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  1. Hi, sorry to disturb you but can you tell me the name of the air simulator game (the one with the pink border and a f15) you had on your screen?

  2. Make sure to be online while playing this game! I have finished level 20 twice but i didn't get the trophy! So i went online and I had to beat it a third time. Then i got the gold and the platinum (because i have already done the custom level) BONUS: don't quit the game use the suspension mode on your ps4 or you will lose all the L1 life token/life bonus you racked up ! Tl;dr Play online and don't quit the app (use rest mode)
  3. Is it really that bad? I'm a plane simulator fan and now it's on sale for 3€... How long does it takes to complete it?
  4. Hi everybody! I know this will be a ghost sections but how do you manage to beat the game in one session in only 80 minute? I did a """"speedrun"""" but it took me 110 minutes... I tried to rush past enemies but to activate the switches you still need to kick asses. And idea or video? Ty
  5. Check this out, it should still working!
  6. Hello everyone, i managed to easily get 3 stars with the dlc musket (the sawed shotgun) because it's very easy getting headshot. But what are the best guns? Lynx, mortar, gatling, that lighting gun (?)
  7. I figured out the problem, it's all clear now, thanks!
  8. A little update even if i'm very late. I finished 100% of Waste of space and it's a really waste of time, seriously. It's just boring despite all the Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien or Space 1999 references
  9. Maybe i do something wrong... I let my car fell from the street above the circuit into the gate, then hold R1 and R2 while the screen turns black. Then restart 4 times the race. I did it once but I still get the usual 18.000 credits not 80.000 (and so on) what am i doing wrong? LOL it's funny because all the game is based on gamblers, casinĂ² and bets!
  10. Yes it was a beautiful Abba's song and also my question. I Finished the game and I managed to buy the Koenigseeg Regera. But what about the other cars? They are expensive as hell , not to talk about upgrades. What's the best race or event to earn some good cash? Ty
  11. I have the same problem! How they could have been so stupid? Have you received the refund? Can you give me some tips if I have to do the same complaint?
  12. Hello, some of you knows how to level up to lv. 50 (my currently level is 41) ? Also, what's the best spot to punch 100 bad guys?
  13. Thank you, that what i was looking for. Now i can give up the completition trophy without regrets lol
  14. Hello fellas, i'm playing tbogt dlc and i'm trying to get all the objectives in every mission. If I fail a mission, can I restart it via sms "retry mission" or i need to get back to the start (for example to the "T" of Tony's flat or the "Y" of Yusuf's skyscraper). Thank you and forgive the mistakes lol
  15. I can confirm, on ps4 ultimate edition you need to finish "lost letters" expansion. It's the "enemy" version of the war. It talks about the vietnamese invasion of the Cambodia after the victory. 6 fast extra missions and you get the gold trophy!