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  1. I think that one is mission specific since you have to destroy it to trigger the cutscene. There are other mechs throughout the game so that isn't your only option. Also helps to have other enemies around for your team to shoot at while you focus on the mech.
  2. I think the PS3 version may actually be easier. The DLC weapons helped a lot early game. The LE accounted for this and spread the DLC weapons throughout the game instead of having them at the start. Everything else is pretty much the same difficulty wise. Insanity has been pretty smooth for me since I've done it before and know what team I need to deal with during each mission.
  3. You can grind this at Eden Prime on ME1. Just after the cutscene with the dock worker, you are told to go to the train to take you to the spaceport. There are about 7-8 enemies in this area. Melee them to death, reload the auto-save, and repeat. Easy peasy.
  4. When you just started the game, barely left the Citadel, and making this thread, I would consider it freaking out. You still have 3 other ally trophies to get and about 3/4 of the game to play. If you were are the end of the game and it still didn't unlock, I could see the justification. This is clearly my own opinion. Sorry if my words offended you.
  5. If you never played the trilogy before, I would probably avoid the PS3 versions particularly ME1. As much as I like the trilogy, PS3 ME1 is a very grindy game. Requires 3 playthoughs which are unavoidable since difficulties are unlocked after beating the highest unlocked difficulty, not to mention the ally trophies that force you to use certain squad member for a majority of the game. PS4 ME1 has significantly reduced the grind. Only one playthrough is required for the plat and you can double down and do Insanity on top. Insanity has its challenges but you can save at any point in the game so even horrible players can sludge their way through. ME2 and ME3 trophies are basically the same. A bit reduced since the DLCs are included in the PS4 versions (Will need to buy the DLCs for the PS3 versions since they are not included in the Trilogy edition). PS3 ME3 also had a multiplayer element included which tied into the story. Not sure the status of the servers for that game or how long they will be up now that the PS4 versions are out.
  6. I would say you are since you made a whole thread about it. Saw someone else mention this and they got it an hour later after playing more of the game (surprising).
  7. Not sure why people are freaking out over a trophy that can unlock at any point in the game.
  8. The mission counts for the squadmates that are with you when the mission is completed.
  9. I meant the list without a Platinum. People usually go for Plats and not 100%.
  10. This has been answered already.
  11. Sometimes what takes you hours to complete is something that takes mere minutes for others. That's life. Pick you battles and move on. As a wise man once said, “It's only game, why you heff to be mad?”
  12. Looks like quite a few people are going to skip over this list since it has no Platinum trophy. Which means the rarity of the Insanity trophies will be higher. Excellent.
  13. If you are having issues with ammo, I recommend using your pistol. It has unlimited ammo but it requires a cooldown after an extended use. Great for accurate shots and dealing with fodder/flying enemies. Never revive downed squad mates yourself (unless you are the last one up). You have a better chance at drawing fire away from the person that is doing the revive. Use the enemy weapons as often as you can. Free ammo with more enemies you kill. Never do long actions (>10 secs). You can kill more enemies than your squad can. Melee is super useful. Can one-hit all standard enemies.
  14. The trophy is for completing the Leviathan raid on Prestige. Says it in the trophy description.