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  1. Try to reinstall as said before or try to rebuild database via the recovery mode ( you won't lose any saves or personal data)
  2. Lot of people say its heavily designed for micro transactions while my friend says you actually have no advantage from spending real money. Can someone explain?
  3. I don't think it's about money. You basically have to pay for a higher difficulty which is usually a free patch for most games and on top of that something like NG+ was always included before as said numerous times. So I can understand why people even care about 0,63 what I also don't like is the fact that people who doesn't own the game yet are practically forced to buy the dlc now cause it's so much cheaper atm.
  4. Almost every Triple A publisher did something really bad in the past to have a reason to boycott their games but for me it's rather frustrating seeing that sega is now jumping on that train as well. All of it was indeed for free in previous games and is definitely cutted out from the original release and charging 9$ for it isnt even close to a reasonable price. I will probably buy the game and maybe the dlc is included in the western but it definitely has some sour taste and I hope the dlc sales are bad enough to make them stop but I doubt it...
  5. This trophy is definitely glitched. I didnt got the trophy after replaying the stages mutiple times. So i started from beginning without saving or quitting the game with all secrets and only GOOD rating. Aaaaannd i didnt got the trophy... replayed 1,2,3 and 6 on the same save but had the same outcome. So basically i have to go trough all stages again and then just pray to make it pop, that is ridiculous. EDIT: Did another try after this post and got the trophy this time. So basically if you dont get it, delete the old save and start a fresh one if this doesnt help repeat the process.... Never deleted a game so fast after platinum lol.
  6. I dont know why this always comes up whenever there is a glitch or exploit. I didnt use the glitch in COD 4 for example but i cant care any less if some others people do. I do hunt trophies for myself not for anyone else, i know exacty what was hard for me and what not. I know some people take trophy hunting and the leaderboards prettty damn serious which i also cant understand. Edit: What im trying to say is that youre only cheating on yourself when youre using glitches and when you can live with that its totally fine.
  7. @barticle Now i get it, thanks for the great explanation. Exposed Dragon.
  8. Im not exactly understanding the requirements for the "Exposed Dragon" Trophy. Looking up videos and searching the web it seems like you have to have build four groups of either chi, pon, kan avoiding 1,9 (except for pon and kan) And after that you need to win the game with a pair by either stealing or drawing it. Im pretty sure i had fullfied the requirements a couple times now but none of them tries i could go out with Tsumo. I uploaded a screenshot, maybe someone can explain me what am i missing here ? Exposed Dragon Screenshot My settings are Half Game, Kutain ON, Two Han OFF, Dora ON.
  9. Considering you like these type of games but want to get PoE done asap it might be better to wait it out and keep myself up to date whenever they address the issues. Thanks for your honest opinion.
  10. @JeManquedHygiene Thanks for answering my question. I actually started the game on PC half a year ago, one of the reasons i wanted to play the game on PS4 is because the platinum looks interesting. The game obviously has better performance on a PC and better optimization, i wouldnt mind to much but after reading your post im not sure if the games is fun enough with these kind of bugs. PoE would be a long time plat for me anyways so i might just get the basics done on PC and look out for further Patches on PS4 and start there whenever things are fixed. Thx for your answer.
  11. I wanted to start PoE but now im quite confused because of the current patch. Can someone please explain me whats the major difference now?
  12. Guide of the Year: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Trophy Guide For me its the guide of the year because it comes with so much extra information, just look at the Tips & Strategies section it contains everything important and is well explained. The roadmap is as spoiler free as possible and makes sure you dont miss anything or make a mistake, the whole guide is also filled with orginal content. I just could enjoy the game following this guide and smoothly earn my platinum. DLC Guides: Borderlands 2 - Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC Trophy Guide The guide provides everything you need and makes a good job clearing things up, helps you to get the trophies in one sitting easily. Walkthrough Guides: Dying Light - The Bozak Horde Walkthrough It had to be Persona 5 or Dying Light while i didnt even played both yet. Both guides are amazing in their step by step explanations and they making a good job to not overwhelm you with information. I cant decide and just go for the current Underdog here. Guides With Great Formatting: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Trophy Guide Every player bead is listed in a table and well explained, if you have problems finding certain things only using text there is still a video attached at the bottom for this trophies. Every usefull or necessary item is listed with their ingame pictues, certain items for specific ending are pointed out so you dont miss them. As well every boss has some explanation ordered in their different phases and a video.
  13. Metal gear solid 2: You have to beat the game 4 times and collect all the Dogtags, those tags are dropped by enemies after you interrogated them but they are changed for every difficulty so you have to collect them on every of your difficulty runs again and on higher difficulties the game even spawns more enemies. But the real deathblow for me were probably the 500 VR missions, it don't bother much with the outdated controls since it's an old game but for me 500 just seems to much especially when I consider they weren't much fun for me. But my biggest arch nemesis is probably Mirrors Edge: Besides some borrowed games in the early ages of PS3 I usually complete the games once even tho I'm not going for plat afterwards. But I just couldn't do it with Mirrors Edge, I borrowed it and stopped after 3h since it was incredibly boring for me. The years after I borrowed it twice and even bought it for 3$ but even then I couldn't finish it. Don't know what it is but it's definitely not a game for me.
  14. You cant access vehicles via online garage? Its weird since you should definetly have the option, try to level up the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City Level which should unlock the Long Range Versions. But if you cant create the normal one you will be locked out of plat. Trucks standing around facilities are locked forever unless they are provided by another online player, might be important to say that only facilties can create vehicles.
  15. Which facilities have good orders for the novelist son and the prepper ?