that we still miss the last set, so you have nothing to worry about here. Geologist is only bugged on the PS5 Version, based on 2k´s History of glitched trophies im almost certain they will adress this issue in the near future. Of course you cant be 100% sure.