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  1. It would be cool for those that never played the game before. I much rather buy games I don't already own.
  2. Hi

    Welcome to the forums. The people are swell and the water is fine.
  3. About average. Nothing jaw dropping but nothing disappointing. Mostly more information from games we knew about already. I feel like this year is a slow year, relative to other years. Probably won't have another mind-blowing E3 until next year or even the year after that. Still, there is a nice line up of games that are dropping this Fall so we all win in the end.
  4. Welcome to the forums. I can understand the dilemma. So many games to play and not enough time to play them. Especially when you grab up those Steam sales. Not sure how you decide what to play. I'm positive you will fit right in with the rest of the collection that have found their way here. Good hunting and may fortune smile upon you.
  5. Nothing shows how light you are when you pass out around a dozen people and no one hears you hit the floor.

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    2. Phil


      Our bodies are not like PCs that overheat. We don't just normally shut down like that. I hope you seek medical help soon.

    3. BlueDragonRR


      Oh I know. I'm crazy but not that crazy. I got an appointment on Monday.

    4. Phil


      Good to hear 

  6. Funny thing is, my original Xbox still runs after 13 years. Now that is quality hardware. Don't make them like that anymore.
  7. New Metro game? I can dig that. And Microsoft's marketing team needs to be fired for the name of their new console.
  8. EA conferences have never been my cup of tea since a majority of their time is for their sports games. I can see the appeal but that genre isn't for me. I love Star Wars but I've been slowly leaning away from heavily focused multiplayer games so Battlefront II isn't on my radar either. A Way Out was the only memorable game shown from EA, in my opinion. Should be interesting to see what Bethesda shows. I'm a bit concerned about Microsoft focusing their conference more on the Scorpio rather than the games. I hope they don't do that but I have a feeling they will.
  9. If that is the case then just do a hard save, get the trophy and reload, like Akrioz mentioned. I used quite a few saves to do some miscellaneous trophies that I was unaware of.
  10. For the quest "You Rang", if you are doing a Typhon power playthrough, all you need is Mimic Matter ability. The door that will open if you do the repair has a hole in it that you can fit through if you use Mimic Matter on a small object like a mug. Once you fall through the hole, there is a button on the other side that will manually open the door allowing you to escape. Many obstacles have more than one way to get past them. For a Human Ability playthrough, rely on Hacking, Leverage, and Repair. For Typhon Power playthrough, rely on Mimic Matter, Boltcaster, and Remote Manipulation. Hope this helps.
  11. Minimum hours is very subjective to the individual person, in my opinion. There are those that take their time to complete a game and others that finish as fast as possible. I think having a minimum could be a bit misleading and/or frustrating to some. Expecting to complete a game or earn a trophy in a minimum time frame but cannot due to skill, experience, randomness, etc. Having a max cap is a better gauge for most since they have an estimation on how long a completion could potentially take. Whether it does or not is up to the individual.
  12. The one trophy I thought would be the least annoying in Prey turns out to be the most annoying one.

  13. Most likely they will share the same trophy list. The additional heroes that were added to the game after it was released are free anyway. The only difference between the Origins and GOTY edition is that the GOTY comes with 10 loot boxes, which is not worth a repurchase of the game. You probably should buy a used copy if you plan on picking it up again.
  14. The plats are my motivation to plat. Something about earning a trophy which indicates you have done all the things is very satisfying. And increasing my completion percentage is also a huge plus.
  15. Awesome final flash ☝️😯 👍

    1. BlueDragonRR


      Thanks 😄