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  1. I set up everything and signed onto PSN then loaded the disc. Now multiplayer hosting is greyed out. I just did redid everything again not too long ago in the game it either says I'm offline or not signed in on the bottom left of the main menu screen. And also when I select multiplayer or community, the error message "online features require a PS network connection....access will be disabled"
  2. it looks like I've been able to get everything working but my 500 wins on unreal tournament 3 isn't budging. I'm able to connect my PS3 with my pc using a static ip I created and managed to get maradns, deadwood and Java running. I'm able to creating a match as a host on multiplayer also but I'm stuck. Has anyone here encountered this issue? On that prompt before I host a game, should I connect online? (would just leave the select button greyed out). Hopefully it's something simple im missing. I really appreciate any feedback thanks!!