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  1. Her spinning attack makes the fight so much worse, even after dozens of tries i couldnt figure out how to dodge that move consistently. The regen itself would be fine if she wouldnt be so aggressive all the time, i really feel like you have to cheese her if you wanna keep your sanity. The skill hoarfrost stomp works great against her, otherwise i would suggest a blood build, with my Dex/Int build she was annoying to fight. Melina and Elden Beast were the least enjoyable fights for me.
  2. This mission has a gamebreaking glitch. Some people seem to have the issue that everytime they change the outfit the screen just goes black and nothing happens, in my version however i dont get a blackscreen but after changing the outfit i wont get the yellow marker which means i cant trigger the next cutscene. Both glitches basically prevent you from beating the game. I tried a lot of things like, reloading auto save, saving a couple of times on the same save, changing haircut, changing outfit, only wearing underwear, buying a house, doing another mission inbetween, died, getting busted, killed the valet with explosives, guns, hands. Nothing seems to fix the issue and i hope this will get fixed soon or we can find a workaround together. I have beaten this game three times on three different platforms with only minor issues, for a remaster this is just unacceptable. As a GTA fan it was no brainer buying this day one and i dont care about minor bugs but this is just too much, cant suggest buying it..... Edit: The next day when i started the game it told me "you stole 0$ from the courier" Cesar calls you 2 days a week and asks if you wanna make some money, i do remember that in both saves i got a call but i never accepted the offer... Basically i didnt even had an option and the courier never showed up on the map. Anyways after i got this message the mission played out normally.
  3. You can always try to delete your game and reinstall it and hope it will fix the problem. Or you can try to load up a recent manual save if you have one.
  4. I can confirm this, the PS3 version seems to have the same exact issues than the PS4 one. So Numero Uno is unobtainable for both versions, I'm pretty sure they will fix it for PS4, but there is a high chance they won't fix it for PS3.
  5. It was a legit question, first time I played one of these games was 2K16 and since then there was always something wrong with trophies at release.
  6. Nothing too much out of the ordinary from a 2K basketball game. Was there ever a NBA2K game without a glitched trophy at release ?
  7. I completed all routes and rode all slugs in one playthrough on my PS4 twice but never got any of these trophies. I then decide to give it a try on my PS3 but unfortunately i had the same outcome. I played every route until i reached a boss and then reloaded my save as the guide says. Can't find much about it when i google it, any solutions ? Update: Ok i unlocked both trophies on my next run playing the PS3 version, for slug master its actually 12, i unlocked it after using the Metal Slug from the final mission. For Route Master i have no idea, i just unlocked it after reaching the end boss of the game on my next run. I would suggest attempting this on a PS3 or VITA if possible because the PS4 version seems to have issues.
  8. Servers are still down.
  9. Playing as a PF/C helps because of your height, otherwise just set the game to 20 mins per quarter and you should have plenty enough time to get those blocks.
  10. QUICK 21 RIP from the trailblazers book still works like a charm, was able to beat that nuggets team by 20 abusing this play. It's a full DM lineup with 4 invincibles, on paper the hardest team i came across so far but of course i haven't seen everything yet.
  11. I asked this because the game saves after every chapter, however if you die before saving on a statue in the next chapter, you will get reset to the last statue save. So I wonder what the game actually saves at the chapter cleared screen. I can try to skip chapter 18 and see if it works, if not it's not too bad. Thanks for your answer, but I'm curious what brings you to the conclusion that you're almost 100% sure?
  12. Pretty sure the game adds the time you wasted in a continue screen as chapter play time which means if you die too often you wont get the time bonus at the end. Skilled players dont really need it because they just chain UT's but i still would suggest going for the time bonus especially in the early chapters. Quitting the application doesnt take much longer than pressing continue because that screen takes very long to go away. Take it with a grain of salt because im not 100% sure, i just heard the time is added to your play time if you die. I have another question, do i have to get master ninja rank on all chapters in a row or could i for example skip chapter 3 at first and come back later ?
  13. It's boostable, I once helped a friend getting his ring. Go for the lowest overall you can get and make sure your partner has the same overall as you or is only 1 point away from yours. Count down from 3 with your partner and then hit X to search simultaneously and with a little bit of luck you will find him, worked around 3 out of 5 times for us. I'm from Europe and it was pretty late, US servers are most likely busier so I would try it at night and make sure you're on the same server as your partner. On the other side if you want to go for platinum some Domination games can be quite challenging, if you can handle HOF AI you can most definitely win around 50% of your online games.
  14. Yes thats true, as well, getting those trophies from chapter challenge doesnt work anymore. In the PS3 version you were able to beat the last chapter in chapter challenge on acolyte and earn the trophy, thats not possible any more which means you have to beat the game 8 times... Kinda have to take my words back because i now think its harder than the original release, MN missions and Mentor 5 are the actual dealbreakers because the AI is not very helpful. Those fights have similar if not the same modifiers as the PS3 version, I only have UN3, MN2 and Mentor 5 left, UN3 and Mentor 5 suck a lot because of the AI. MN3 was personally the hardest for me yet cause im not great at fighting Liz without having healing items and the AI is almost useless in that fight. So basically if youre great at fighting all the Bosses this version is easier, however if you still struggle with some bosses like me its harder cause you have to carry the AI.
  15. You still need to pick up the scroll and then perform an izuna drop to get the trophy, if you never read the scroll you wont unlock the trophy even when you do 1000 of them.