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  1. sigh Sent some time out to grind this game after the announcement last week but it sounds like it's not worth it now.
  2. It's a super grindy game with a lot of mechanics the game doesn't really explain that well to newcomers. But the trophies themselves are fairly easy and straight-forward. I'd recommend playing with someone who has some experience in the game since having some knowledge can help speed up your progress in the early game. Most of the early game focus is trying to unlock more planets/locations. The more you unlock, the more activities you are able to do. I would play this game for fun and not really worry about the trophies (you will eventually get most without even trying).
  3. All I have left are the center of the galaxy trophies. I'll keep an eye out on those updates. Thanks for the information.
  4. Is the game more stable now with this new update? Tried to 100% several months ago but kept running into game breaking bugs.
  5. I can also confirm that ringing the bell while a villager is being attacked will pop the trophy.
  6. It been crashing quite a bit for me the last few days. Usually when I get into a match.
  7. I have the Spiderman PS4 Pro and a white PS4 that I got when Destiny 1 released.
  8. After reading this, I tried it out. Landed and never let the meter run out by continuing to go through the power up until I defeated all of them. It works. The objective is to kill all of them before your superflight finishes. You can prolong it by continuing to go through the power up, you just cannot let it end. Once it does, you have to restart the level or die. Landing and hitting walls have no bearing on this trophy. If you miss any, just keep going.
  9. I would pass. If it wasn't that interesting when you were shown it, it definitely won't get better with the minimum of 2000 matches you will have to play to plat.
  10. I don't know how many other ways we can explain what you are trying to do is not okay. But I guess you learn through experience so good luck to you. Hope whatever you decide to do works out for you.
  11. It isn't your fault that the servers are being shut down without warning. However, you aren't the only one that this affects and it does not excuse you to break the rules. I suggest to keep trying and if you don't get it, take the L. It's just a game and it clearly wasn't a priority of yours prior to the announcement of the server closing.
  12. I got the Legendary edition (all characters unlocked) and got it from the random ability Multiverse event. I'm currently at 58 hours of playtime. Opened the following amount of Mother Boxes: Bronze - 512 Silver - 389 Gold - 307 Platinum - 251 Diamond - 68
  13. What I did was get as many Gold, Diamond, and Platinum lootboxes while grinding the Level 20 trophy. Takes a while since inventory spaces get filled pretty fast with this method. Got a ton of abilities and got Cat Call from the random ability Multiverse event. Still need to level up characters but I don't have to worry about opening boxes anymore.