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  1. Borderlands 3 would be awesome. Played every game in the series and was never disappointed. Hoping we see more information on Cyberpunk 2077. Would be nice to see something on Dragon Age 4 but with Anthem in the works, I'm not sure if they will have anything this year.
  2. You got a lot of choices but I would definitely not do a Telltale game for your 200th platinum. A milestone like that should not be wasted.
  3. It's a matter of perspective. I would agree AC2 is one of the best games in the AC series. You have to consider the game before it, AC. That game was truly had a blank slate character with obvious repetition missions through the roof. I can only remember the assassinations in that game because of how different they were compared to everything else. Playing AC then going to AC2, you can see just how much the developer learned and improved on the series in both game mechanics and lore. You won't really get that insight by just playing AC2. Although, the AC games may not be to your liking which is fine as well. I used to be a big AC fan up until AC3 (due to story and character choices that I could not agree with).
  4. Not at all. I made a promise to myself that I would never buy a game that I already own. The only exception being if there was a release of the Mass Effect trilogy on PS4.
  5. Fast traveling is when the loading is noticeable the most in the game. Where you are fast traveling to can vary the wait time. The playable loading screen is a good cover. The confined space that loops back on itself is a good indicator that the game is using it as a decoy while it loads the environment that you are jumping to.
  6. #35 - Naruto: UNS3 Full Burst. Not too bad of a game. Nothing glitched in this one so I finished it in a decent time.

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      Great worK!

    4. Mami Tomoe

      Mami Tomoe

      Congrats! I n my opinion it was the best Naruto game I played, i have yet to play UNS4 though.

  7. For the challenges where you have to survive with 1% health, you can just equip and use health consumables at the beginning of the match. No need to bang your head on a wall.
  8. 100% Batman: Arkham Knight
  9. Hello and welcome. Since you are here, I assume you will be taking up the trophy hunting hobby. I recommend taking it slowly, especially with the large game library you have access too. Trophy hunting is fun. However, it can get a bit tedious at times and you many burn out after a while. Good hunting and may fortune smile upon you.
  10. Believe the person who reported you did not know that character unlocks are tied to Storm Points, not story progression. Most people tend to get the points needed through the story. Looks like you did your Ranked matches first, so you had more Storm Points than someone just starting out with the story first.
  11. I know it is easy to point out obvious cheaters but please refrain from doing so. Just keep this discussion to your dispute and the proof you have to dispute the flag against you. These disputes are meant to get your side of the story.
  12. #33 - Naruto: UNS2. Should have gotten this a week ago but there had to be a trophy that glitched.

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      Nice work!

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      Well done! 💯

  13. Not only is this trophy glitched for me but collecting all the titles is as well. Looked through a list for the titles and realized that a handful have not unlocked even though they should have (like obtaining Hokage Naruto skin or watching all the flashbacks). Pretty livid about this crap. Update: Turns out the titles were fine. The title guide I was using was completely wrong. Seems like the 100% story trophy is a bust so I guess I'll be replaying the story for the third time.
  14. All that work and I get screwed out of two trophies because of glitchy item tracking in Naruto: UNS2. Fantastic.

  15. Worked like a charm. Thanks for posting this @Mur-cie-lago