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  1. Gwent on PC is not going anywhere. It's the console versions of Gwent that are no longer being supported. Today is the last day for the console servers being up, if I remember correctly. Good luck and godspeed.
  2. If you turn on the generator, more areas open up.
  3. Pretty sure this is the JP version since there is a stipulation that you need a Japanese credit card to buy it due to the rating, from what people have been saying on one of the Bioshock treads. The other version is the EU version.
  4. Would probably help if there was a thread under each list to specify what version it is since its not listed in the game info like it should be.
  5. Hilarity ensues
  6. Just looks like a picture swap. Lists will probably be merged on next PSN sync.
  7. ...They plan on PS5 support. If anything, they may split the trophies into 2 separate lists like other games have done before.
  8. I was just wondering why people feel that way. I've played the first one so I'm more familiar with the combat approach. It's a bit more involved with the extra abilities and movement but the core mechanics are still there.
  9. Was wondering when this was coming out. Adding to the list.
  10. Most people know what they are getting into when buying a BB/DS game.
  11. Is this game that hard? Are the people saying this not used to playing FPS or play more cover FPS? No one is forcing you to play on higher difficulties. There isn't even a trophy for it.
  12. It will be nice just to know what the thing looks like and has within so all these uninformative articles can go away.
  13. Rip and tear, until it is done!
  14. If it has backwards compatibility with PS3 games, then yes. Itching to play some Mass Effect and Dragon Age again. Earning the trophies on my PS account would be sweet.
  15. Looking for a taxi to the center in permadeath. Already have a hyperdrive save. PSN: BlueDragonRR