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  1. I need some help or just confirmation on this trophy related to your weapon selection for the post-wrestle animation kill moment. I've noticed 2 things recently that are kind of contrary to past solution posts on this trophy: 1. Even if I have a rifle/repeater equipped in hand when attacked, after the wrestling & breaking free animation, Arthur will always pull out his main sidearm to fire at the bear. I've seen youtube guides where Arthur uses the rifle to shoot the bear, but those are videos from November, maybe this change was in a recent update? 2. Observation 1 didn't really matter, as I just equipped my Sawed Off Shotgun. After 4 attacks, I always killed the bear either with the first shot or second. But last night I played and was attacked 3 times, and each time the bear survived both shotgun shells to the face. Did anyone else face this on occasion when grinding this trophy? It may just be another bit of luck required to earn it, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything. If you have any other ideas or tips for making sure you get the kill during that post QTE moment I'd appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for this, all other methods weren't working for me until I tried this, but with a stylus pen for your ipad.
  3. No news of a fix. In fact, WB and Avalanche have both gone quiet regarding any support or news for this game. There are many threads i've seen online (this one started in september and is still going) where people have asked support regarding this issue and received no response. I think after patch 1.04 they decided to focus 100% on just cause 3 and whatever is next. I don't think the game sold enough copies for them to care and they probably think that only a minority are concerned with getting the platinum. The non-responses are unacceptable, but I don't think this behavior is uncommon from developers. There's not enough incentive (in $ terms) for them to fix it. I think your best bet would be to let this one go, unless you really liked the gameplay and have nothing else to play. Maybe they have one guy working on the fix and he'll figure it out in 6-12 months. What I would like to do is some sort of analysis and/or poll to figure out how many people have dealt with a trophy related glitch. Platinums keep rolling in each day, but complaints about this glitch also keep rolling in. A quick scan from this site shows that 2,864 have plat'd the game and 874 are stuck at 91% or higher. Using my advanced analytical scientific algorithm: (874/3738=.23.38%) it would seem that close to every 1 in 4 has to deal with one of these trophy glitches. But that may not be entirely accurate, we do need to make some other assumptions as well: A). Some at 91% could still be working on the "Up to the Task" Trophy . Some at 91% just gave up because they can't get the necessary enemies to spawn to to complete the challenges C). Some at 91% just gave up in general to play something new D). Some below 91% dealt with the glitch But still, 1 in 4.5. While not the worst odds, when you factor in you have to put 50+ hours in to find out if you're screwed or not? Pretty big gamble. You'd be better off heading back to the citadel being chased by 3 war parties. I'm still going for it anyways.
  4. By 'accumulated' do you mean the total amount you've collected in the game (including what you've spent) OR you how much you currently have in your pocket to spend? The trophy should pop once you have the 10,000 in your "pocket" to spend. I have not heard of this trophy being glitched, but many other trophy glitches have been reported for this game, so it's entirely possible. If it glitched, fortunately it's not one of the ones that would take an entire 50+ hour replay to complete.
  5. Telltale.
  6. Brief Background - I loved Fury Road and have been very excited to play this game when I have some time off in January, with the ultimate goal of getting the platinum. But i have read numerous stories of a few trophy-related glitches (190/191 scavenge locations being the most common) that you won't know you are dealing with until you are at the end of the 50 hours or so of play time. They also make it impossible to get the plat. It appears from most of comments I have read, that the bugs are occurring for people people who started the game before the 1.04 patch (released 10/26/2015). Has anyone who started playing after that date run into the 190/191 issue?