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  1. What card are you missing? I’ve got the guide that shows every location for all 144 card spawns. I can lead you to the card if you think it’ll work.
  2. Yes absolutely. Just follow the steps I provided then the directions on the site. This isn’t available 24/7 however. The hours you can do this are shown right by the “chat live in US” option you need to choose. Hope this helps.
  3. I would assume that they don’t since legendary animals don’t, but I’ve heard that they do. Especially if the carcass was lost to something out of the players control, like a predatory eating it, it disappearing from the back of your hourse when the player wrecks and dies or a maybe a glitch. Also if they don’t respawn and their carcasses aren’t sent to the fisherman (like legendary pelt with the trapper) who gives you the fishing quest then it would make the 100% trophy missable.
  4. How do you catch more than one legendary fish?
  5. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/corporate/contactus/ Follow link —> live chat in US —> digital content —> voucher —> contact us This will put you in a chat room with a PlayStation customer support employee. I just did this and he game me a code only after asking my real name. Took less than 5 minutes.
  6. lol what the fuck does that even mean?
  7. That’s exactly how PowerPyx recommends doing it in his guide. I’m thinking about starting to do that since I just started chapter 3, but it’ll take a lot of the enjoyment out of my first play through.
  8. The first legendary fish I encountered was with Sean by the second base camp. I tried catching it for awhile until Sean said I didn’t have the right bait. So I left and got the map and the lures for the legendary fish quest. On my way back an alligator killed me and when I respawned I got a notification saying I abandoned my legendary fish and that it was sent to the post master. I have no idea how this even happened since I never even get the fish to react to the bait I was using.
  9. No items do not. My satchel was completely empty if I remember correctly. Also I didnt have my second firearm holster that makes duel wielding possible but I’m pretty sure that’s a glitch.
  10. I was playing earlier today and got all but one optional objective on a mission. Immediately went to replay it just to knock it out and I spawned in with a basic horse and my health, stamina and deadeye where all half of what they were. Honestly the replay system is kinda garbage compared to GTA 5 and I feel like it’s gonna make getting 70 golds a real bitch.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Either that or the social club app is very inaccurate.
  12. I’ve skinned (only counting non legendary animal that have “skinned” listed in the compendium) 32 animals. The social club app says I’m 52% complete for the trophy. If the trophy tracker is accurate and I didn’t miscount, then it looks like the total amount needed is just above 60.
  13. I’m at the last mission in chapter 2 and no camp member has approached me to find an item yet. I’ve read all of the books around and in the tents and I’ve also spent a lot of time walking around greeting people. Any suggestions?