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  1. I think you can still buy the game in other territories but those servers are closed too!
  2. Thanks for all the resources and advice, I'm trying Brutal now and it's been pretty tough...I can definitly use some of this info...thakss again!
  3. I have a level 32 titan, and a mic. Hit me up for flawless raider on Crota...willing to keep trying until its done :-)
  4. Got it farming chateau, nevermind
  5. Is this a rare treasure, it's 2/3 in the diety set and it's not dropping in hunter arena? Would I be better served farming arenas or should I stay with Split Screen hunter? How did any of you guys get it? Hit me up if you need treasures on hard/crushing from the last guy in Monestary, the airport, and all 3 in Syria. Thanks :-)
  6. so I went 24-0 with haldir today. pm me if you want loadout and tips :-)
  7. I can get to 12/13 kills often with Agandaur? Does anyone have good tips on who to get 20 kills with, what powers, and a good strategy? I seem to get a lot of 1 lane games and will pick up about 10-12 assists to go with 10 or so kils, but I seem to run out to time or too many disconnect. Any advice would be appreciated :-)
  8. Thanks, I followed another walkthrough and made it through on Medium and got undefeated. I'm pretty sure the glitch is because you either save before going through the portal, but most likely going through a portal when the story doesn't take you through it. Now Hard and I can move on :-)
  9. Anyone know how to fix or ensure that the glitch doesn't happen on a playthrough. I lost my medium undefeated run to this glitch and I don't want it to happen again :-(