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  1. You can grind the money by "fighting" the snow enemies before the papyrus fight but personally I just waited a bit until I found temmie village. Then once I found it I just bought dusty glasses for 30 from the shop before temmie village and sold them for 50 and sometimes 65 gold.
  2. Hi, I just need help in as many dlc trophies as possible. I'm free almost any time but not around 7pm gmt Thanks!
  3. Congrats you win!! I'll send over the code in a few minutes!
  4. Forgot to bump while before I slept so I'll do it now that I've woke up
  5. I'll edit my post now but I completely forgot to add that the code is NA/US ps accounts only
  6. I have both supergiant games through the playstation quests thingy (I don't know what to call it). However, I own and played through transistor already so rather than redeem it, I'll give it away instead. To enter just simply type something and I'll pick someone at random. I'll pick a winner tomorrow at 12pm (bst) Good luck! Edit: this code can only be used for NA/US ps accounts
  7. Can confirm it is fixed as I just got the trophy and the plat as well!
  8. New patch for tomorrow includes a fix for passing the time source:
  9. Thanks for the heads up! was about to go on my ps3 to get the free games anyways
  10. thats really unfortunate, good luck with it!! Hopefully, with some luck you may get another certified item which is much easier to do
  11. i suppose i got slightly lucky and got the "goalkeeper" certified item which was just to get 100 saves. All i need now is a painted item and i'm done with the dlc trophies
  12. I am definitely considering pre-ordering The fractured but whole since i get the stick of truth as well
  13. resident evil 5 it isn't a bad game but i'm just not interested in it and only really played it because my brother bought it so i thought i'd buy it
  14. They did remaster/re-release final fantasy so it is a possibility, i suppose it just depends on the developer and whether or not they want to
  15. Neither, I don't pre-order games because I know that they will never run out of copies of both games and the pre-order incentives, especially for cod and battlefield are terrible